admitad Review : Innovating the Insightful CPA Affiliate Marketing

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If your trust over banner advertising is fading away with time, admitad is here to introduce you to innovative advertising and monetization solutions.

Many advertisers are trying different methods of advertising to reach their marketing goals. The need is to add value to the advertising material and promotional tactics. admitad has been innovating in the field to let advertisers get more business and affiliates make more money out of their traffic.

With its powerful CPA marketing phenomenon, admitad is doing business with over 460k publishers and 1k advertisers.

admitad review

Instead of narrating a cock and bull story I will talk about the network and its features.

Why Join admitad as an Advertiser?

Germany-based cost per acquisition company admitad GmbH works with top class publishers. As an admitad advertiser, I advertise my product or mobile app to my worldwide perspective customers.

More than that there is a great opportunity to meet top publishers, admitad account managers and colleague advertisers in regular meetings organized by admitad.

Just in case you are looking for the possible ways and available tools to help skyrocket your affiliate marketing campaign, you can have a look at this list of tools on their website.

admitad Affiliates

As an admitad Affiliate, I got access to a huge list of marketing campaigns from all over the world. The helpful dashboard helps finding the right campaign for my traffic.

If you’re fond of insightful marketing that provides you more data through subID, postbacks and additional tools, you gonna love admitad.

Regular Payments: well, no better explanation that telling “weekly payments” are initiated for your commissions. Where payment threshold is just 10$. amazing.

Best Features about admitad

  1. Exclusive Campaigns
  2. Huge list of Offers
  3. More than Enough Promo Material
  4. Less Payment Threshold
  5. Affiliate WordPress Plugin
  6. Affiliate tools like Postbacks

Exclusive Campaigns

admitad highpaying offers

admitad exclusive tools

From an Affiliate Point of View, the exclusiveness of the campaigns is very important. Campaigns that an affiliate is already working on will be seriously useless for him.

admitad has direct advertiser relations and that’s the reason why it is able to avail its publishers highest payouts on all the campaigns.

Up to Date Banners

admitad banners

The worst part I hate about any affiliate network is outdated promotional material like Banners, popups and videos. Such promotional material never gonna convert as the offer (campaign) has actually been expired already.

And this is something I like about admitad. The promotional material lands in the affiliate dashboard prior to the event.

In House Tracking system

I know that HasOffers and Cake tracking could be a nice choice of tracking platform. But the kind of affiliate tracking technology and affiliate dashboard interface they have is outstanding.

It is damn easy to navigate and understand for the person of ordinary prudence.

Affiliate tools

admitad network’s affiliate dashboard has unique tools for affiliates. Especially the WordPress plugin that they offer is amazingly outstanding.

You don’t have to mess with the typical ads manager plugin in your WordPress. Neither you need to copy and paste the ad codes in the widgets out there.

If you run a sub-affiliate network or a network in white-label partnership, you would need to know how postbacks and pingbacks work. admitad support can help you to integrate with your tracking platform and guide you thoroughly.

WordPress Plugin Shop

admitad affiliate site

You can create a quick affiliate website using the wordpress plugin offered by admitad. It is digitally magic that you only have to get approved for the affiliate program by the merchant and the products from those websites will automatically be imported to your website.


Talking about the payment threshold, it is only 10$ to get your first payout from admitad which is practically magic where no other network is able to issue such quick payments.

Manual Payment Requests

admitad payment request

The best part is that you won’t be getting your payment automatically. You have to click the Payout button to initiate a payment withdrawal request. This button automatically generates an Invoice and the company easily pays it in the blink of eyes.

How smart is that!

Final Verdict

As a matter of fact, I am loving being an admitad Affiliate. It is totally FREE to join.