creativespaceChange is the law of nature and it really improve productivity and creativity. having the same atmosphere and environment has many bad impacts especially for employees. They become dull and less efficient just because of working like as they do daily and never thinking of an improvement in it. If changes are made in the workplace and environment, it opens the blocked part of brain which were frozen due to the dust of daily monotonous working.

There are certain benefits of working in a changed atmosphere which can be

It Breaks the dullness of daily working

Working the same thing everyday makes jack a dull one. changing the environment does not change the daily tasks but it just put the mind out of a cycle wheel. When you start adjusting and adopting the new atmosphere, it motivates you to think a bit more.

Encourages you to think and be creative

When you start thinking and open your mind to observe something, you explore something new every-time. You know, “An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop” and once you engage your brain in something useful, it separates from the devil’s category as well.

Those were only ideas which came into the mind of big names like Edison and Nyuton and later those ideas were converted into an innovation (something historical). Changing environment also does the same thing, it bring many ideas.

Skill Growth

Some changes in the workplace and environment can require you to develop some new skills in yourself in order to accomplish new tasks which leads to skill growth.

I still remember this happening of my school days when our class used to go a bit monotonous, our teacher get us on a trip to some beautiful place in the city and next day we come to the class with increased joy. all that happens just because of a little change in the environment.

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