Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhere: Find Out The Best Spy Tool Of 2023 In Terms Of Features & Pricing

AdPlexity vs WhatRunsWhere, the two most reputable intelligence tools for affiliate marketers. AdPlexity can help you learn how your competitors advertise their offers, where they place ads on other websites, and what kind of landing pages to use if you want a high conversion rate.

On top of that, it also gives insights into real-time traffic data which is invaluable in making decisions about promotions or ad placements at particular times depending on competitor moves.

Let see which one stands as the best spy tool of all. Read on.

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Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhere
Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhere


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Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhere

Features of Adplexity

It shows you histories of every bidding

The Adplexity tool is one of the few that can provide this data. The number for each country’s bid will give you an accurate idea about how much money your ad campaign has actually earned because it shows what Google charges per click to users in those countries.

Get the real ad insights

Ad-insight is what the entire tool can fetch for advertisement creatives. It has two main features: ad trend and week trend, which show how many days an ad was run or seen on any given day or week respectively.

Amazing landing page features

The ad insights also get us the landing page URLs for the ads we’re checking. However, it’s mentioned separately because this feature is pretty advanced and deserves its own throne. Clicking on “show more” gets complete redirect chains and outgoing URLs to uncover cloaked/hidden landing pages that may not be caught with a simple search. It has this tiny little popup where I can directly search for ads by an advertiser based either on their primary domain or URL as well!

Facilities for eCommerce platforms

The primary attraction and selling point for the E-commerce module is that it’s “realtime”. The data you see isn’t weeks or months old, it’s of the moment you check an ad. This massively helps jump over-saturated products. This database contains more than 200,000 stores and 250 million individual items–a pretty impressive number indeed!

Impressive modules available at Adplexity

When using AdPlexity, there are five modules. The Mobile and Desktop module focuses on mobile ads while the Adult focuses exclusively on adult traffic sources and their ads. There is also a Search & Social module that offers search filters such as the size of an ad or number of connections (Vodafone/Verizon/Life /AT&T US).

Features of WhatRunsWhere

This one offer a very powerful analysis

The WhatRunsWhere is a free tool that can helps you to find the keywords and phrases with high search volume. This information provides accurate insights into which terms should be targeted in order to get conversions, traffic sources, networks & ad formats.

It shows top brands and affiliate ads

Now users have the ability to instantly see all of the top ads from all over any web page. In addition, they can also segment between large brands and affiliate campaigns. Users are able to do a search by keyword, ad type, country along with date range among other things.

You can explore every deep details

You have the global reach as here you can access more than 90k advertisers along with 20k sites and more than 500 networks right across 7 countries. Do you know where your fingertips? You would be accessing 60 million ads from insight into these seven countries: USA, Australia, Brazil, France Canada United Kingdom Germany.

You can discover the winning strategies with ease.

WhatRunsWhere will now allow you to see all of the A-Z Campaigns, plus discover new strategies. See everything from advertisers’ top ads and traffic sources along with landing pages used by networks. Discover profitable buying strategies within just a few clicks!

Accurate data and the latest information will make the difference

WhatRunsWhere is an excellent source of data on digital ads. With their 24/7 coverage, WhatRunsWhere updates the website daily to reflect new information that can be found in this industry. Every day, new data is collected and updated to ensure that you get the most accurate pictures of digital ad landscapes available.

🏆 Winner: Adplexity AdPlexity offers more features than WhatRunsWhere.

More about Adplexity

Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhereBefore you jump right into further information, here are the good things about it: -One of the most data-rich databases.-Easy to use user interface.-Extensive, detailed search filters with minute details.-Bid prices are available in real-time. Β Now let’s talk about what isn’t so great! It doesn’t have a fully customizable platform which makes analysis difficult at times especially for larger accounts or those who work within an agency environment where multiple people need access simultaneously.

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More about WhatRunsWhere

Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhereWhatRunsWhere has created a database of over 120,000 unique publishers for each of the 21 countries it tracks and identifies which advertisers are occupying their ad space. Users can also look more in-depth into specific companies or brands’ ads as well as see creative messages used by winning campaigns to make better marketing decisions.

