Adplexity vs SpyOver: Which One Is The Best Spy Tool?

AdPlexity and Spyover are two Ads spy tools that provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors. If I say, ‘AdPlexity is slightly better than Spyover but it’s not too big of a difference to make someone switch from one tool to another’ should you believe me? Obviously not. Here’s why…

You need to know everything about both tools for a better analysis. So, here is what you need. So, read on and figure out what you need to make your ad campaigns the best.

Read on and see which one is the better than the other.

Adplexity vs SpyOver


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Adplexity vs SpyOver


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Screenshot of Adplexity

Adplexity vs SpyOver

Screenshot of Spyover

Adplexity vs SpyOver

Features of Adplexity

Track and affiliate marketing with easy-to-navigate analyses.

Ads spy tool lets you track affiliate networks and other tracking platforms easily. This amazing tool shows all the ads on your site so that users can see what’s being tracked while viewing a webpage, giving them insight into how their data is used by marketers.

Some hidden campaigns are lurking

Reach a massive audience of people using smartphones and tablets with the Adplexity ads platform. Our 120+ carriers worldwide support helps you target your users, while cross-promotion capabilities between apps in your portfolio allow for app promotion campaigns too.

Landing pages available for downloads

Now you can download all the landing pages in images, CSS, and JavaScript with one click. All of this content will be neatly organized into a zip file for your convenience!

Friendly for the publishers

To find the top placement that will send a majority of traffic to their campaigns, publishers can check on Top Placement. It is easy for them because they only need to click on it and then see which impression sends most impressions from campaign clicks.

Flexibility with browsers and devices

You can check which browsers and devices your campaign is performing best on by using the Google Analytics report. For example, it could be that only Chrome users are really interacting with this campaign while Safari or Firefox creates less engagement overall.

Features of Spyover

Spy with innovation

Using this tool, you can view your competitor’s ads based on the filters such as traffic source, affiliate networks and countries. You can also filter by devices like browsers or trackers to monitor their native ads.

Ad Statistics in detail

The data that affiliates have access to is always significant. It can prove whether or not an affiliate has a good offer, if they should invest more in the campaign, and how their ROI will be affected by future campaigns.

Download or view landing pages

SpyOver lets you view different types of lander formats such as ZIP files instantly on your computer without any restrictions whatsoever! In addition to this, it also enables you to download images or icons that can be used in marketing campaigns with ease through our tool – all at no cost whatsoever – so try out today!

Best of Native Ads

The best Native Ad Spy tool will help you outnumber your competitors. This is not a hard job because we have done all the work for it and bring this wonderful native ad spy to monitor and analyze ads by our competitor that gives us an edge over them.

Better analysis using data and records

If you have multiple marketing professionals in your company who need access to data and reports but don’t have internet, exporting this information may be beneficial.

More about Adplexity

Adplexity vs SpyOverWant to know the exact ads that your target audience is seeing? AdPlexity can help! Their algorithms and proprietary data sources ensure their results are accurate, so you’ll have an optimal ad campaign experience. It’s great for companies big or small because it takes less than five minutes to get started. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – try AdPlexity yourself today!

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More about Spyover

Adplexity vs SpyOverThe SpyOver Ad spy tool is like a watch that cloaks you in invisibility. If you have any doubt about this ad-spy, then just look at the statistics and your confidence to work with it will only grow! With over 15 ad networks, 6.4 million ads, and 223 thousand landing pages in 115 countries around the world, SpyOver has you covered to monitor all of your digital advertising campaigns globally.

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Adplexity 's Pricing

AAdPAdPlexity Mobile $199 per monthlexity Mobile $199 per monthdplexity vs SpyOverWant to get started with cost-effective ad campaigns? Let’s discuss the pricing of this tool, which can help make it more accessible and efficient.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much this tool will cost. Well, to save time and money with online ads I would suggest the monthly plan for $199/month or pay annually at a discounted rate of only $1990 every year (with 2 months free).

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Spyover's Pricing

Adplexity vs SpyOverSpyOver provides you free demo access so that you can test the accuracy and flexibility of their software. However, a clever mind doesn’t need to justify why they only provide limited features during the trial period. To get full access requires buying one of their paid plans!

  • Tarif Professional- $149/month
  • Tarif Corporate-$299/month
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Adplexity 's Support

24/7 customer support is provided by AdPlexity 365 days a year, free of charge. They have global coverage and can be contacted via email or toll-free numbers depending on where you live in relation to them.

They provide their services to customers free of charge and are available by email or toll-free numbers depending on where you live in relation to them. You can also contact AdPlexity via an internal platform if ever having any troubleshooting problems within the system as well as queries that need answers for better understanding purposes.

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Spyover's Support

The Spy team works dedicatedly to improve their Ad spy tool and provide the best features for monitoring native advertising. They are available day or night, but don’t worry if you message them at an odd hour!

The SpyOver team doesn’t hangover everyday working from Monday-Friday keeping Saturday and Sunday for a hangover. The working hours are 8:00 am – 5 pm DEU (Germany). But what happens when it is not possible to send your messages according your country’s time zone? In this case, our wonderful Customer Success Team will respond as soon as they can with high priority.

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Adplexity and Spyover are two companies that offer a variety of features, options for pricing plans, and amazing customer service. Both companies match the requirements you need to be successful in your marketing campaign so it’s up to you which is best!

FAQs (Adplexity vs SpyOver)

What is AdPlexity?

While it's true that competitive intelligence tools are often used to simply copy/paste winning campaigns, AdPlexity is also an invaluable tool for mobile advertising.

How AdPlexity works?

Mobile advertisers, affiliates and networks can simply view and validate online media activities by using REAL 3G/LTE proxies from more than 80+ mobile carriers in 30 countries.

What is AdPlexity ecommerce?

AdPlexity E-commerce is the first e-commerce competitive intelligence tool that uses real visitor data. It lets you easily track profitable products with just a few clicks of your mouse! To do so, set date range to last 7 days and product strength from 25 - 300. You'll see thousands of currently successful items in no time!

What is SpyOver?

SpyOver is a fantastic ad spy tool that allows users to monitor and analyze the competitor's native ads. SpyOver stands out as one of the most accessible tools, as it helps you stay ahead of your competitors by providing information on their latest campaigns without requiring any additional work from them.

How do I Spy native ads?

Native advertising is a hot commodity. If you're going to invest in one, there are some things that will benefit your business more than others: how much it costs per user and what type of data they can provide. The best native ad tool for small businesses may not be the same as those offered to larger companies with deeper pockets so do your research before making any decisions! Choosing the best native advertising spy tools Adplexity – from $249 per user per month. It also offers campaign insights such as impressions/clicks, CTRs by time frame or location among other key metrics . WhatRunsWhere - from $299-399 monthly fee depending on number users but has similar features including demographic targeting options which allow marketers

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