25 Best Indian Blogs from Top Bloggers to Follow in 2023

We have listed a few of the best Indian blogs from top bloggers that you should follow, in this post.

It’s a great profession because you’ll get paid for writing about what you’re passionate about. In India, there are many people who make living blogging full-time.

In order to present you with the best Indian blogs in the right order, I was in a bind before completing the outline of this post. How important is Alexa rank, domain authority, traffic, content quality, and popularity?

Finalizing cannot be determined by relying on a single metric. Our list was created by combining all of these factors.

Don’t forget to check out the blogs below if you are aspiring to be a blogger.

Top 25 Best Indian Blogs (Our Picks)

#1. ShoutMeLoud

shoutmeloud review

By profession, Harsh is a blogger and an engineer. The company in which he was placed after graduating from college is Accenture, one of the most reputed companies in the world. As a result of his passion for blogging, he quit his full-time job and decided to become a blogger.

By providing the right guidance in the fields of digital marketing, SEO, freelancing, and WordPress, Harsh helps people make money online.

He also owns WPhostingDiscount, ShoutMeTech, WPSutra, and CoinSutra, in addition to ShoutMeLoud.

Harsh loves travel, skydiving, and scuba diving as well as blogging. While he’s not working, he enjoys meditating.

We have been featured on IBM, Inc, YouStory, and Entrepreneur in addition to our award-winning blog.

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#2. MissMalini

missmalini.com review

MissMalini is the blog of celebrity blogger Malini Agarwal. It covers Bollywood events.

She started MissMalini as a hobby while she was a DJ on Radio One and Head of Digital Content for Channel V India.

She later became a full-time blogger and provided fashion, health, and beauty tips to her community. With millions of page views and significant readership, it has now become one of the best Indian blogs.

In addition to Lakme Fashion Week, Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour, and India Resort Fashion Week, she has partnered up with a few other events.

Author Malini is a best seller. A motivation to many female bloggers, “To the Moon: How I Blogged My Way to Bollywood.” shares her life experiences.

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#3. SafalNiveshak

safalniveshak- indian blogs to follow

Founder of SafalNiveshak, Vishal is a teacher and investor. Following SafalNiveshak is one of the best ways to learn about Indian investing. In particular, I appreciate his focus on mental models.

He has been a stock marketer for over 14 years. By providing the right guidance, he helps investors and businessmen become successful in the stock market.

He writes about investing, business analysis, human behavior, and his experiences on his blog. SafalNiveshak is the guide to long-term investment success for those who are on the journey.

Visit SafalNiveshak Blog Page Here 

#4. JagoInvestor

jagoinvestor- blogs to follow

Manish has been writing personal finance articles for more than eight years. He conducted over 800 finance topics in various workshops for investors all over India.

“How to be your own financial planner in ten steps” is one of his famous books.

By providing financial education, his blog helps educate investors and improve their lifestyles.

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#5. TheShootingStar

the shooting star

Shivya is a storyteller, freelancer, social media entrepreneur, nomad travel blogger, and social media entrepreneur.

She dreamed of traveling the world after quitting her job in 2011.

In 2013, she adopted a digital nomad lifestyle.

In her best-selling book, “The Shooting Star“, she described her journey.

TravelLeisure India named Shivya among the top female Instagrammers to follow in0

He started BloggersPassion after being inspired by some great blogs like Problogger, ShoeMoney, and JohnChow.

Blogs featuring his work have been featured by Forbes, HuffPost, SEMrush, WPX, Crazy Egg, and Jeff Bullas. Also, he is part of DealsnGadgets, which features gadgets for sale, and HostingMonks.com, which finds hosting deals for people.

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#6. BloggingX

bloggingx review

Besides blogging and digital marketing, Akshay is a trainer as well. Among his many online ventures are BloggingX, InfoSparkle, and many others.

2011 marked the beginning of his blogging career. Akshay began blogging in college, and he made a great deal of money from blogging, so he decided to discontinue his studies.

With his proven and actionable strategies, Akshay helps new bloggers and businesses grow their brands and communities.

Through his easily digestible posts, he offers readers immense value. He has been featured on many great brands including DataBox, TemplateMonster, DigitalReady, RenderForest, Malcare, SuccessfulBlogging, and more.

Through his courses, he trains newbies in blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing. A speaker at various conferences, he is a part of Jaw Media’s Digital Marketing Conference and New Age Incubation Network’s Startup Hack.

Visit BloggingX Blog Page Here 

#7. TheWindowsClub

the windows club review

Originally launched as a Windows enthusiast, Anand created his first blog, WinVistaClub, on 27th May 2007. This blog focused only on Windows Vista, so he later created TheWindowsClub to cover Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista.

Some great publications have featured the blog, including Fox8 Live News, Washington Post, PC World, and LifeHacker.

Visit TheWindowsClub Blog Page Here 

#8. BloggersPassion

bloggerspassion- blogs to follow

A professional blogger from India, Anil is from Gurgaon. He shares proven strategies and tips to make money online with other bloggers.

