[Updated] Best Shared Web Hosting Companies of 2018

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Each and every person around the world comes up with the dream to be the rich person and live their life the way they want to. But when it comes to starting a business and implementing your plans to achieve your goals, then there is nothing easier and convenient than to have your own online business websites. If you are planning to start a business online, then the best shared web hosting companies are the thing you are looking for.

After you become habitual of the website works, then the best way to expand your network is through have multiple websites. Shared hosting, provided by various companies, is the thing you should go for. So, here are some of the companies/websites that are there to fulfill your dream to have multiple websites. Once you scale large, you can always upgrade to VPS hosting for better performance and if you are looking for shared hosting in the UK, here are the best UK website hosting companies.

1. Interserver

It has been over 6 months now since my website is hosted on Interserver shared hosting. I serve over 100k visitors every month on an average and making a decent amount of revenue through affiliate sales and advertisements.

So, if you’re also finding the best shared hosting (to start a blog, affiliate website or authority blog), I would recommend you Interserver. I started with a cheap VPS server on Interserver. But Shared Hosting is more than nice for me.

It costs just 5USD/month.

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Why? I have

  • Unlimited Space
  • Litespeed Ultra Fast web server
  • FREE SSL certificate and a
  • Dedicated IP.]

I am paying 3USD per month extra for the dedicated IP and that is worth it.

The support quality is also quite good. They can help you on a live chat so that you don’t have to wait for a support ninja to attend your support ticket.

2. Bluehost

bluehost shared linux hosting

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From the great traffic, over 2 million of websites being run by Bluehost, it the web hosting company recommended by most of the search engines and internet experts. Even my droidcrunch spent one year on Bluehost shared hosting.

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting company that is popular nowadays.

The Shared WordPress hosting plans starts from 2.95$/month.

3. Host-Stage

Have a look

If you’re hearing about HostStage the first time, it is a premium web hosting company proving premium quality hosting at bucks. I run a big server on Host-Stage where I have hosted my own sites and client’s websites also.

Its shared hosting package starts from 1.95$/month and offers you to host 3 websites.

The BIG reason behind buying Host-Stage shared hosting was that it allows me access to WHM even in a shared hosting plan. WHM means I can create a separate cPanel for each domain. I do not need to add it to the same cPanel as an addon domain.

It is helpful if you’re hosting your client’s websites on your server. You can give them their cPanel account details and keep the rest of the sites private. Go for it. >>>>

4. Hostinger

hostinger web hosting

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Hostinger offers you the fastest and the cheapest shared web hosting packages that are not only cost effective for you but also are easy to administrate.

The Shared Hosting plan for 1 website starts from 2.15$/month.

I like Hostinger and Interserver because I can login to my panel using my Google account and then the user interface is very very easy to understand.

5. iPage Hosting

ipage hosting shared

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Packages starting from 1.00USD/month

Since 10 years of its age, iPage is there to help a number of technical beginners across the world. It is there on the hosting market that not only provides great websites but at the same time can be considered best for the beginners and small individual website owners. It provides shared, VPS and even dedicated hosting facility to its users.

6. LiquidWeb

Liquidweb is the website that not only works for them to be the best website but also takes care of customer support services. From understanding the customer’s needs and satisfaction, Liquidweb is there to help you anytime you need them. From 1997, today Liquidweb is here to provide the best shared services and other advanced plans for the future as well.

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7. InMotion Hosting

Rather talking about the features and specification provided by companies like InMotion, let’s now consider some other things. Inmotion is considered as the fastest growing website hosting company which not only works well and hard for its users but also through that is capable of providing the fastest speed of web pages. A LA- based company is now the most popular as well as the most recommended site to start your own website.

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8. GreenGeeks Hosting

Since the day GreenGeeks was launched, it spread its magic all over the internet world. From its 9 years of age, today it is known as one of the best sites to start and manage your own website. At present, it is able to manage around 3,00,000 websites worldwide. It contains such a huge amount of users mainly because of the services and customer satisfaction it provides.

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9. Media Template Hosting

When it comes to reliability and performance of the website, there is nothing better than Media Temple. The website can be considered best for the experts but at the same time, it’s nothing less for the beginners as well. All the jargons and functions, which may seem difficult, are nothing but just the detailed program to make your website as great as it can be.

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