Top 5 Best Gaming Consoles You can Buy [Special]

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No pastime can be better than playing games and unwinding yourself from the stress of daily life. However, playing games on your smartphones or iPhone can be a bad idea. Why? Because your phones are not meant (or perfect) for gaming. These are the devices that should be used for getting social and communicate, or gaining some knowledge through the internet. Also, your cell phones can lag, hang or drain the battery faster that would make your game-time agitating. Thus, when it comes down to playing games, gaming consoles win the war hands-down!

Let’s get acquainted with the 5 best gaming consoles for the year that will offer you with an unmatched gaming experience. I have seen many people staking money on such games. You may love sports betting on these gaming consoles.

play station 4

  • PlayStation 4: Also known as PS4, this video gaming console is a line of eighth generation gaming console by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Launched in 2013, it gave a great competition to its counterparts Switch, Wii U and Xbox One. This home gaming console features AMD Accelerated Processing Unit that is much simpler than the Cell Microarchitecture of its predecessor PS3.

video games ps2

  • PlayStation 2: Released back in 2000, the home video gaming console developed by Sony did not witness any dwindle in terms of sale or craze. Video game aficionados swear by this device and this made this video game console the best-seller of all time with the sale of over 155 million units.  PS2 was the first PlayStation console that offered backward compatibility to its predecessor’s Dual Shock controller and its games.

x box 360

  • Xbox 360: Developed by Microsoft, Xbox 360 is a complete solution for all video game lovers. Xbox 360 is the second gaming console in Xbox series as it’s the successor of Xbox One. Being the seventh generation video game console it was a great competition to other game consoles such as PlayStation 3 by Sony and WII by Nintendo.


  • Wii U: This home video game console is the successor of Wii and is developed by Nintendo. Released in year 2012, it is the first known eighth gen video game console. The great part about this game console is it supports HD graphics. It features an embedded touch screen, directional and action buttons, and also analog sticks. This is an amazing device designed especially to deliver the real gaming pleasure to you.


  • Xbox One: Xbox One is the line of eighth generation video game console which is developed and launched by Microsoft in 2013. It is the third console in the Xbox gaming series. Being loved by many, it becomes one of the leading video game consoles in terms of popularity and sale. Xbox One mainly competes against Sony’s PS4, and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch.
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