6 Tips to Create an Engaging and Marketable Blog

Are you struggling in engaging your blog readers or just considering making your blog marketable? Many are still seeking ways to stick their customers to their website blog.

Well, that is not a rocket science but a creative aspect of blogging you can work on. In content marketing, you have got to market a product with your content. And if you fail to engage your reader on your blog, how would you be able to get him purchasing your product or signing up for your email list?

Here are few tips to help you creating an engaging blog

1 Get a Brand Name

A unique business name will provide you with an identity in the industry. People recognize you from your brand name and this helps in making the best use of world of mouth. If your business name is too common, your readers won’t remember the way they recall Starbucks or McDonalds.

Thus, you must be having a unique business name to start with. I will recommend you to use a blog name generator or keep finding creative names until you find it unique.

2 Connect your readers

The first principal of content marketing is to write in such a way that connects your reader well. But the question is how do you do that?

It is simple and easy. Before drafting any piece of content for your blog, make sure you have a customer/reader’s profile in your mind or paper. Note down common interests, age, location and many more things about your ideal reader and then start writing anything.

3 Work on Design

Design of the blog has to be attractive, engaging and unparalleled. It impacts your reader’s mind and draws a positive or negative image in the reader’s mind.

Keep it simple while adding all the required characteristics in it.

4 Social Media Sharing

The best way to engage readers over the internet is social media. Regularly distribute the same piece of content on your social media handles. This will keep your followers updated about the feed on your blog. Also to engage a reader well, ask them to share your content with their friends and family on their favorite social network by adding a few social sharing buttons at the end of your blog.

Note: It sounds really unjustified that someone will share your blog post without scrolling/reading. So, adding the share buttons right after the blog title is not a great practice.

5 Branding Kit

Always set everything about your business. Create a brand personality for your blog. When it comes to your blog, define the font type, size, colors and every aspect of your online identity. This helps your reader to quickly recognize you on any social media platform.

6 Consistency

Consistency is the key to successful blogging. You have to keep publishing engaging and knowledgeable content every now and then.

Your readers are looking for industry related tips, listicles, case-studies and blog posts from you. If you don’t publish content regularly, someone else will do and grab the attention.


To create a remarkably engaging blog, you have to work on it in each aspect from design to advertising. Keep posting meaningful and useful content for your readers and you win the bet if branding, design, and marketing are done right.