Top 10 best shared web hosting companies of 2017

Each and every person around the world comes up with the dream to be the rich person and live their life the way they want to. But when it comes to starting a business and implementing your plans to achieve your goals, then there is nothing easier and convenient than to have your own online business websites. If you are planning to start a business online, then the best shared web hosting companies are the thing you are looking for.

shared web hosting companies

After you become habitual of the website works, then the best way to expand your network is through have multiple websites. Shared hosting, provided by various companies, is the thing you should go for. So, here are some of the companies/websites that are there to fulfill your dream to have multiple websites. Once you scale large, you can always upgrade to VPS hosting for better performance and if you are looking for shared hosting in the UK, here are the best UK website hosting companies.

1. BlueHost


bluehost pricing

From the great traffic, over 2 million of websites being run by Bluehost, it the web hosting company recommended by most of the search engines and internet experts. From around 14 years, the company provides its best services which made it the best site for hosting website, especially or small businesses and beginners. Through Bluehost, it becomes very easy to start your own website with just a few clicks.

2. Siteground


siteground pricing

Siteground occupies a very special in the list we talking about not just because of what work it do for its users but also because I have a great number of users and followers. Over 3,00,000 websites are being run worldwide through siteground of which customers feel the satisfaction via the features and services it provides.

3. Dreamhost


Most of the technical beginners as well as small business owners, who are in contact with DreamHost, are actually living their dream through the rapid growth of their websites. It is something that has its place in leading hosting providers, it offers reliable, inexpensive shared hosting facility with the variety of features. Also, the website comes up with 97 days cashback guaranty when they are not able to satisfy the customer.

4. iPage


Since 10 years of its age, iPage is there to help a number of technical beginners across the world. It is there on the hosting market that not only provides great websites but at the same time can be considered best for the beginners and small individual website owners. It provides shared, VPS and even dedicated hosting facility to its users.

5. Liquidweb

Liquidweb is the website that not only works for them to be the best website but also takes care of customer support services. From understanding the customer’s needs and satisfaction, Liquidweb is there to help you anytime you need them. From 1997, today Liquidweb is here to provide the best shared services and other advanced plans for the future as well.

6. InMotion

inmotion hosting

Rather talking about the features and specification provided by companies like InMotion, let’s now consider some other things. Inmotion is considered as the fastest growing website hosting company which not only works well and hard for its users but also through that is capable of providing the fastest speed of web pages. A LA- based company is now the most popular as well as most recommended site to start your own website. 7. GreenGeeks

7. GreenGeeks

greengeeks hosting

greengeek hosting price

Since the day GreenGeeks was launched, it spread its magic all over the internet world. From its 9 years of age, today it is known as one of the best sites to start and manage your own website. At present, it is able to manage around 3,00,000 websites worldwide. It contains such a huge amount of users mainly because of the services and customer satisfaction it provides.

8. Media temple

When it comes to reliability and performance of the website, there is nothing better than Media Temple. The website can be considered best for the experts but at the same time, it’s nothing less for the beginners as well. All the jargons and functions, which may seem difficult, are nothing but just the detailed program to make your website as great as it can be.

9. WP Engine

wp engine hosting

wp hosting pricing

WP engine has its mark in the, we are talking about not only because of its functions and features but also because of the facility it provides. It’s the web hosting company that provides the cheap and relevant packages for its users and customers. Having those cheap websites doesn’t mean you will have a lack of facility, rather it provides the best it can from fast speed to customer care services.

10. E-host

If you are looking for something that can provide you amazing website launching and management facilities, E-host is the thing you should go for. It includes a variety of customizations and other web sites facilities. Apart from that, what makes it different from the other hosting websites is its cheap packages which do not limit in the space of the websites.
After talking so much about shared hosting and the websites providing such facilities, it is the best way to have it from websites mostly recommended the way we have just talked about. So, have the experience of owning multiple websites.

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