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🏆 Winner: Adplexity AdPlexity is all-in-one ad tool & has great user feedbacks.

Adplexity 's Pricing

Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhereThis Comparison uses a variety of different modules to help customers improve their ads. These are available for purchase at varying prices, as follows:

  • Native / Push / Carriers:Β $149.00/month.
  • Mobile/Desktop/E commerce: $199.00/month.
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WhatRunsWhere's Pricing

Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhereThe pricing plans offered by WhatRunsWhere is simple and easy to understand. The insights from the platform will help you optimize all of your digital marketing efforts.

  • Basic- $299/Month
  • Full Coverage- $399/Month
  • Enterprise- Customizable
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🏆 Winner: Adplexity Adplexity has affordable pricing plans than WhatRunsWhere.

Adplexity 's Support

This Adplexity review was bitter-sweet. The company primarily offers support via its live chat, which is as fast as I’d have liked it. If you communicate by email, the response time is considerably faster. It may be different when there isn’t a current world pandemic situation because this could be due to my personal experience only!

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WhatRunsWhere's Support

Really, the customer support that you will be getting here with WhatRunsWhere is praise able as they strive to build better products along delivering their customers ads insights on a daily basis. The best part about this tool is also having blog posts covering important topics of advertising campaigns and tutorials for using it – which makes learning easy!

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🏆 Winner: WhatRunsWhere WhatRunsWhere offers better customer support than Adplexity.

While WhatRunsWhere is so much more expensive than AdPlexity, the latter’s features and functions are quickly catching up to the former. The most important ad information that AdPlexity provides that WhatRunsWhere does not, are the top publishing website per ad and the affiliate network of the offer.

Both spy tools allow you to download the landing page, but WhatRunsWhere takes it a step further and allows you to edit in their editor and deploy it immediately to your server.

However, You know what your requirements are. So, it’s better to know them and choose the right tool for you.

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🏆 Winner: Adplexity AdPlexity offers great features at affordable price & hence is better option than WhatRunsWhere.

FAQs (Adplexity vs WhatRunsWhere)

🀷 Why Should You Choose WhatRunsWhere?

This tool tracks over 120,000 unique publishers from 7 countries. Using this tool you can look into the advertisements of various advertisers and extract all the details that are used in their winning campaigns with ease.

Does WhatRunsWhere offers a demo?

Use WhatRunsWhere to find out how you can grow your business. Schedule a demo from one of their team members and see for yourself!

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ Does WhatRunsWhere offers a money-back guarantee?

If you're an advertiser, WhatRunsWhere offers money refunds as soon as 3 days after your most recent payments. I spoke to the team at WhatRunswhere and they offer a no-questions refund policy if it's within 30 days of making a payment for their service.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Can you customize your plans with WhatRunsWhere?

Enterprise of WhatRunsWhere has a set pricing for their features. They provide unlimited seats to your account and premium support as well!

πŸ’ How much does AdPlexity cost?

AdPlexity's Desktop is $149 with a 25 percent lifetime discount while AdPlexity Native costs 169 and has 30 percent off. The Ecomm package goes for 149, but you get 25% of your money back in the long run which makes it better than if it were priced at 199. Finally, AdPlecity Carriers are cheaper tooβ€”129 bucks!

πŸ‘‰ How AdPlexity works?

Adplexity lets you use REAL 3G/LTE proxies from more than 80+ mobile carriers in 30+ countries. It generally allows advertisers, affiliates, ads and affiliate networks to view online media activities by using the Zumub app on your phone or computer then validate them with real-time data that is provided through every verification request made.

πŸ‘ What is a native ad campaign?

Native advertising, which is largely defined by the fact that it mimics its surrounding media format without looking like an ad or disrupting user experience, can be found across social feeds and web pages. It differs from typical display ads in this regard because native ads blend into their surroundings instead of standing out as interruptive content to users.

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