Anstrex vs Adspy 2023: Which Is The #1 Ad Spy & Ad Push Tool For Affiliates?

Anstrex vs AdSpy, it’s a tough choice between both. Each has its own unique features, price points, and benefits for users to consider when making the purchase decision.

Anstrex and AdSpy are two competitors in the online advertising space. They both have different prices, amazing features, and great results but which one wins? Let’s compare them to find out!

Down there is a detailed comparison. Read on and find the best one.

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Anstrex vs Adspy


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Anstrex vs Adspy


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Anstrex vs Adspy

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Anstrex vs Adspy

Features of Anstrex

Get the real time analysis

The push notifications spy tool of Anstrex helps marketers create a sense of urgency among the buyers. With this feature, not only does it track potential customers and trends but also designs campaigns that are most profitable to them thus helping marketer craft more effective promotional strategies

Analyze competition with ease

One of the best features on Anstrex is its competitor analysis. With a few clicks, marketers can find what top competitors are doing to attract their customers and how they’re managing campaigns in real-time!

Supports instant in-lone editing of ads

The powerful HTML editor allows users to customize landing pages quickly and easily. Users can edit text, swap images or links in the body of a page with ease using Quick Edit Mode.

Easy spying using notifications

“Anstrex” is a spy tool that can help users track ads on 5,000+ websites and tens of thousands more every month. Users have the option to choose between traditional push or in-push ad tracking using an advanced filter section as well.

Get the tested and amazing landing pages

Anstrex offers all the tools and plugins you need to create customized landing pages for your business. You can spy on competitor’s landing page strategies with just one click, access data based on changing market conditions, geographical locations or industry-specific parameters.

Features of AdsSpy

Explore even the basic features

This feature is a must-have for any successful campaign. You can find the right people, track conversions, and make adjustments accordingly with this tool’s smart filters such as:

  • When was the ad last seen?
  • How do users react to it?
  • Which ad has run longest without interruption?
Get the accurate demographic

With AdSpy’s extensive network of advertisers, we can target a regional ad to our exact demographic. This is an advantage over all other companies because they only know the general demographics and don’t have this specific knowledge.

Great tool for affiliates

AdSpy is a software that helps affiliates to find offers and see which ads are being used by other marketers. To do this, simply search via the offer ID or enter your affiliate network name into ad spy’s search bar to check out who else uses it. This tool also has helpful tips for avoiding cloakers so you’ll be able to review landing pages flawlessly!

Uses comments to search for the results.

With the comment search option, you can quickly and easily use keywords to find an ad using their comments. You can also track competitors’ brands or your own products by searching through ads with positive feedback. Additionally, you could verify negative feedback regarding certain advertisements as well!

have exciting landing pages

Get the complete insights with an ad analysis report. Get insight into likes over time, landing page screenshots, technologies used on the landing page and affiliate tracking information.

🏆 Winner: Anstrex Anstrex offers all the tools, plugins & Features that a Spy Tool must contain.

More about Anstrex

Anstrex vs AdspyNeed a database of ads? Look no further than Anstrex. We have over 10 million native and push ads from 27 ad networks in 80 countries, so you’re bound to find something that suits your interest! The best part is we don’t just provide the dataβ€”we analyze it too! Our analysis will help marketers whether they are beginners or professionals with their campaigns.

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More about AdsSpy

Anstrex vs AdspyOne of the top features that make AdSpy a great tool is its price. At only $149 per month, it’s much less expensive than other ad spying tools on the market right now and still as powerful as those more costly ones. In order to get ahead with your PPC campaign, you’ll need multiple keyword tracking every day – which can be difficult if not impossible without an advanced spy tool like this one!

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex Anstrex has better customer reviews than AdSpy.

