7 Tips to Speed Up WordPress Website for better Google Ranking [Detailed Study]

How often do you check your website loading time and speed performance score? Maybe very frequently but I am here after 2 days of research on website speed optimization. In the below study, you will learn how to speed up WordPress website and get positive ranking signals to rank your website much better. Google treat your website loading time as an optimization signal.

A few Screenshots from my Tests

gtmetrix speed test

Above screenshots are pretty Impressive right!

Now is the time to get better than above for your site.Final Words

I am pretty sure that this would help you in getting best speed performance score on all the page speed tests. Now enjoy and speed up wordpress website or blog with above tricks or Hire me to do this for you.

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Still confused on some points? Praise me or curse me with comments. Thanks

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About the Author: Vashishtha Kapoor

Explorer, Brother, Blogger and Ellie Goulding Fan. Lives in New Delhi, India.


  1. I use Google pagespeedinsight, PingDom and GTMetrix to check pagespeed insight.

    Since the Google has mad the page speed a ranking signal, it has been more important to improve the speed of WordPress blogs.

    I really appreciate the tips you have shared to boost speed.

  2. i believe google page insights more to check page speed and coming to pagespeed insights,i have noticed it showing different result at different times when i tried to check my website speed.

  3. Hey Vashi,

    I always get something new from your posts. I didn’t know about the “above the fold plugin” I am going to try it.

    Yogesh Shinde

    1. Hi Yogesh
      I am glad that you came to know about something new with this blog post. Let me know if you have anymore questions about boosting up your blog speed..
      🙂 Have a nice day ahead…

    1. Yeah Dadi.
      You must go for it. Website speed is the reason why small new businesses lose customers. 🙂
      Happy that you liked it. Hope this helped you.
      Have a nice day. Keep smiling. Thanks

  4. You have done a great job here, and congratulation that you optimized your loading time. I will definitely going to follow the tips that you mentioned here.


    1. Yeah Robin
      WP smush losslessly compresses pictures when U upload a new one automatically and old one’s with bulk smusher. and above the fold optimization is way necessary to eliminate render blocking script. I am able to eliminate many but a few minified one’s are checking me to reach 100/100 on google page speed insights.
      I am afraid if I use a Gzip compressor, it would change the settings which is brought after 2 days of restless efforts. So, I am satisfied with this 93/100.
      Though it is a good score because I tried other blogs too which resulted in an average of 70-75. Hope you liked it.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting here. Welcoming you the first time and would love to see you here again.
      Have a nice day Robin. 🙂

  5. I have to say I often click away from slow loading sites. I have a very poor internet connection so anything that loads slowly usually doesn’t load at all after I’ve waited an age so I click away pretty much straight away. I have checked my site once or twice, maybe it’s time to check again! Thanks for the share.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Yeah Sure Mandy. That’s what any sound internet surfer does.
      And it is obvious to bounce from a domain that loads slowly.
      I hope my article helped you to get a great score on the test. let me know if it does. 🙂

  6. Hey Vashistha
    Good research and good findings
    I did this test few months back.
    Thanks for sharing this detailed tuto.
    Yes the speed is an important factor in blogging!
    Getting that is a great thing, Thanks for providing such an informative piece Vashistha
    Keep going
    Have a great week ahead
    Best Regards

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