ChemiCloud Vs. DigitalOcean Vs. Vultr – Detailed Comparison

In this article, I will be comparing the main features of ChemiCloud, DigitalOcean and Vultr so you can choose which is the better VPS service for your needs. 

Whether you’re searching for the cheapest or the greatest performance for your money, hunting for the best provider may be a labyrinth of varying features and performance. Today, I’ll take a detailed look at the three rivals. All three provide comparable features at comparable costs, and selecting one over the other is likely a matter of whatever features you need the most.

Overview – ChemiCloud

chemicloud homepage

ChemiCloud is a web hosting business that specializes in shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and virtual private server hosting. The business is a relatively recent entrant to the market and successfully grabbed a strong following.

In the shared hosting market, the business promotes itself as a reputable supplier with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Naturally, ChemiCloud, like any other shared hosting provider, engages in free offers and price gimmicks that would actually help you to understand what type of a tool is this.

shared hosting plans at chemicloud

ChemiCloud provides a variety of hosting options, with shared hosting being one of the most popular. This evaluation will concentrate on shared hosting, often known as web hosting, which is one of the most popular hosting options for the majority of new websites.


ChemiCloud is one of the few hosting providers that offer a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent uptime. If the business is unable to deliver on that promise, the company pledges to return the money charged. That is an impressive guarantee, I must say! 

The business has servers in a variety of locations, including Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bucharest, Amsterdam, and Bangalore, among others.

In a short period of time, the business has grown to be one of the most reputable shared hosting providers available. The system as a whole is very user-friendly, and the customer assistance is quite excellent. While the services they provide are quite typical for any shared hosting business, they do have a few unique features.Β Β 

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Overview – DigitalOcean

digitalocean homepage overview

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing business based in the United States that was founded with developers in mind.

Alec Hartman, Mitch Wainer, Ben Uretsky, Moisey Uretsky, and Jeff Carr established the business in New York City.

Their aim with SSD (solid-state drive) cloud hosting is straightforward: to make it simple for customers to move their projects to the cloud, to make scaling up simple, and to offer engineers with quick processes and interfaces they enjoy.

Since 2011, when the business launched its first server, the company has expanded at an exponential pace. They are one of the most dependable and reputable cloud hosting platforms in the business, with a client base of over 550,000 developers.

Overview – Vultr

vultr homepage overview

Vultr is a worldwide supplier of high-performance SSD (solid-state drive) cloud servers. Vultr’s mission is to provide the most dependable and efficient hosting solution available to developers worldwide.

They do this by providing a common platform for all clients.

Vultr was established by David Aninowsky in 2014, and the team behind Vultr was also responsible for Choopla and

They are one of the most reputable cloud hosting companies in the industry with over 15 years of expertise.

Features Comparison – ChemiCloud Vs. DigitalOcean Vs. Vultr

1.   Uptime Guarantee:

Both ChemiCloud and DigitalOcean offer an uptime guarantee of 99.99 % while the uptime guarantee of Vultr is 100 %. Vultr is the clear winner here. However, an uptime guarantee of anywhere above 98 % is considered to be really good. So, ChemiCloud and DigitalOcean aren’t much behind here either.

2.   Load Times:

The load times of all of them are really fast. However, as per what I have observed in my tests, ChemiCloud is the fastest, and Vultr is a close second. DigitalOcean load time speed was a little slower than ChemiCloud and Vultr. So, I can say, ChemiCloud is the winner here.

3.   Developer Friendliness:

All three of them are equally the best when it comes to developer friendliness. They all have a nice interface and they work great. I also asked a lot of users and I got all positive reviews for ChemiCloud and only a very few negative reviews regarding developer friendliness for DigitalOcean and Vultr. So, I can say, ChemiCloud Is the winner here.

4.   Backups and Security:

All three platforms offer daily backups. So, considering backups, there is no comparison as all three are great options. When it comes to security, all of them have done a great job. The best in security is Vultr and ChemiCloud is a close second. DigitalOcean is also good but lags a little behind Vultr and ChemiCloud. So, Vultr is the winner here.

5.   Customer Support:

Again, all three platforms offer 24/7 customer support. The quickest response was found In Vultr. However, the replies with technical experts were found in ChemiCloud. Although the time taken by the representative of ChemiCloud was a little more as compared to that of Vultr, the one with ChemiCloud was more professional. DigitalOcean was not bad either but needs a quicker and better response team. So, for this one, you decide the verdict yourself.

Pricing Comparison – ChemiCloud Vs. DigitalOcean Vs. Vultr

The method of pricing for all three is very different. The simplest and the most suitable pricing plans are observed in ChemiCloud. It is easy to choose in ChemiCloud and a little difficult in DigitalOcean and Vultr. The pricing plans of all three of them are almost the same but that of ChemiCloud is the best.

The plans in ChemiCloud are very simple to understand. Also, in a single plan, you get everything you need. ChemiCloud also offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. And this alone is enough to make ChemiCloud the clear winner here.

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ChemiCloud Pros and Cons

ChemiCloud Pros 

  • A global network of data centers
  • SSL encryption (HTTPS) is available for free.
  • Cloudflare integration is completely free.
  • Easy-to-use and very intuitive website builder.
  • There are no downtimes associated with website migrations.
  • 45-day worry-free return guarantee
  • Softaculous makes application installation a breeze.
  • Control panels provide the greatest degree of customization in terms of access to critical tools.

ChemiCloud Cons

  • None

DigitalOcean Pros and Cons

DigitalOcean Pros

  • Their prices are affordable
  • They have a Rapid rollout
  • The excellent uptime guarantee is offered by them
  • Appropriate documentation is found
  • A backup option is also available
  • Excellent server quality is observed

DigitalOcean Cons

  • Not a very good option for the beginners

Vultr Pros and Cons

Vultr Pros

  • Their performance is really good
  • Pricing options are complicated but flexible
  • Clean and simple interface
  • Incredible infrastructure is seen

Vultr Cons

  • Not a very good option for the beginners
  • Requires you to be a pro in hosting skills
  • If you encounter a serious issue in your site, you need to find a developer

Final Verdict

All three options are really good, however, I must say ChemiCloud is the clear winner. You must have figured it out already if you have read this article. The best thing about ChemiCloud is that it is user-friendly. Even beginners can work with ChemiCloud while for beginners it is hard to work with DigitalOcean and Vultr.

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Is ChemiCloud a decent product?

ChemiCloud is a relative newcomer to the hosting industry. Although its plans are somewhat more expensive, assistance is very responsive, and you receive a solid 45-day money-back guarantee.

What is the purpose of a Vultr server?

Vultr is a worldwide supplier of high-performance SSD (solid-state drive) cloud servers. Vultr’s mission is to provide the most dependable and efficient hosting solution available to developers worldwide. They do this by providing a common platform for all clients.

Is Vultr a better hosting provider than DigitalOcean?

Vultr is the more cost-effective choice in terms of CPU power. Instead of these higher-priced tiers, DigitalOcean provides bigger packages, whereas Vultr offers dedicated servers. Vultr Storage instances cannot be mounted on existing servers, like DigitalOcean’s storage instances can. However, ChemiCloud is the finest.

Is DigitalOcean a customer of AWS?

Nonetheless, almost everything DigitalOcean provides is available on AWS. The following are some of DigitalOcean’s most popular products: Droplets: a lightweight and scalable cloud computing capability. DigitalOcean Kubernetes: a managed Kubernetes solution that is easy to use.

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