Adperiscope Review | Best Ads Spying tool for affiliates

When a person is going to start a business online that is related to mobile marketing and he wants a spy tool, then the best tool over the Internet is none other than AdPeriscope. This tool helps the user to get access to various types of adult ad networks over the Internet. In this article, we will be knowing about an ultimate tool for spying on competitors. AdPeriscope is a tool which has features that makes it different from its competitors. Let us know more about AdPeriscope and its features.

What is Adperiscope?

Adperiscope is one of the most popular and widely used ad spy tools in the market. The tool helps us to unlock the secrets of Profitable Adults Advertising Campaign by spying on the competitors.

Nowadays, we may find many people who will always show their interest in adult content over the internet and they also wanted to know that how they can make one and AdPeriscope is the ultimate tool for them. AdPeriscope is a tool that helps to make the person that what their competitors are up to. After knowing the strategy of the competitors, After knowing the strategy of the competitors, one can make a different strategy for these ad campaigns to make their position top in that field.

The user of the tool can make huge money by making adult advertising campaign by revealing the data of many profitable websites. You can target every data like Ad-networks used, devices, publishers and many more are present on your fingertips.

It is AdPeriscope which has made the life of people very easy as it has unlocked the adult ad campaign from 56 countries which includes Australia, Japan, India, Brazil, USA, and many other countries around the world. AdPeriscope give access to hidden campaigns like Airtel, Sprint, JIO, and many more. 

Why to use AdPeriscope ?

AdPeriscope is a tool that gives the user access to the adult ad campaign which helps you in knowing the strategies of the competitor. By this tool, the user can completely destroy his competitor and rule the market. Now that we have known that how to use the tool we will discuss the features of AdPeriscope. 

Features of AdPeriscope:-

1. End number of filters

In the starting, affiliate marketers used to spend most of their time to spy on their competition manually, but know they can do this thing automatically using AdPeriscope. AdPeriscope provides an end number of filters by which you can filter your data by mobile carriers, device type, third-party trackers, ad network, language, and the basis of the country.  

2. Multiple Search Options

AdPeriscope allows you to find the location of a specific advertisement and banners by simply using the focus keyword of the advertisement. Once the banner is found, it can easily spy by this tool automatically.  

3.Multiple Sorting Option

The tool provides you control on the sorting of data. You can sort your data by performance, strength, duration, Alexa ranking, and duration of ads. It will also help you in finding the banner. 

4. Advanced Search Options

The tool provides an advanced search option by which advanced boolean query builder is used for precise searching capabilities. This is not a simple easy search option as it is used by pro people.  

5. Provides complete list of Publishers

AdPeriscope is only known for this feature as it collects the data of different ad campaigns which was run by different publishers sites.  

The spy tool provides an option known as Received Most Traffic which helps you to know that which ad campaign earned most of the traffic and from there you make your creative advertisement by looking at the which affiliate advertisement has done well. 


AdPeriscope notifies you on the activities of your competitor instantly. It keeps an eye on the activities of your competitors, so that you can make a powerful strategy. 

Advantages of AdPeriscope 

AdPeriscope is a search option which is widely used around 56 countries due to its features. The tools is a magnet in the field of advertisement to keep an eye on the competitors. The filters of AdPeriscope is far superior than any other spy tool. It allows you to filter data with respect to countries, network, publishers, language, devices, length, and many more. 

AdPeriscope is a spy tool that is present at a very feasible rate of $ 89.99 per month in the market. The price of the tool is very less as compared to profit it will help you to make. You will easily able to keep an eye on your competitors and able to which advertisement is earning huge traffic. The price of this tool is reasonable as its other competitors provide their tool with almost the same rate and with fewer features. As we have discussed the features of AdPeriscope, so other spy tools doesn’t stand a chance against AdPeriscope. 

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