Boosting Sales with Animated Videos by MakeWebVideo [Review]

I know how difficult it is to generate affiliate sales, especially when you are a newbie. Things become the worst when you have your own brand-new product. Given that it has no reputation in the industry, you need to strive hard and bring many people to your landing page to make the first sale.

What if I tell you a method to boost your sales? Are you interested in it?

Hear me out; it is nothing but videos. Yeah, you read it right! Visual content works the best as compared to text. If you present the features of your product in a unique way, you will surely generate sales more than you used to do.

I know what you are saying. You are a rookie in video creation. Is that your excuse? I got the solution; MakeWebVideo.

MakeWebVideo Review

make web video

In my quest to find an effective web-based explainer video creating tool, I stumbled up on MakeWebVideo. It is a Brazilian company that provides tons of possibilities to make our videos convincing.

First, let’s have a look at the features of MakeWebVideo. Then, I will show you how the creation is done.

Features of MakeWebVideo

The following are the impressive features of MakeWebVideo.

· Rich Template Gallery Suitable for Different Purposes

template gallery makewebvideo

MakeWebVideo sports a rich template gallery. You can select any one of them from the tons of available templates.

You can create animated videos using this animated video maker to promote your business, product or service. Moreover, MakeWebVideo has templates suitable for whiteboard videos as well.

Templates are easy to customize. Once you choose a template, you can add/ remove anything in/ out of the video to make it fit for your needs.

You must be attentive when it comes to selecting the template. It should match the purpose of the video.

· Video Hosting Available


What most of the marketers do today is creating a video (either by expensive tools or designers) and embedding the same on their site after uploading it into a video hosting service like YouTube.

If you get the chance to host the final version on the video creator itself, you can eliminate the uploading part and make the entire process less tedious.

You don’t like tedious process, do you? Then, you should go with MakeWebVideo. Once you finish creating a video, you can host it on their server and embed the same on your website.

By following this method, you get to eliminate one step thereby, saving a lot of time. You can use that extra time to do something productive to boost the sales.

· Easy-to-Use Interface

The user interface of MakeWebVideo is pretty simple and straightforward. If you are a novice video maker, who got exhausted by the rich-interface of Premier or Final Cut Pro, you will not get the same feeling on seeing the interface of this simple video maker.

Everything is provided in an accessible way. And, the process is simple too. Just pick a template, edit it up and finally download the end product.

There you go!

· Availability of Free Preview

Yeah, MakeWebVideo is a paid service. The HD videos start from $29. For every product, a demo is appreciated, right?

That’s why MakeWebVideo offers a free preview video before every video creation. If you want to see how the end product looks like after the creation, you can create a preview video.

In my experience, even the preview video came out great. You may be skeptical about spending money on a tool you hear for the first time. That’s where the importance of preview video kicks in.

· No Downloads Needed

I am talking about the interface. There are tons of video editors (dedicated for explainer videos) available on the web.

Most of them want you to download the software, so that you can create videos. If you have a metered connection or you don’t want to spend time in downloading, this option won’t be feasible.

On the contrary, MakeWebVideo is completely a web-based platform. Once you sign up for an account, you can start creating the videos. No downloads, no restrictions, nothing!

· Money Back Policy

What if you don’t like service of MakeWebVideo (unlikely to happen)?

Well, the company offers a money back policy. Though they didn’t specify the time limit for the eligibility, you get it. I don’t think one needs months or even weeks to decide whether he likes a video or not. You can tell it almost as the video ends.

In case you don’t like the service, you can get your money back.

How to Create Videos on MakeWebVideo?

In order to create an animated video on the platform, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Visit MakeWebVideo website. You can see a Register option on the navigation bar. Click on it and complete the sign-up process.

Step 2: Now you have to select a template to create the free demo video. As I told you already, ensure you select a template that suits your purpose.

Step 3: As you click Create free preview video, you will be taken to the video editing screen. They have given a tutorial video at the bottom. You should check it out to avoid the small learning curve.

Step 4: Make any change to the template you selected. Add or remove graphics and sound. Stop the process when you feel the video is convincing enough.

Finally, download the end video.

Final Verdict

So, should you use MakeWebVideo?

Yes, you should. If you don’t care to spend $500 for a single video, you can hire a video creator.

But MakeWebVideo gives relevant and actionable videos for affordable prices. Their videos start from $29. Do you spend hundreds of extra bucks when you get the same quality videos for a cheap price?

Don’t believe me? Sign up for a free account on MakeWebVideo right now and create a preview video.

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