How to Create a Professional Logo for FREE Using DesignEvo

Yes, if you’re a newbie in the town of blogging or web design and struggling to design a good professional logo, this post is for you. When it comes to design and craft a cool looking logo, tools like Adobe Photoshop is not your cup of tea. Because you would need advanced skills to be able to make one. But, look, I have found the easiest way for you to make as many as you want.

Bonus. You get pre-designed logo templates too. How cool is that!

Tip. The logo you’re going to design has to be “clear” “clean” “extraordinary quality” “aligned“.

Let’s go ahead and visit It is one of the best FREE logo design tools where you don’t even need to sign up and create an account. Just hit and run. lol.

Here is How to Create Professional Logo for your Website or BLOG

Step1. Right on the homepage below above the fold, you will find the directory of logo templates for design inspirations. Choose any template that you like and start making one.

logo templates

Step2. You can still start from scratch to explore how it works. But I would suggest going with any of the pre-designed ones.

Step3. Add icons (colored or in monochrome). There is a huge library of icons. Just hit your search keyword and you will see a bunch of icons.

add icons

Step4. Right after choosing the icon, add text and select the coolest font for your logo. Tip. A clear font is better than a handwritten hard to read text.

Step5. Choose Colors. Here how to choose the best color scheme for your website’s logo.

choose colors

Bonus. You can visit and explore the millions of colors for your logo. I always use it to find a unique color.

Color Hex Color Codes

Confused? Watch this video.

What Else?

There are advanced options like layout and background transparency for better export. This amazing web tool does not impose its watermark or anything. You’re free to use the designs on your website.

Give it a try. Need help? I am listening. Use the contact page bro.

One more thing.

I created one using DesignEvo website. Have a look. Please share it on facebook or twitter if you like it. You can flawlessly create a professional logo for yourself too.

my logo sample

I am also keen to see what you develop with this tool. So do not forget to tweet your logo and tag me @vashishthakk

I will give you a shoutout.