7 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Website for better Google Ranking [Detailed Study]

How often do you check your website loading time and speed performance score? Maybe very frequently but I am here after 2 days of research on website speed optimization. In the below study, you will learn how to speed up wordpress website and get positive ranking signals to rank your website much better. Google treat your website loading time as a optimization signal.

A few Screenshots from my Tests

pingdom speed testgoogle-page-speed-insights gtmetrics

Above screenshots are pretty Impressive right!

Now is the time to get better than above for your site.

Speed Up Your Website on WordPress with these 7 tips

speed up wordpress website

Get a Fastest Hosting Server

Lowest ping rate and less response time is all that can win the battle of wordpress speed optimization. And do not fall into the trap of saying “WordPress hosting is the only thing that can fasten your wordpress site.” Even a shared hosting package can serve your web pages in fast and furious host but all you need for that is a fastest and reliable web hosting provider.

Our sponsor, “Host-Stage” has cheapest and fastest shared SSD hosting packages for you. Do check them out for sure if you ever thought of speeding up your website.

Serve static content from cookieless domain

If you server static files from a domain that set cookies, it will result in increased number of request and as an impact that would affect website loading time adversely. A naked domain usually set cookies and that’s why a www domain is preferred for this purpose.

But if you want to keep a non-www domain in preference, you have to create a cookieless subdomain from your cpanel and point it to the root domain with the help of CName.

If you are in the initial stage of your website creation, it is never too late to switch to a www domain instead of a naked one.

Disable Render Blocking JS

Some JS files prevent your page to load in full until they are loaded from the server. Disabling it can result in your page not showing clearly or some of the objects using that JS may stop responding which can cause you more problems.

You can easily use those external JS or CSS as internal code by putting it into the <Script></script> tag before </head>. This is called above the fold optimization that can be executed with Above the fold plugin seamlessly that works with W3 Total cache plugin.

W3 Total Cache Plugin for effective caching

W3 Total cache plugin can manage everything to improve your website speed. Hence, it is a must have SEO plugin for your wordpress site as well. Just turn all the catching on and enjoy your website in speed.

Leverage Browser Caching

Browser Caching deals with saving a cached version of your web page on the web browser so that pages can reduce the number of requests and page load time.

It is assumed that some parts of your website are not subjected to be updated with in a long span of time i.e. Logo, CSS and JS files and more. So, these type of files (with browser caching) are saved on your audience browser folder which lets your website load faster.

Setting a expiration time for files cached with browser caching is also necessary which is not enabled in W3 Total cache plugin as default. So, you will have to enable all the options in Browser caching sub setting tab in Performance settings in wp-admin.

Learn More about Browser Caching Here.

Use a CDN (Content delivery Network)

Most of the web host provider give you cloudflare CDN for FREE but I recommend a Paid Premium CDN package from MaxCDN to speed up your wordpress blog.

You can also consider one of the best cloud storage providers service provider for good website experience.

Get MaxCDN

Optimize Images with Smush.it

Compressing Images can help you grabbing some positive signals for your website ranking. I know a FREE plugin named Smush.it that can do this job for you.

If your site is new, then this plugin will smush and loselessly compress all the images that you will upload from media uploader. If you have hundred of images already on your site, you can optimize then in bulk with bulk smusher but this can do 50 images for you on a single click and you have to click after 50.

Get Smush it Plugin 

That’s all.

Final Words

I am pretty sure that this would help you in getting best speed performance score on all the page speed tests. Now enjoy and speed up wordpress website or blog with above tricks or Hire me to do this for you.

Still confused on some points? Praise me or curse me with comments. Thanks

  • I use Google pagespeedinsight, PingDom and GTMetrix to check pagespeed insight.

    Since the Google has mad the page speed a ranking signal, it has been more important to improve the speed of WordPress blogs.

    I really appreciate the tips you have shared to boost speed.

  • Very informative post @Vashish.. I have doing almost everything for my blog. Thank you very much

  • dhanunjai

    i believe google page insights more to check page speed and coming to pagespeed insights,i have noticed it showing different result at different times when i tried to check my website speed.

  • Hey Vashi,

    I always get something new from your posts. I didn’t know about the “above the fold plugin” I am going to try it.

    Yogesh Shinde

    • Hi Yogesh
      I am glad that you came to know about something new with this blog post. Let me know if you have anymore questions about boosting up your blog speed..
      🙂 Have a nice day ahead…

    • thanks for this article.
      will cache plugins does matter to much??

  • Hi Vashishtha,
    good advice it is important to do something to speed the loading of the Websites up.
    many are very slow.
    Thank you
    will go and check

    • Yeah Dadi.
      You must go for it. Website speed is the reason why small new businesses lose customers. 🙂
      Happy that you liked it. Hope this helped you.
      Have a nice day. Keep smiling. Thanks

  • You have done a great job here, and congratulation that you optimized your loading time. I will definitely going to follow the tips that you mentioned here.


  • Hi Vashishtha,
    great post indeed!
    Thanks for sharing these priceless tips with me. I am new to WordPress, so I am sure these are gonna help me a lot.
    ~ Ahmad

  • Hi Vashishtha,

    Really great tips, I have been using Wp smush and it’s really a great plugin to make the images more light with it.
    thanks for the share.

    • Yeah Robin
      WP smush losslessly compresses pictures when U upload a new one automatically and old one’s with bulk smusher. and above the fold optimization is way necessary to eliminate render blocking script. I am able to eliminate many but a few minified one’s are checking me to reach 100/100 on google page speed insights.
      I am afraid if I use a Gzip compressor, it would change the settings which is brought after 2 days of restless efforts. So, I am satisfied with this 93/100.
      Though it is a good score because I tried other blogs too which resulted in an average of 70-75. Hope you liked it.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting here. Welcoming you the first time and would love to see you here again.
      Have a nice day Robin. 🙂

  • I have to say I often click away from slow loading sites. I have a very poor internet connection so anything that loads slowly usually doesn’t load at all after I’ve waited an age so I click away pretty much straight away. I have checked my site once or twice, maybe it’s time to check again! Thanks for the share.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Yeah Sure Mandy. That’s what any sound internet surfer does.
      And it is obvious to bounce from a domain that loads slowly.
      I hope my article helped you to get a great score on the test. let me know if it does. 🙂

  • Hey Vashistha
    Good research and good findings
    I did this test few months back.
    Thanks for sharing this detailed tuto.
    Yes the speed is an important factor in blogging!
    Getting that is a great thing, Thanks for providing such an informative piece Vashistha
    Keep going
    Have a great week ahead
    Best Regards