SociallyViral is out for FREE – Download Now

Yes, exactly! I am here with a very stunning announcement that mythemeshop has listed a FREE version of sociallyviral wordpress theme costing 69$ for FREE now. You can download this theme on now.


Check out some stunning features that will make you stick to this FREE wordpress theme. This theme is available in both the versions. PRO theme comes with a few more features that enhances your website design to increase the chances to go viral.

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Features of FREE Version of the theme

Now I am using this theme on one of my niche site which is getting some hits nowadays. It is a pleasure being on a site hosted and running on this theme. Soothing Blue with simplified content focused layout is quite impressive. You can customize this theme right from one place and start writing content or curating from other sites.

in my views, if you ever thought of starting a site like viralnova or something else with viral content, this theme should be there in your wordpress. Appearance has the potential of making a site viral.

I won’t press you to download and use this theme. And won’t ask you to believe me. Just try it for free and if you like the performance, go for the Pro Version.

What can you do with sociallyviral PRO Version

there are tons of things that you can do with the professional version of the theme which is available for $69 on mythemeshop and you’ll get it for $59 with this link. So, let’s see what special can be done

advantage #1 : In built social sharing optimization
social buttons sociallyviral

I would say that the theme is named sociallyviral specially because of this feature which makes it a perfect theme for a site which has an objective of getting viral on social media.  Builtin social media sharing buttons makes it easy for your visitors to easily share things with their friends and moreover it is a big plus for your website speed because there is no addition to the number of requests.

You have to install a separate plugin for social media sharing buttons in other themes which increases and affect the page speed insights. but this is not so in case if you’re using this theme.

advantage #2: Ultra-fast Speed
speed sociallyviral

🙂 yes. mostly themes made to make a site viral on social media are stuffed with large requests that slows down the speed of your site while this theme is one of the fastest wordpress theme for a social media content site. Moreover, it is a perfect match for your blog also.

A big list of features and claiming to be the fastest theme. Its totally insane right!

I never ask you to go on my words. I can also say that sunny leone is my girlfriend. Better check this out yourself. And here I have a good news for you. Demo is absolutely FREE. 🙂

advantage #3: Advanced TypoGraphy, 630+ Google Fonts, Unllimited colors and Widgetized homepage
typography sociallyviral colorsYou will get an option to customize your site’s fonts with 630+ Google fonts with the upgraded version while the FREE theme is loaded with Roboto font scheme and blue color.

With the Upgraded version, you can do it like  Oswald for Headings and lato for paragraph, Raleway for headings and  open sans for paragraph. It is upto your choice that which font scheme you like for your socially viral site. Above font schemes are of Eleven pro Genesis child theme and Focus Pro Genesis child theme.

The story does not end at fonts only. There is lot more to do with theme options. Thousand of colors and 630+ Google fonts say that you can make yours a unique and stunning website anyone ever would have landed.

advantage #4: Ad-Management for Monetization and Support for Mega Menu
ad management sociallyviral

Hey, now you can’t say that you will make a sociallyviral site just for fun. It is always a way to make some cash out of that. And the theme comes with in-build ad management option so that you can display advertisements in different places(ad slots) on the website.

You can make good revenue from Google adsense as well. There are so many ad spaces on the site that would generate you some bucks without annoying the readers.

Mega-Menu is supported but not in-built which means you need to install additional wordpress plugin to get mega menu in your site. And you can get this even if you’re using FREE version of the theme.

This list of features won’t end. It is Rich snippets, Schema ready, Reviews Ready and responsive too. Check out the theme here.

A Few things i won’t stop talking about the theme : Some cons

Where the theme has a potential of getting a site viral, the FREE version lacks major customization options. At-least header ad-management option should have been there in the FREE version of theme.

Talking about other free themes on mythemeshop like Point, Just Blue and Playbook, they have a options panel where the site is decorated and this one (sociallyviral) does not have themeoptions panel. A bit disappointing for Freeware users.

Overall, SociallyViral Pro does not lack anything that a perfect theme should be loaded with. It’s a High Quality theme with elegant layout and colors.

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  • hemant

    wonderful theme bro

  • Very nice theme for news and entertainment sites. Thanks for sharing Vashi. 🙂

    • Especially for sites with viral content. I am always confused about designs and this time I am looking on themeforest. Will show you something much better than this one.

      • ThemeForest is great theme market place there are plenty of choices.

  • I’m impressed with your writing style and your review method. Seems writing is in your blood.

    • Hehehehe
      Maybe. 😛
      Seems like you bought it from my link. 😛
      Thanks for reading sir
      Have a nice day

  • i love this social viral theme and i’ll buy it soon i am tempted by seeing this theme.

    • Hi Vinutha
      I wish you best of luck with the theme and the website you will do with it. I know sociallyviral theme has the capability to make your site viral. All you need is some facebook ads and marketing. 🙂 Good Luck.

  • Looks like a good theme, I will have a try at it soon.

    • Hi Anirudh
      Awesome to find you here on my blog.
      Thanks for giving time to read my review. Have a nice day. Good luck. 🙂

  • Hi Vashishtha
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful WordPress theme and I really love it.
    I will try to use it on my new blog. I like its feature.
    Best wishes 🙂

    • Hi sohail bro
      Nice to know that you liked the review. welcome for that. Would love to see your blog on this theme.
      And yes, thanks for your wishes brother. wishing you the same from <3
      Have a good day bro. Keep rocking

  • Since MyThemeShop made this theme as Free; they have come up with its premium version too which is cool. Thanks for sharing nice information.

  • Wow great review Vashishtha

    Sounds like the FREE theme doesn’t hold a candle to the paid theme.

    I too use a paid theme for all the things that you can do with it but I’m afraid I don’t use them all or even come close.

    But I can see for you with your intention of getting posts to go viral it would be very important for you.

    To the Top


  • Hi Vashishtha ,
    A good review, this seems tyo be a theme which
    has many good features and worth to try .
    Thank you

    • Welcome mam.
      Theme is available for FREE as well. So, don’t miss the chance to host your site on sociallyviral FREE or PRO.
      Its a great theme.

  • hey vashishtha kapoor..
    nice to see you again with a new useful post for us. This theme is awesome. I just installed this theme and I like it . pro version is best


    • Hi Pravesh!
      Nice to see you here after a long time. I am happy that you liked the theme.
      Would love to read your blog too. have a nice day brother.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving my words a read. 🙂

  • Hi Vashistha,
    Good to hear about this wonderful offer.
    Thanks for sharing its features and various other option with the Pro one.
    May you have a wonderful and profitable time ahead
    Wish you all the best

    • Hi Philip Sir,
      It is a pleasure to see you here on my blog. 😉
      Very happy that you liked it. And yes, the theme is stunning and highly optimized for social media traffic.

      Well, Have a nice day to you too. 🙂
      Wish you all the very best sir.