Anstrex's Pricing

Anstrex vs AdspyA solo plan for Anstrex Native is $69.99/month/user and a subscription to its push tool alone costs an additional 79.99$ per month user adding up to a total of 124.98$. Here is the pricing list:

  • Solo Plan- $69.99/MO/USER
  • Bundle and save- $139.99/MO/USER
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AdsSpy's Pricing

Anstrex vs AdspyAdSpy is the most powerful ad spy tool out there. It has more features, and it’s cheaper than any other competitor. With AdSpy you get unlimited access to all of its data for just $149/month! Here are the prices.

One price-Β $149/month

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex Anstrex plan starts at a cheaper price than that of AdSpy.

Anstrex's Support

In my opinion, the best part of this tool is that Anstrex has 27+ Ads networks along with 14 million ads from 105 thousand advertisers in 30 countries. In addition to all these features, their support team also responds quickly and efficiently when I have a question or issue related to using this platform! You’ll have access to the data necessary to make informed business decisions.

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AdsSpy's Support

AdSpy is a bug-free ad spy tool that provides instant support. When I reached out to their customer service team via email or ticket system, my questions were answered/resolved in 15 minutes! Other advertisement spying tools usually take 24 hours to reply but Adspy does not adhere to this pattern.

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🏆 Winner: AdsSpy AdSpy is a bug-free ad spy tool that provides instant support.

Breaking down the differences and similarities between both services, we can see that if you’re an advertiser or a publisher seeking to increase your revenue, there is no doubt Anstrex and AdSpy are among the best. As for which one suits you better? That depends on what kind of requirements need fulfilling in order to maximize advertising efforts.

You can find two amazing ad platforms here, Anstrex and AdSpy. They are best for advertisers and publishers in different ways depending on your needs.

Anstrex vs AdSpy, Choose the best for you.

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🏆 Winner: Anstrex Overall, I recommend Anstrex tool.

FAQs (Anstrex vs Adspy)

πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ What products does Anstrex offer?

There are now three products from where you can choose according to your requirements at Anstrex. The latest addition is a Dropshipping tool that lets customers find the most recent Dropshiping items, so there's even more for them to buy!

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ What is Native Ad tool?

Native Spy is a Native advertising tool that allows users to collect data and build landing pages. Its native spy would allow companies to rapidly create campaigns with competitive intelligence, using their collection of different tools like rippers for building landing pages quickly.

🀷 What are Push Ads Tool?

Anstrex Push is a tool that spies on top push advertisers and works the same way as their native advertising tool does. The only difference between Anstrex Native and Push is that they would get data specific to each respective platform.

πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ What is a dropshipping tool by Anstrex?

Anstrex has recently added another tool to its Dropshipping suite, Anstrex Dropship. This new free Chrome extension allows you to find winning dropshipping products of your niche and build a profitable store without ever touching the product itself! It's simple enough for beginners while also being powerful enough that even top sellers can use it every day in their business.

πŸ™Ž What are Anstrex Alternatives?

Since there aren't many free alternatives, you can try AdsWiper, AdVantage or SocialPeta. BigSpy and TrackMaven are also good options but the free ones won't be as accurate so keep that in mind!

πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ How Does Anstrex Landing Page Ripper work?

Anstrex is a tool that helps companies collect competitor data and create custom landing pages. A WYSIWYG editor can be used to customize the look of these landing pages, which are then hosted on AWS or your local server without having to download them first.

πŸ§β€β™€οΈ What are AdSpy tools?

This tool is great for spying on ads! You can test out AdSpy without signing up to their paid plan. Use free ad credits and scroll through the different advertisements until you find what's relevant to your search term, instead of just continuously scrolling.

πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ What is AdSpy used for?

AdSpy is a competitor tracking tool that allows you to gather all of the information on your competitors' keyword strategies in one place. You can easily see who has top positions for certain keywords and how they are doing relative to your own ad rank over time.

πŸ‘‰ Why should you use Adspy?

Searching for the perfect ad has never been easier. AdSpy allows you to search among 20 million ads from over 150 countries and provides different options as complex or simple as desired; all that’s required is an account with them, created by going directly at their website (do not copy), clicking on β€œget started”, and following any instructions given there.

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