Download iOS Emulators for Windows to Run iOS Apps

Are you fascinated for trying out exciting iPhone apps? Are you running short of money to buy an iPhone? Then putting your hands on the iPhone emulators is the ultimate choice you are left with.

If you’re looking for emulators for windows that can help you run iOS Apps.You will be in glee to know that there is a way that lets you use iOS apps on your windows based PC/Computer.Yes, I mean even if you don’t have an iPhone, you are in.But it would be possible only when you have one of the best iOS emulators with you.

An emulator is a software that enables you to run apps of other OS on your device.These have made several tasks easy for the developers as it would be very time-consuming if the apps are transferred from androids to iPhones at times.

Also, iPhones are expensive and everyone is not interested in purchasing one. So, for the non-iPhone users we have dozens of emulators for iOS available for Windows PC.But not all Emulators work properly.So, in order to make yourself satisfied, check out these Top 5 iOS Emulators that I found the best after my research on the same.

iOS 7 emulators

iPadian iPhone Emulator

This is one of the best Emulators for Windows Pcs. It is available in two versions out of which one is completely free of cost and another is of 10$ by which you will be able to use Snapchat, Wechat, etc that is not possible in free iPadian Emulator.

These are some thrilling features :

  1. It’s free for you and give you a basic feel of iOS.
  2. The premium version is ad free.
  3. It allows access to customised store app.
  4. Premium version is not costly.
  5. In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store.

Method of installation :

  1. First of all, Download iPadian Emulator.
  2. The above downloaded file is to be clicked twice for installation.
  3. Follow all the steps as mentioned.
  4. Now, just follow further steps to run iOS apps in your Windows Computer.

How to run iOS Apps in Windows 7/8/8.1 PC by iPadian Emulator:

Once, you have successfully installed iPadian Emulator for iOS in your Windows PC, the iPadian icon is appeared on your desktop.Follow these steps now : Firstly, double click on iPadian icon.Click on store from their Interface.Now download your favourite apps from there and enjoy iOS emulator on PC.

One thing to be noted is that this iPhone Emulator is officially discontinued now but it can still be downloaded in your PC by downloading EXE file of it from third party sites.

Air iPhone Emulator

This iOS Emulator is available for Windows 7/8/8.1 etc.You can use it for free and all without any hassle.If you are a developer, use this app for your test purposes.It is a must try for the users who don’t like iPadian Emulator.

Method of installation :

  1. Firstly, download Air Phone Emulator for your computer.
  2. Double click on it and follow instructions.
  3. Click on Finish button.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is also an amazing iOS based emulator for windows but it does not come for free.Though, it is paid emulator for Windows, but believe me it’s worth it.As per developer support, I think that Xamarin Testflight is best ios emulator.You will definitely like it once you give it a try.

For more details, you must visit the developer’s blog as they have explained everything related to it in a detailed manner.


Best iOS emulators

You can run iOS & Android apps within a web browser on any computer by utilizing this Emulator.It is a cloud based app, so you can not download it to your PC/Computer.If you are not aware, let me tell you that Appetize.lo is works as a replacement for because is not available now.It is a paid Emulator that costs $0.05 per minute that is quite cheap.However, it is free for first 100 minutes in a month.It is a demo-based and for this reason you would not be able to download any app in this Emulator.

How to use :

You will have to click the upload button on the website. Now just upload .ipa file in the upload form and then you have to fill up the email address box, As soon as you are done, you will receive a link in your mailbox.Click on it to test your .ipa file in the online Emulator.

MobiOne Studio

You are supposed to click your mouse a few times to run any iOS app on your PC. Not only it enables you to use iOS apps on their computers but even all android apps can be accessed through MobiOne Studio.This Emulator is one of the best iOS Emulators but is not totally free.Still, it gives you a 15 days trial.All the apps that are created in MobiOne Studio are supported by all devices as they are based on HTML5.

One thing you must be knowing is that this Emulator is now officially discontinued but you can still install it in your computer by downloading EXE file of it from third party sites.

Wrapping up/Over to you

I hope this article would be helpful for you guys to serve your purpose out. And, undoubtedly I can say the above listed iOS Emulators are the best ones among all other Emulators that are available for Windows to run iOS apps.