CSS Hero Plugin Review – Customize any Genesis Theme with CSS Hero

Have you purchased a free wordpress theme that is having  significant features that you want in your dream website but from the design point of view it lacks some functional functions.  it may be CSS improvements like font size font family, font colours, Margins, spacing, padding and even maybe animations.

no you don’t need to change your wordpress theme again and again just for the sake of design.

CSS Hero Plugin Review

I have recently landed on a amazing wordpress plugin that can help you in customising your wordpress theme right from the front end.  this seems to be very interesting.  you would have your hands on some landing page builder plugins,  review plugins and some cool looking widgets that can make your wordpress website a bit better.  but what CSS Hero can do is  outstandingly amazing.

Easy to Install, Active and Use

CSS hero is a premium plugin that can turn any ordinary wordpress theme Into a extra ordinary wordpress template with custom font scheme colours weddings margins and animations.

In a case where you are using Genesis wordpress themes and want your website to be customised with colours and animations,  you don’t need to mess up with code and make your hands dirty.

it is just a few  tweaks away.

So below is my review of this amazing CSS Hero plugin

Using CSS Hero plugin I can customise and edit any element of my blog or website. Let’s take a look on the features that make this plugin one of the best tool to customise your website.

CSS Hero Animator


with the host of tons of fonts you can  choose the best outfit for your website.  you can also add your own font into your site while the library of Google fonts having more than 600  font types is there to help you setting up a good typography.


The best thing about the plugin is that, I have access to unlimited colors. Custom colors is what I like while customizing clients website.

You just need to find Hex codes of colors and set it to the font, background, border or any CSS property.


animator in CSS Hero

This feature is a bonus.

While you can customize the styling of any part of your website, animating it becomes much interesting.

Easy Exports and Imports

It was easy to import and export the design code and customization option. It simply downloads a small file that you can upload to your other sites if you want.

Inspector Plugin

This is just an addon which depends on your choice. If you like messing up with code to customize how your website will look, Inspector plugin is there.

Animation Add-on

I like the basic function of the plugin. it will only create an extra stylesheet where all the CSS is going to be stored. This way your current theme is not affected anyhow. This is helpful because

  • theme CSS and theme CSS is not mixed
  • when you update your plugin or the theme, the customization rules will not vanish

Final Verdict

CSS Hero

I like the way it customizes my website. Are you planning to buy this CSS hero plugin? Have got a question?  Let’s talk in comments…