4 Weird things that you can do with your wordpresss blog

Having a wordpress blog is already a big plus on your journey as a problogger and when you come to know some more interesting things that you can do with it, you will be definitely amazed. I am sure that you are not aware of some of these already.


#1. Using Two wordpress themes in a single wordpress install

You would have tried a hundred of themes and would have made tons of customization but this trick is very interesting. While the whole of your wordpress blog is running on genesis framework and the homepage can be in a stunning magazine style with a perfect magazine wordpress theme.

You can do this with Jonradio Multiple themes plugin. For a quick detailed tutorial of using multiple themes in a single wordpress please click here (How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress).

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There is a FREE service named “WHATWPTHEMEISTHAT.com” where you can see which theme a site is using by puting the site URL in search box and pressing ENTER.

To hide your wordpress theme name from your FTP, you can try “Hide wordpress theme name and Directory Information“. In case you have problems doing this, can ask in comments. I would love to help you out.

You can also hide the fact that your blog uses wordpress content management system with a premium plugin on codecanyon. If you got a budget of around 25$, you can download this plugin.

#3. Sticky Sidebar ads with Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

A cool thing to show ads or an email subscription widget in style on your wordpress blog is Sticky Sidebar widget. When you scroll down a big page where the sidebar is no longer than the content, usually the sidebar area is blank. But this plugin helps you showing a fixed widget on the sidebar which will follow the user as he scrolls down the page. It get the attention of the reader towards your sidebar and increases the conversion rate as well.

This works great for websites which are monetized with Affiliate Marketing or other display ads because the chances of getting your ads clicks increase by 400% and Google Adsense does not permit you to show ads this way. However, I see sticky Google Adsense Advertisement on so many websites and they are doing this for a period of years. Harsh Agrawal better describes Why and How to add sticky sidebar ads in wordpress.

#4. Change the font scheme of your blog even if the theme customizer does not have an option to do so

Yeah. there are many themes that are a bit less customizable and you are not going to change the theme but fonts if you can. So, there is a plugin “Easy Google Fonts” which can change your font scheme very easily from the default theme customizer.

I can change the font scheme of my blog very easily. And I have talked about font schemes so many times here. But if you want to copy the font scheme of a website you recently visited, you can do it with this plugin. All you need is a little familiarity with Inspect element option in Google Chrome.

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