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If you’re using a Mac device, you’re probably here to know about some best eBook readers for Mac. Making and reading ebook is always eco friendly and getting digital is a nice initiative. Save paper, read eBooks.

Recently, Apple was back with another exciting series of laptops a few decades back with features beyond any other. We are talking about the most amazing laptop series launched by Apple, that is, Mac. The machine, launched by Steve Jobs, is something which had a great impact on the world. Earlier, Macintosh was not very successful as it was expected due to its premium prices as well as its small capacity to use various software.

best ebook readers for macLater, because of thorough rethinking, it was found that it has some enthusiastic elements which became difficult for the software platform. Through Macintosh, the technology industry got the idea of virtual desktop. Mac is not only known for its designs but also for its features which includes electronic books. E-books are the digital books which could be read in any electronic media.

So now we will consider some of the e-book readers available on Mac. Lets see the best ebook readers for mac

1. Adobe digital addition

Most of the public libraries offering books which are supported by only Adobe’s software. To read such books on your Mac, this is the best reader one can get. Also it can transfer such book to the software that does not support kindle.

Though it’s not that supportive at it does not offer you any adjusting factor. While reading bigger paragraphs and any massive readings, one has to adjust the size of the window or anything.

2. Caliber

If you are in love with the collection of e-books, then Caliber is for you. It can convert the book format to make readable on variety of devices as well. This software is good for anything, from downloading offline reading like newspaper or books to transferring file from one device to another. It may not be that good because of it being somewhat relic for Macintosh but at the same time it is a must wanted reading software.

3. Ibooks

It is a default reading software for all apple devices. It is what the every laptop require. Go with command “command+ option+ F” and you will discover the whole screen being converted into a screen. Go through this software and you will come to know why this is an important software for Mac.

4. Kitabu

It facilitates the reading with minimum interface, columns and also allow customization of format the text. Kitabu offers you the library feature where you can store your favorite books to read it when you want. This might be annoying for some readers but it is somewhere preferable. It also somehow competitive to iBook.

5. Readium chrome app

Readium is similar to that of Caliber and kindle but also have some diminishing features. For instance, when you add any book twice or add a book you don’t want to read, there is no option to delete the book from your library. It good features as well like full screen reading. This software is presented with a small size of just 329KB.

6. Kindle app

Kindle is well known device as well as software for both apple and android devices. When we talk about e-books, the first app or device to strike our mind if kindle. This application is available with dark background, well arranged books and also a decently maintained library. Chose a book from the shelf just by looking at the book cover and start reading. But for reading using kindle, one has to convert the file to make it supported by kindle or else have to download kindle version form Amazon.

So far we have discussed top 6 e-book readers for Macintosh which you can use and see why they occupy this place. So download or install the readers and use your preferable one. Have a happy reading…

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