Best JPG To Word Converter Softwares to turn Images into Text files

Go easy by exploring some smart new software that can convert images to word format. Yes, now it is in your hands to change images to text in a few steps. I guess you already know that converting images (that contain text) to a text file is possible.

It will not just save your time but it is going to make it very simple for everyone.

With the help of the wonderful Optical Character Recognition(OCR) softwares, it is going to be fun for you while you convert a jpg image into a word document.

Convert Images to text files using software

1. Simple OCR

The modern technology has introduced Simple OCR that will help you to convert scanned or printed or handwritten file into machine readable format. This software offers you a 14 day free trial for the handwriting recognition.Firstly, the software reads from the scanner.It operates with its special control powers in conversion of the document.Now, this enables the user to correct craps using in-built spell check.

2. Top OCR

Top OCR is designed for digital cameras and mobile phones having scanners. It makes it comfortable for you to proceed with the conversion as it allows two window panels. One, source image window and second, the text window.The text window can even optimise the Microsoft’s text-to-speech engine. Top OCR is made to support formats like JPEG, GIF, TIFF and BMP. After the conversion, the files can be saved in various formats like HTML, TXT, PDF and others.

3. Free OCR

Free OCR | JPG To Word Converter Softwares

Free OCR provides a facility with which you can open scanned PDF files and multi page images.Giving a nice plain output, it exports the whole text directly to Microsoft Word format.One limitation is that Free OCR requires the .Net framework V2.0 to be installed for the XP users.Being one of the oldest and the most accurate OCR softwares , it has the most easy settings with double window interface.But, one needs to be careful at the time of scanning a picture as it needs much clarity of fonts, colors and contrasts for a perfect dreamt conversion.

4. OCR Using Microsoft Office Document imaging

You may extract the text from the supplied image utilizing this tool. To access this tool you gotta reach under the menu Microsoft office tools where you will get the option Microsoft office document imaging.So now what you are required to do is to click ‘Recognize Text Using OCR’. Next, click on the icon ‘send text to word’. As soon as you click it, the converted document will be in an editable word format.

5. OCR Using Microsoft Onenote 2007

Another tool for changing pictures or file printouts into text is OCR Using Microsoft Onenote 2007. Just a copy and paste procedure is to be followed by you in order to have it in OneNote and then paste it wherever you like.I find it easiest method of jpg to word converter as you need to just right click on the image and copy text.Here there is a benefit that you can copy the pages one by one or in one go as you find better.

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