He started BloggersPassion after being inspired by some great blogs like Problogger, ShoeMoney, and JohnChow.

Forbes, HuffPost, SEMrush, WPX, CrazyEgg, and JeffBullas have all featured his blog. Besides his work on DealsnGadgets, which focuses primarily on buying gadgets, he is also part of HostingMonks.com, which provides people with the best hosting deals.

Visit BloggersPassion Blog Page Here 

#9. MasterBlogging

masterblogging review

In addition to being a blogger, Ankit is an affiliate marketer, consultant, and trainer. By providing useful strategies, he helps bloggers make money and grow their sites.

He gave up his engineering career to pursue blogging full-time.

He has been featured in many publications, including NDTV Prime, The Huffington Post, YourStory, and The First Move.

His training courses train and assist others in making a significant profit from their blogs.

Visit MasterBlogging Blog Page Here 

#10. GuidingTech

guiding tech

Abhijeet is a graduate of Delhi University. Before starting his tech blog GuidingTech, he worked as a web publisher for over nine years.

His YouTube channel (in both English and Hindi) shows people how to use gadgets and tools like a pro. In his blog, he educates people on all aspects of technology.

This technical blog covers everything related to technology, gaming, the internet, and gadgets. By providing up-to-date information with buying guides, it helps people make the right purchasing decisions.

Visit GuidingTech Blog Page Here 

#11. HellboundBloggers

hellbound bloggers

Since his school days, Pradeep has had an interest in blogging, and he started his first blog on Blogger.com.

Founder of HBB — an online magazine covering blogging, social media, WordPress, Internet, and technology — at age 17, he founded it. In order to reach this position as one of the best Indian blogs, his blog overcame many hurdles.

In December 2011, Pradeep also founded SlashSquare, a blog network, and media company. Additionally, he runs the web hosting blog HostLater. He also runs the Slashsquare blog HBB.

Pradeep loves blogging, cloud computing, movies, and games besides blogging.

Visit HellboundBloggers Page Here 

#12. AllTechBuzz

alltechbuzz review

Imran started his first blog when he was in his second year of Engineering.

Next, he expanded it to include Blogging Tips and SEO. However, his primary focus was still technology. Google Hummingbird update at that time boosted his traffic to some extent and has not affected his rankings.

As a result of building a large social media profile, he received tons of traffic.

Visit AllTechBuzz Blog Page Here 

#13. BloggingCage

bloggingcage- indian bloggers

Blogger, trainer, affiliate marketer, world traveler, and Haryana-based blogger Kulwant works from Haryana. He has visited more than 20 countries so far.

A network marketing company (MLM), a company that sells products, hit his head and he decided to become an entrepreneur. As a result, Kulwant started his own blog KulwantNagi.com to discuss network marketing and internet marketing.

BloggingCage was launched after he left network marketing and decided to teach and assist others through sharing blogging tips.

In his conferences at Chitkara University, Lovely Professional University, ITM University, Payoneer, CueLinks, and BlogX, he motivates people.

Visit BloggingCage Blog Page Here 

#14. 9lessons


UI Architect, Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Thinker, Srinivas is based in Chennai, India. A blogger, Srinivas writes about programming, PHP, and jQuery. A newbie blogger and programmer looking to build their career around web development should take note of him.

Wallscript is one of the programs he develops and sells. We can create our own social networking websites with the help of this software.

He loves the web and is always busy with interesting programming stuff. It is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys programming and is interested in learning web technologies including CSS, jQuery, PHP, etc.

Visit 9lessons Blog Page Here 

#15. GeeksForGeeks

geeksforgeeks review

An IIT professional, Sandeep worked at JIIT Noida and DE Shaw and Co. as a software developer.

You can get programming and algorithm-based interview questions with GeekforGeeks if you are a computer programming enthusiast. Programmers can prepare for interview questions on the blog, which offers different programming languages.

A passionate programmer, Sandeep always loves solving complex algorithms and helping students prepare for placements.

Students can enhance their skill sets through internships on the blog.

Visit GeekforGeeks Blog Page Here 

#16. Trak.in

trak.in review

As an avid internet geek and IT professional, Arun is passionate about entrepreneurship, start-up businesses, and finance.

He is always updating himself with the latest technology because he is a gadget freak. Politics, finance, and photography are some of his other interests.

He created the blog to keep people, and himself, up to date with Indian businesses and start-ups.

The Times Online has named Trak.in one of the Top 10 Indian business blogs. India Blogs 1.0 contains Trak.in. Trak.in was featured in a Times of India special report on the occasion of its tenth anniversary.

Visit Trak.in Blog Page Here 

#17. iGeeksBlog

igeeksblog- blogs to follow

Jignesh and Dhvanesh are two Apple geeks who run the popular iGeeksBlog.

