If 000webhost’s FREE Hosting is Worth a TRY? [Review]

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Hosting for any website plays an indispensable role which also carves the negative or positive future for that particular website. Now in the world of innumerable web hosting service providers, you need a website that is fast, reliable, secure and most importantly cost effective. 000WebHost is one such hosting provider which offers “free” hosting services to its users for an unlimited period of time.

With the importance and necessity of web hosting services across the globe, the free web hosting services are jaw-dropping deals. Apart from the free web hosting, they have some amazing paid plans at extremely low costs. So, without much do let’s go through the complete unbiased review of 000webhosting.com.

It’s a web Hosting & more.

Few people are aware of the term ‘hostinger’. It is a web hosting provider that offers its services for “free” for your blog or website. Also, the free hosting is regardless of web building platforms such as WordPress, Magento etc.

What’s amazing about this website hosting provider is that you don’t need to necessarily use the domains that contain their website name in them; in fact, you can use your desired web domain and still use their free web hosting service. Which other website proffers you such freedom? Also, most of the hosting providers run their advertisement on your website if they give you their web hosting services for free; however, if you use web hosting services from 000webhosting.com, you needn’t show their advertisement on your website. They also let you chose the subdomain of your choice. Perfect; isn’t it!

Easy, Quick & Amazing!!

Build website

Although you need not worry about the type of the website builder you’re using, 000webhost.com offers their own amazingly easy and user-friendly website builder called ‘Zyro website builder’. It’s not just quick to set up and easy to use or understand but also looks great with attractive themes. Effortless navigation and easy customization of your website make 000WebHost the best hosting service provider. It’s a perfect panacea for you if you are a startup or a newbie.

Zyro website builder is yet another awesomeness in the “Manage site section”. You can create your website easily with the drag and drop feature. The only thing you have got to do is- “Add your unique content, images and links.”

An Old Trusted Name

Launched in 2007, it is a ten years old company that is 100% reliable and reputable name when it comes to web hosting services. Also, it has been designed and developed by the same group that developed the hostinger services. Thus, you can rest assured the quality of hosting service by 000webhost.com.

2 Custom Domains

You can add your already purchased domain as a parked domain using the nameservers and link a website from your 000webhost dashboard. In the free plan, you can add 2 domains and create 2 websites with 2 databases.

Single Click Site Installer

000WebHost is the first free web hosting organization that provides you the access to Autoinstaller. Its one-click website installer is a framework intended to make installing well-known scripts simple.

The FREE plan lets you install only WordPress through the auto installer. Rest of the scripts have to be installed manually.

wordpress install

wordpress being installed

You can introduce more than 50 popular scripts, for example, WordPress, Joomla, OSCommerce, Drupal, Photo Gallery and many more. Need to enhance your site with a discussion or an online display? With 000webhost.com you easily can! Just with a couple of snaps, your website will be altered into an awesome asset.

000WebHost Branding but no Ads

remove branding

Since the platform is especially for learning goal, you can not remove the 000webhost branding from your website.

However, no banner ads or pop up ads will be shown on your website. The small branding on the footer right has to be there unless you pay for a professional upgrade.

I have already said that in my past free hosting reviews that a free web hosting plan is just for learning purpose or starting purpose. Maybe for testing purpose but it can not afford lots of request at the same time. It definitely cannot handle huge traffic due to limitations on bandwidth and use of physical memory (which you name as RAM).

Free but FAST

Though the web hosting is free of cost, there is no compromise on the site speed optimization. I did not enable any caching or plugin to boost speed. I got the below results which are interesting.

The configuration was: 5 posts uploaded on Hestia theme.

Website speed test

After adding some website speed optimization efforts, you will be on a mark where the website will be loaded within a second. But why would you be optimizing the speed of a website that is hosted on a free web server? I still wonder.

Now here I suggest you go for the Pro plan so that you get full control of your site.

Other Benefits for 000WebHost Users

Major advantages and features of 000webhost.com that I want to share with you are:

  1. Free web hosting services
  2. 100% free signup and subscription
  3. Large bandwidth of 10 GB
  4. Endless disk space
  5. Domain of your choice
  6. No advertisements
  7. Free Website Builder
  8. Auto Website Installer
  9. Free Cpanel web hosting admin panel
  10. Full PHP & MySQL database support

Last but not the least is security; with 000webhosting.com you rest assured about the safety and security of your data and servers. Why? Because they locate your servers in the highest quality data centers while ensuring the best quality hosting services for lifetime. 000WebHost is one of the world’s most leading website hosting providers that delivers first class FREE web hosting with endless disk space and no advertising at zero cost!

All you need to do is to just sign up and you’re good to go. No cash or cards are required. I have been using this hosting service and I’m glad that I chose 000WebHost. You must try it right now!