6 Things One Must Consider Before Using Expired Domains



Bloggers always tend to have some confusion hovering over their minds when they come to the expired domains topic.

It often frustrates them and makes them stay calm even when they are keen and interested in doing so. So if you are one of them, I have a few useful tips which can help you to judge what domain is best and what one you have to leave.

Let’s go the helpful points which you have to check before using the expired domains:

1. Anchor text:

The first thing a blogger have to see when they want to use any expired domain is the Anchor text. They have to see the anchor text whether it is relevant to the site or not.

If you consider using an expired domain then it is best to check its anchor text, Anchor text is a text which is clickable text which stays in the hyperlink.

You should have a glance at the anchor text, and you should check whether it was over optimised or it was in the foreign language, etc.

It is always a best practice to choose an expired domain which isn’t overly optimised and also which is relevant to the site. Don’t ever try the foreign language anchor text it is best to avoid them.

2. Links:

Links are crucial to rank well in search engine results, and I know most of you might already know that. So whenever you are planning to use an expired domain, you must consider few points to decide whether to use the expired domain or not by checking its backlink profile.

You should consider these below points to take some changes of avoiding worst sites:

Avoid the expired domains which are having lots of spam links, having those spam links can harm the domain, so it is the waste to use that domain.

Check whether the expired domain has at least 50 root domains or not, If you don’t find 50 root domains on the list then just avoid using that expired domain.

Check whether the expired domain has high authority site links like verge, Forbes, etc.

To take this report, you can use the tools like Ahrefs and moz open site explorer.

3. Content:

Content is always a key factor, so it is best to find out what kind of content that expired domain has produced.

Before using the expired domain it is best practice to check domain content, you can locate the domain content in the wayback machine.

It is recommended to have the expired domain which is having enough content published on their site but always do remember that you ever found any foreign language on the expired domain means just leave that domain. It is not recommended to have a site which is having the foreign language.

4. Always Check Spam Score DA, TF And CF:

When you consider using an expired domain, it is always recommended that to check the spam score, DA, TF and CF of the expired domain.

By, checking these metrics you can only know what is the worth of that site and you can have a glance that will it benefit your blog or not.

You can check the Spam score and Domain Authority (DA) in open site explorer. I always prefer 20+ domain authority and spam score with less than three.

You can check the other TF and CF metrics with the Majestic seo, Make a note that TF and CF must be 20+ shouldn’t be less than 20 if it is less than 20 then you should consider that expired domain.


5. Domain Age:

Domain age is a major factor which can improve your site authority; aged domains always have more domain authority than the fresh and new sites. So it is best to check the domain history of the expired domain which you want to use.

You can check that history in whois.domaintools.com if you found that expired domain is dropped twice or twice in its history then it is always doubtful I won’t recommend using that domain.

Other Preference:

After looking all the above factors, you should look at the Adsense ban. Whether that site is prohibited in Adsense or not.

You can check that in ctrlq.org/sandbox/. And if you want you can check the site for Google results, and you can find out whether this site is indexed by google or not.

If it is indexed by Google then it is a good factor, you don’t have to worry anymore.


These are the things you must consider when you use an expired domain; I hope I have cleared your confusion. If you have anything to say let me know in the comment section, I would love to hear something from you.