Teachers are the real HERO who have a hand behind our success. Without direction and control, none start his journey of life. Getting taught about things around starts from our parents, then from our School teachers and then we learn things from our college professors. We shall thank our teachers everyday. We have a special day for our teachers in the calender and we have a great excitement every teachers day.

teachers day

5 Ways to thank teachers for their so kind act of teaching us the lessons of life

1.  Surprise them in your class

If you’re a student, you can surprise your teachers when they attend your class. In most of the schools, teachers day is celebrated with a function organised for teachers. What better than a rose for a Teacher from his beloved student.

2.  Make them feel that they mean a lot to you

Today is the day when you can talk to your teachers and thank them from the depth of the heart without any hesitation. Moreover, you can express how important they are in your life. This will be a very nice feeling for a teacher.

3.  Present them a greeting card crafted by you

When we present our beloved friends on friendship day by Greeting cards, its very delighting. That greeting card is kept as a memory sign. You can craft a greeting card in your own handwriting and give it to your life makers (teachers).

4. A perfect Gift for a teacher

A student can gift his teacher a hand crafted Greeting, Handwritten note, Stationary things like a pen. Notepad is also a very decent gift for a teacher from his student.

5. Make a wish

I just found a free mobile application where you can create a nickname and make your wish. You will be sharing that dream (wish) with the world. People will see and post finger crossed and hat sign on it. This is really interesting and fun sharing wishes. You can download this app from Google play store for free. Also available on Apple App Store.


Final Words

I always thank my teachers for all they did to me. My parents are my first teacher and school teachers gave me knowledge of the world and it is they who made me to stand on my own legs.

Happy Teachers Day