ContentMart Review : OneStop Destination for Content Services

How hard is it for you to find someone to write you the one good quality of content piece you’re looking for? That’s the one problem I’m gonna solve right here.

It’s a new platform that I’m talking about which I people know as “Content Mart“! Well as the name suggests pretty good enough, it’s a Market, for Content.

Yeah I know there are enough questions arising in your tiny little brain right now, so let me solve some of them.

What is Content Mart?

Content Mart is a freelancing and Hiring Service. One that specializes specifically with Content freelancing.

So if you’re a content writer, it’s one hell of an opportunity for you to make money over there. And if you’re just looking a content writer, this is the place that would solve your problems!

Now, the question arises, how is it different from Fiverr or Upwork right?

Well not a lot, but enough. Let’s just say that Fiverr and Upwork and every other platform out there is heavily crowded and cluttered, while Content mart is designed specifically for Content Services. So yeah a “specific for Heart-desire” hospital is better, much better than a general one, right? That’s exactly the case here.

Getting Started…

It’s pretty simple, You head over to, and click on the describe your order button.

articles writers

That would take you to the signup page, which takes less than 6 seconds because there’s this 1 click Facebook singup button.

So all you have to do is click on it and you’ll be in your account. From there, it’s easier than creating a Facebook profile to hire writers.

You just select “New Order” in order to post a new project.

On the next page all you have to do is fill out the form, list out your requirements as to what you need the article on and everything.

The first section is mainly the basic outline. The Title and details.

order details

Then comes the deadlines and skills part. You’re on a clock aren’t you? So just select the timing of when you want the pice delivered to you. Along with the skill-sets you’re looking for in the writer.

more details

And then finally the payment part! Just select how many words you want, how much you’re gonna pay up per word, and click on place order.

content pricing and more

Done! Yeah that’s how easy it is to place your order on ContentMart!

Content Mart F.A.Q:-

Okay so there are couple question that need be answered right away. Let’s start with the most basic one!

# Would you have to pay even for un-satisfying articles?

Nope you don’t have to! InfactContentMart has a 100% refund policy and guess what, you don’t have to pay a single dime unless the piece is really perfect and up to the mark.

#Can you ask for Edits? If yes is it Free?

A lot of other companies don’t let you ask for re-edits of content. Or even if they do, there’s an extra % of money involved.

Guess what, no such thing with ContentMart! Not satisfied? Get re-edits for free!

# Do you pay extra commissions as a client?

Not a dollar! This is my favorite thing about ContentMart! Almost all the other services charge extra commissions both from the client as well as the freelancer for the service.

But not Contentmart! Content mart doesn’t charge you a single extra dime, apart from the agreed content price for using their service.

So yeah it’s a 100% Commission-free service.

#How do you pay the clients?

Well, they’ve got this really great “wallet” system. You can deposit money in your wallet, and then pay up from there.

Guess what, they’ve got more than just one payment options! And hey, Netbanking (my favorite and the easiest is included too!)

#Affiliate Program?

How can I avoid this! Inviting your friends to contentmart, whenever they order you will get 10% of the orders places by them. 10% on each order is surprising but this is how they are helping affiliates make more money.

Final Words:-

So yeah that was it folks. You need your content done? Without burning a hole in your pocket? ContentMart is the answer.

Or maybe you’re a freelancer? Trust me you can make more than just a living out of freelancing done right! So yeah problem solved, right?

Contentmart is the one stop destination for you no matter if you’re trying to get a piece written, or make some money, period.

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