Converting Videos from any format to HTML5

Yeah . using the normal youtube embed option is a bit annoying because it does not allow you to stream any video on your site without youtube credits but this is not the only way to run videos on your website. You can get any of your video in HTML 5 format with an amazing service called Easy HTML5 video converter.

This is very interesting and can be used to play a video in the background of a webpage or a section of a webpage. A lot of stunning websites use a video background to make their website look more attractive and pleasing. Now you too can play a video in the background of any webpage of your website with this Easy HTML5 video software.


What are the benefits of using this easyHTML5video converter?

Benefits of using this stunning software are many and I will be listing some of them for a quick instance. Hey, but you don’t have to read all. You can go to and see How it works. As this software is available in FREE version, you can download and take a test drive.

High Quality Videos

high quality html5 videosThe first big thing that you would feel after using this amazing software will be its quality. Hey, I am talking about the quality of videos. The videos generated with this software are of top-notch quality and light weight also. It loads and streams videos on a webpage seamlessly without buffering.

Another thing is that you have an ultimate control over the quality and size of the video respect-less of the original video’s quality and size.

Fast Loading On page Videos with Autostart option

speedy videosBesides HQ videos, the webpages with this kind of videos does not take minutes in loading. It means it is a big plus in your SEO ranking signal that your webpage is not slow even after having a self-hosted video placed on it. And bump, the video does not take even a second to buffer.

It has all four versions of the video in OGG, WEBM and MP4. So, this improves the speed of the videos.

All browsers and Devices are supported

mobile responsiveWith innovated technology, your video is played even if the user is surfing it from a mobile, tablet or a PC. Even Internet explorer is supported to play your videos without any extra extension.

It works great while most of the youtube embedded videos fail to fit the device or the web browser.  And what better than a satisfaction that your video will be visible to all your audience.

My Verdict (Easy HTML5 Videos Review)

Do you know that I run a web design company of my own and I am dedicated to provide the best quality in the services? For some clients who had a heavy weight video to be embedded on their site, i used this tool to display videos without any thirdparty video player and wow. My inbox was full with appreciations.

And after experiencing this tool i would say “This will give you a magnificent feel of displaying self-hosted videos on your site which loads quickly even in 2g internet connection.”

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