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Do you like discovering new apps for your smartphone? This is not that boring like finding some movie download or video editing apps for your android or iPhone. But the internet is full of shit and distractions. Right?

Unless someone knows you deeply, one can not suggest you what is good for you and what is not. And here you need your best pal to suggest you the best new app.

appmatchWhy I would be discovering, installing and using new apps in my phone

  • Have some fun with latest games as I am fed up clearing tough levels of candy crush
  • I can manage my time and schedule my tasks rather than indulging in unproductive facebook chats
  • While an email app can only send and receive emails, a new app (which is loaded with latest AI technology) can read, speak and reply to the emails at my voice commands. (this sounds crazy but is actually possible.) – covering this in upcoming posts.
  • I am a kind of person who likes discovering new things and talking tall with my friends about that.

Meet my new virtual who is helping me discover new apps on the planet. Yes, it is

Let me keep the kidding aside and take you thorough the platform (what, how and what’s new)

First thing first – What is

matches found

This amazing website gives suggestions to download, install and use apps that fit my nature and preferences. Now it compels anyone’s wonder, how someone will come to know of his/her interests and preferences. And the answer is pretty straight forward.

It gives you a bunch of questions to answer where you have to one out of 4 options. These questions can easily get a taste of what you need and what your interests are. However, you will have to be honest with the questions to get relevant suggestions.

Now the Innovation – Suggests app but not an App


Appmatch discovers apps for you for sure but is not an app itself. There are a few fun facts

  • It is a web-based platform.
  • Works in a browser but not in a Laptop or desktop
  • Hss questions interesting enough that you’d love to answer them all
  • Now that I have to say – it does not bother me with irritating questions like what your name is and where do you live.

All you need is to visit it in your web browser like chrome, UC browser or default one.

OMG – this is tech tinder for an explorer.

tinder for apps

If you ever had your hands on the most popular dating android app Tinder, you already know what happens when you start exploring. Once I have answered the questions, I am here with lots of new apps to explore. Either I save it or ignore.

Rather than wasting my time in swiping right on the tempting profiles of singles around my city, I will swipe to find my new love (a new game/app)

The app concept is clear and straight-forward. I can

  • create a profile on the platform which works in any mobile web browser
  • Have a look at what I have saved and what I ignored too (I usually do a lot.)
  • Discover new app finally and make my life convenient and easy
  • Open this on any smartphone (does not matter if I have got an iPhone, a samsung phone or any other android device on the planet.)

More for a registered Users


Plenty of suggestions are there inside the appmatch platform. But you must match with these apps according to your interests(based on the questions you answer).

register in appmatch

I could discover more when I registered my account on which was supereasy. Why signup with

  • It does not require you to mess up with a long registration process. It is short and sweet
  • I did it in a blink of eyes
  • I have more apps if I register and indulge in answering more questions
  • I get access to a dashboard where all the apps I will store are saved

Wrapping up (Final Verdict)

The platform is wonderful for an explorer like me. While it asks me questions to guess what my interests are, it entertains me with the questions and answers (these are containing balls of fun.)

Yet confused? Get a ride of this awesome new thing on the planet now.

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