Top 10 Accessories for Your New MacBook Air 13″

macbook accessories

Having a MacBook is considered to be a standard itself but what about getting best out of it when you add a little extra to your laptop? Adding a few accessories is not only meant to make your device more attractive but also have something to do with the protection as well as comfort.

Apple has come up with some amazing accessories for the devices it has launched but when it comes to the MacBooks, it has made it even more lovable. As far as MacBook Air is concerned, it comes in a light body which needs more care. With the success of 11 inch MacBook Air, the company comes up with MacBook Air 13.3 with more attractive looks and functioning. So, in order to make more out of the best laptop company, there are some stunning accessories available. Let us have a look at the top 10 accessories for MacBook Air 13.3.

Hardshell Case

hardshell case macbook air 13 dots

The first thing that comes to mind would be the protection of your Macbook. Nothing can beat the hardshell case for the laptop as it protects your laptop without covering the necessary parts such as ports, buttons and all. Its feature of protection makes it a necessity for the laptop. Also, it comes in various designs and colors according to the convenience of the user.

Silicon Keyboard Cover

silicon keyboard cover

While you concentrate more on the body, usually you forget about the keyboard which could attract more dust and other contaminants that could make it look dirty. So, in order to keep your MacBook keyboard free of such contaminants, use protective cover such as Silicon cover which could simply wrap your keyboard and turn out to be flexible when used. It fits the keyboard that would increase the level of comfort and protection while typing.

Bluetooth Switch

With the usage of developed technology in the company, there are more things that would make your MacBook experience more amazing. Such accessories include Bluetooth switch which is meant to connect single or dual switch connections with iPhone, Mac and other iOS devices through Bluetooth. Also, the devices come with a rechargeable battery and two external switch jack points. Apart from it, a tactile feedback is also there on the device.

Magic Trackpad

To make your task easier, Apple comes with the Trackpad that uses its force sensor to click anywhere. Not only it makes your task easier but also is easy to keep as it has an inbuilt battery which is rechargeable. It is an advanced version of the trackpad with larger glass surface area. With the new design and more functions, Magic trackpad makes the work easier for the users as the scrolling and swiping becomes more comfortable than before.

Laptop Sleeve

blue laptop sleeve

Owning a MacBook means you have the best laptop and you need to take a good care of it. The laptop sleeve is a necessary thing to have when you are possessive about your MacBook Air. The laptop case protects your MacBook from any scratches and bumps as you can take it wherever you want without worrying about such issues. As far as the material is concerned, the sleeve comes with hard cover outside which is easy to carry and is cushioned on the inside for the full protection of the MacBook. Also, it comes in various attractive colors with elegant designs that would help you showcase your Macbook.

Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse 2

Tired of using a wired mouse and want something more advanced? Apple has come up with its magic mouse for all the MacBook users. It is a rechargeable mouse that eliminates the use of traditional batteries. It makes your task easier with the help of its Multi-touch feature that lets you scroll and swipe the page with simple and soft touch. It is easy to use and simply pairs itself with your MacBook. However, it can be termed as an upgraded version of Magic Mouse employed the traditional batteries for usage. This is how Magic Mouse 2 turn out to be the best part of Apple accessories with simple Bluetooth connection avoiding messy wire all around your desk.

Super-slim Case

While you own a MacBook, there becomes the necessity to maintain the style and elegance in your surrounding. Like the laptop sleeve, a slim bag for your laptop can make you look cooler than you thought. It is simply made of polyester with few pockets in the sides. It remains slim even if you make fill it with whatever.

Apple USB Superdrive

As the name suggests, this Superdrive is a lot more than just a normal device to store your data. Apple has launched this SuperDrive just to make its users more comfortable to deal situations related to software installation, watching movies or any other related issues. It is convenient to carry anywhere you want to and employs a little space in your carry bag or working dest. It may be slightly bigger than other drive options but this is simple to use and also burn the CDs and DVDs as well. Furthermore, this sleek and compact SuperDrive connects to your MacBook with retina display.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

While concentrating more on the other facilities, entertainment is one of them as Macbook requires a good pair of headphones in order to enjoy the best out of it. By eliminating the use of long annoying wire, Apple has a huge variety of wireless headphones which connects through Bluetooth with your MacBook. Also, they are capable to use for up to 19 hours of listening time.

Air Speakers

Where headphones perform an important part in life, Speaker has a similar level of significance. Usually, these speaker comes with a portable body that connects to the device via Bluetooth. What makes it more attractive is its 360-degree design pumps to spread the music as far as it could go.


Wrapping up

Now as you have come across with all the top accessories for MacBook Air, there is nothing left to bring more out of just a laptop. So, grab the extras and maintain the level of owning the MacBook Air 13.3.

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