It appears to be very hard to find success and become popular in the back breaking competitive atmosphere. If it does not? Getting popular brings a lot of big changes in you, in your blog and of course in the opinion of other websites about yours.

alexa surfing review

Talking about metrics which favour and stand for your blog, Google Page Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and Alexa Traffic Rank hits our mind.

Alexa rank being a competitive measurement of your blog’s reputation and popularity, has a big role in attracting business to it. Getting your blog’s rank high on Alexa is always a very nice feeling because it shows how popular your blog is nowadays.

I have been looking for some secret way of boosting Alexa rank for a couple of months and the lookup ended with a hookup with Yes, there exists a wonderful website which helps webmasters increasing their blog’s Alexa rank without a headache.


Free for lifetime

The biggest functunality of AlexaSurfing is “It is free for lifetime and you don’t have to pay even a single penny for gettting Alexa supported traffic.” A lot of programs selling alexa traffic are not free from any side so far as I have seen. The first time I landed on their website, I thought that it is also in the row of those money snatcher programs like others. Thought every apple can not be rotten and what goes in trying it once. Thinking the same, I gave it a try. And see, the awesomeness of this program made me to write about it.

Traffic Simulating Alexa

Proven in researchers and according to my own experience, Alexa Enabled traffic definitely increases Alexa traffic score 4 times faster than the normal traffic. Understanding this fact, the autosurf option has a compulsion to download and activate Alexa browser toolbar/extension before starting the auto surf. This way, you will be watching your Alexa metrics rising up day by day.

AdSense Friendly Traffic

Yes, we all know that Google Adsense, with it program policies, prohibit its publishers from using any automated traffic stream. But Alexasurfing does not use any tactic which can harm the validity of your Google Adsense Account. It automatically opens and closes browser tabs and is totally distinguished from traditional Traffic Exchange which use iframe traffic distribution.

Visit and Earn Points, Redeem them for Alexa Traffic

You get one point for each webpage you visit which can be converted into a visit back to your blog/website. How cool is this! This indeed is a win-win situation where you have nothing to loose but everything to acheive.

Affiliate Program that sizzles

Along with an amazing alexa boost up the concept, the website does have an affiliate program where you earn points and money. You will get 1000 points for each friend you refer that can drive 1000 pageviews to your site.

Reduce Bounce Rate

The incoming traffic will be reducing the bounce rate as the visit is usually scheduled to be active on your page for a minimum of one minute. And one minute stand on your page is enough to treat it as a unbounced pageview.

Everything on autopilot

It is amazing to know that after clicking on auto surf button once, you don’t need to check it again and again. You can leave your computer on and go to coffee and when you will come back, will see amazing results.

My recommendations

I highly recommend this website as it is able to increase your blog’s Alexa rank unbelievably. I will ask you not to use it if you have limited bandwidth because it will be overusing your bandwidth due to high-quality huge traffic attached to it.

Alexa Surfing Review


Amazing platform to get supercharged alexa traffic rankings.