25+ Most Weird Sites in the World – Funny websites actually Exist

The internet has created a very serious and professional image in the life of most of the people. But I can tell you that it is even beyond 👻👻👻👻 that. The internet is way too friendly and weird you have ever imagined.

You may have come across various sites and other things on the internet but what you have never imagined, here we are to help you out. So, here are some of the sites that will make sure to let you know how weird and funny web can be. While I have also gathered the best Funny google tricks, I believe you must check out that too.

weird sites

Let’s have a look at it.

1. Gay-test.com

Talking about the weirdness spread all over the internet, the first position in the list is occupied by a website that offers a quiz to check your gender.

Don’t believe me?

Yes, it is true.

The website asks you such weird questions that don’t even have any link with being heterosexual but somehow you can enjoy such thing with your friends.

2. Nooooooooooooooo.com

Frustrated with something happening in life? Or vexed because of some other reason and want to express your anger?

Here is a new way.

Out of some weird websites, this website, saying no would help you out. As soon as you go to the website, you will see a big green button. Just press that green button and hear a warrior shouting noooooooooooooooooo.

3. Ilooklikebarackobama.com

You might have come across a variety of people in your day to day life but I can bet you have never seen someone like the person in this website.

So obsessed with himself to look like the Ex American president even if he doesn’t from any angle. The person in the website seems so weird by giving explanations of not to consider him like Barack Obama.

4. Secrettechnology.com

The website might seem a confusing thing but I can bet that after few struggle, you would be able to know what you have never imagined. To know about all the technology that was used in the history or the future technology scientists are planning to use, you can get all the information from this site.

So, know the world better with your own knowledge.

5. Zombiepassions.com

Human being feels alone at some or the other point of time so why not the undead creatures? Like all the dating sites, one can find a perfect match and a perfect date they may fantasy about.

But wait.

The only rule you have to follow is that you have to be a zombie. Yes. It is a site that is made for the passionate zombies.

6. Aleinabduction.com

Like everybody around the world, you might also have some queries that are related to aliens and the creatures not from the planet.

Why there is a belief that aliens have some connection with human beings or is that even true that they pick up some wanted people from the planet?

All these questions can be answered to you as soon as you start using the website.

7. Rainymood.com

Are you in love with the sound of rain? Want to concentrate more on your studies and work? The best way to do that is to listen to the real sound of nature and mainly, rain. Rainymood.com will let you listen to the sound of rain with thunder and lightning as well you give you the real feeling of rain.

So enjoy the rainy sound like I do.

8. Thenicestplaceontheinter.net

Have you ever wondered what could be the nicest place to be that can make you feel happy and at the same time relaxed? I don’t know about real life but yes internet is there to give you the idea.

Don’t have to need anybody else but just to be hugged by someone to give you the warm feeling and encourage you as the nicest place could be, a hug.

9. Mapcrunch.com

For all the travel freaks, this can be helpful for you to see different views of the world with any random country. You may be fond of Google maps where you can find the exact place right on your computer screens but this thing is new.

Want to know why?

Because mapcrunch.com will let you have the view of different streets around the world.

10. Endlesshorse.com

You might have come across a variety of horses with different colors and sizes but I can guaranty you that you have not come across something like the thing you seen on this website.

Wonder why?

Unlike all the different types of horses, it is the one that does not have any end. It keeps on going and going and going.

Try this out and you will get to know.

11. Rhettandlick.com

You might have come across various animals licking something or the other at times. But what about human doing such weird things as well?

The site started by two famous YouTubers, you will see a new face or humanity in which both the people lick a glass. Sounds eww I know but this is the weird thing famous on the internet.

12. Zoomquilt.org

What would it be like is some image will be zoomed in endlessly?

Want to experience it?

This website will let you know how it feels. Starting from a single image, the website will take you to an unimaginable world inside the picture.

13. Jellotime.com

Love jelly? Or the bounciness of it? Of course more in love with the bounciness.

To pass your time and enjoy the jelly, all you have to do is just open the website and ping the cursor on it and see the jelly bouncing as it does in the real life.

14. Cleverbot.com

You might have come across the Siri in iOS apple or Natasha on the Hike, but there is something new to it.

Cleverbot is also a similar thing but in some way can irritate you by asking same questions again and again.

The thing is kind of weird and so is the thing we are talking about.

15. Staggeringbeauty.com

Bored of your life?

Want to have fun and laugh at various stupid things offered by the internet? Here is something more. Staggeringbeauty.com will take you to a creature that will dance on your movement of the cursor.

Shake it off faster and experience the thing it offers you.

16. Thezombiedance.com

Scared of the image of zombies that various movies and facts have created in our minds? Let’s have some fun with those imaginary undead creatures.

How would they look while dancing?

The site will give you the view of it. Funny right? See how they look.

17. Pointerpointer.com

Out of all the websites, we have just talked about, this website is the weirdest and shocking.

Why? That you will feel as soon as you go to it yourself.

All you have to do is just to concentrate on your cursor and see the magic.

18. Eelslap.com

Angry about something and want to take out all the frustration? What would it be like when you get to slap a person for free on the internet?

Eel slap is something that can be used for a tight slap and there is someone on the internet who is being slapped at the movement of your cursor.

19. Creepypasta.com

From all the horror movies and images on the internet, here is something creepier for you guys as this is the attempt made to scare people too much extent.

From various stories and memes on the internet, the compilation is here to scare you.

20. Isitchristmas.com

This is something you might use to make fun of your friend. Just tell them to open the site at any point of the year and make fun of them by asking the internet is it Christmas or not as if they don’t know otherwise.

As I tried it, it was quite funny as it was written in capital letter “NAHIN”. Funny, though.

Over to You

So, see what the internet can give you apart from those seriousnesses of all you search about. Explore the vast world with internet.


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