There are a lot of common interests between both guys, and they both love Apple products and technology. Using this blog, they explore the features of Apple products and provide a detailed review.

Apple devices, their technology, advances, and related news are the only topics covered in the blog.

They have also developed iGB app for iPad and iPhone. iGB has set a goal to spread Apple and its products all around the globe.

Visit iGeeksBlog Blog Page Here 

#18. YourStory

yourstory review

Shradha Sharma owns YourStory. She is the only female blogger here who can compete with the boys. She grew up in Patna and moved to pursue her studies.

Shradha Sharma started YourStory.com in 2008. It is a website where many successful people share their stories and it can be found online at yourstory.com. Shradha also works from Bangalore, India, and earns about $30,000 each month (estimated).

Her blog rank on Alexa is 7,712 and she ranks 752nd in India for the same topic.

Visit YourStory Blog Page Here 

#19. Labnol

digital inspiration

He developed web apps and Google add-ons, including Mail Merge for Gmail, to become India’s first professional blogger.

He has contributed articles to major publications like The Hindustan Times, CNBC TV18, and The Wall Street Journal India.

The Hindustan Times credited Amit with starting the Indian blogging revolution. He was continuously recognized by Microsoft as a “Most Valuable Professional” from 2007 to 2011.

A top 100 technology blog on the internet is his blog, Digital Inspiration. It provides tips on how to use software tools and web technologies efficiently. The “Best Technology Blog” award was presented twice to Digital Inspiration at IndiBloggers.

In addition to the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Wired, Guardian, Business Words, CNN GO, Outlook Magazine, and others, the article has been featured many times.

Visit Labnol Blog Page Here 

#20. FoneArena

fonearena- indian blog to follow

Blogger Varun is among the best in India. He now has one of the largest phone and tablet databases on the Internet.

Among the top telecom sites in India in 2009, FoneArena was recognized. Additionally, FoneArena was named the most influential website in the gadget industry.

Visit FoneArena Blog Page Here 

#21. TheShootingStar

theshootingstar- travel blogger

As well as being a storyteller, freelancer, travel blogger, and social media entrepreneur, Shivya is also a social media entrepreneur.

After quitting her job in 2011, she dreamed of traveling the world.

Since 2013, she has lived like a digital nomad.

Throughout “TheShootingStar”, she described her journey in the best-selling book.

In 2019, TravelLeisure India named Shivya as one of the top Indian women to follow on Instagram. She won Silver at the TBC Asia Awards for her best travel writing.

Since she is a travel speaker, she participates in events and panel discussions. Among the summits, he has spoken at are the Outlook Responsible Tourism Summit in Delhi, the Social Travel Summit in Belfast, and others.

In addition to BBC Travel, TEDx, and National Geographic Traveller India, she has appeared on a number of other platforms.

Visit TheShootingStar Blog Page Here 

#22. NextBigWhat

nextbigwhat review

Having been in product management since 2006, Ashish is a product geek. In addition to Yahoo, New Scale, i2, and Ketera, he worked for other companies.

One of the best start-up blogs in India is NextBigWhat.

He teaches a Product Management course designed to help you develop and accelerate your career in product management. Product leaders are inspired to develop great products so that they can build their careers.

Visit NextBigWhat Blog Page Here 

#23. TechPP

techpp review

Raju is a Bangalore-based blogger who holds an Electronics and Communications Engineering degree. As part of 151 Top Tech Indians in Exhibit Magazine, Raju was listed among the top web entrepreneurs in Economic Times.

Additionally, he is the editor of Connected Arena, a website devoted to the Internet of Things and wearables.

The best online tech magazine in India is TechPP. Here you will find the latest technology trends, tips, and tricks.

Visit TechPP Blog Page Here 

#24. PhoneRadar

phoneradar review

Amit loves writing reviews about mobile devices, Apple devices, smartphones, and other gadgets. Amit also loves to travel.

Amit Bhawani is also the owner of AmitBhawani.com, where he shares some cool stuff.

In 2004, he founded a company called Digital World Solutions. From then on, he began providing SEO, Web Development, and Web Hosting services.

This blog contains all the latest news and updates. PhoneRadar is one of India’s best technology blogs.

Visit PhoneRadar Blog Page Here 

#25. DigitalDeepak

digital deepak blog

Besides being a professional marketer, author, and trainer, Deepak is also an author of two books. In addition, he teaches digital marketing to students. His reputation in the industry is well-known.

His first startup was BikeAdvice, an online magazine that became India’s number one motorcycle blog.

He later left BikeAdvice to work in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay as a digital marketer.

His blog, DigitalDeepak, later became a popular one.

Visit DigitalDeepak Blog Page Here 

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Conclusion- Best Indian Blogs from Top Bloggers to Follow in 2023

The list above contains the best Indian blogs we could find.

Don’t forget to follow the above blogs and subscribe to them on all social media sites.

In the list, I tried to include all of the most important blogs. In the comments section, let me know about any other blogs you think deserve to be on this list.

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