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Smart business owners are moving their online properties from physical servers to cloud servers. Cloud servers at the moment are not only scalable but also cheaper than any other web hosting package. Top cloud infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean has made it easier for people to host their websites/apps on the cloud.

However, managing a cloud server requires a level of understanding of code or SSH command line. Cloudways helps you deploy, manage and maintain the performance of your cloud server.

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You can deploy a cloud machine on

  1. Google Cloud Platform
  2. Amazon Web Services
  3. Digitalocean
  4. Vultr
  5. Linode

Cloudways for Bloggers?

For entry-level bloggers who are just starting out in this stream, Cloudways pricing can prove to be costly if they do not use any of the below discount coupon codes. However, cloudways is like a boon for bloggers because bloggers want rankings on google. Google asks them for speed. Cloudways offers that blazing fast speed to bloggers who are hunting for a superfast web hosting platform.