Five Cultural Shows in India you can’t afford to miss

No plans for weekends? Looking for a cool place to go out with family, friends or significant other? Or running out of ideas for a date to remember? Well, we’re here to your rescue! Pack your bags and get started on the most enjoyable trip to the culture of India. Enjoy your day with a tint of culture and chance to reconnect with your roots. Overcome boredom with all these extrinsic shows and events. What is a better way to move your schedule ahead than a cultural show? Stay with us and we ensure enjoyment more than you can imagine. Let the journey begin!!



Bihu is one of the major festivals of India, celebrated in a set of three events. Popularly known as: Bohag Bihu, Kongali Bihu and Magh Bihu.

Bohag bihu is a festival that celebrates the Assamese New year and is a seven daylong celebration. Also known as, Rangoli bihu, it is this time of the year when farmers start plowing their fields. Kongali Bihu is celebrated around the month of October when the paddy fields are in a growing stage. Magh bihu is celebrated in January to mark the end of harvest season.

Attend this enthralling event to refresh your soul and energize your body. You will encounter. Spend time in the lap of nature surrounded by music, dance and culture of Assam. You can always find a perfect place for your stay at oyorooms. Use BOOK25 coupon to avail special discounts on Oyo rooms. Add a cultural essence to your life by rejuvenating yourself at Bihu festival.

Venue: Guwahati, India
Nearest Airport: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati

Nearest Railhead: Guwahati (GHY)



Enjoy your weekend with a tint of art at DIAF, India’s signature art festival at the very own heart of India. Spend time with artists, writers, connoisseurs and tourists from all over the world. Embrace various events like Sufi music, poetry, theater performances and a baggage full of surprises. Pack your bags to visit the capital of India and open yourself to new experiences. Are you looking for a stay as well? Don’t worry; you can always get cheapest rooms at OYO. Go cashless and book your hotel online.

Also visit: cultural monuments (Humayun’s tomb, Red Fort, Jama Mazid, etc), Teej Mela, and, Delli Hat.

DATE: 01st December, 2018 to 10th December, 2018
VENUE: Delhi, India

  1. Mudra dance festival

Mudra dance festival

Mudra dance festival is hosted at NCPA (National Centre for the Performing Arts) annually. The festival is held in April around international dance day every year. The danced festival is woven around themes like motherhood, colours, Bhakti poetry, interconnectedness and many more. The theme is different every year which adds frosting to the cake. Discover the beauty of dance and culture of India in this special dance festival. Find a perfect place for yourself at OYO rooms according to your budget and comfort.

This special dance show focuses on classical dance mudras giving chills down the spine. Witness the beauty of fusion of dance and culture at one platform. Take some time out your schedule and establish a connection with one of the most enjoyed activity around; Dance.

Month: April
Venue: NCPA, Mumbai

Nearest Railhead: Churchgate and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST)
Nearest Airport: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

  1. Ruhaniyat – The All India Sufi & Mystic Music Festival


Bring peace to your soul and body with Sufi music at Ruhaniyat – The All India Sufi & Mystic Music Festival. Get a chance to witness a gathering of Musicians from various parts of India including famous Sufi qawwals, mystic musicians, Kabir panthis, and Bauls. Not only music, this event will provide strength of spirituality as well. The festival is hosted at various cities at different dates giving opportunity to all the people to experience it.

Venue: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai¸ Ahmadabad.
Dates: Yet to be announced.

  1. Natyanjali Dance Festival


There is no better way to refresh brain than cultural music and dance. To add glamour to this experience, the event is held within the premises of a divine temple. Uplift yourself with this exotic touch of beauty and dance. The Natyanjali dance festival is held in Natraj temple in Tamil Nadu in honorary of Lord Natraj. Immerge yourself in the mesmerizing grace of Tamilian culture.   It is a five day long event ensuring a package full of culture and divine performances. The festival is held within the temple premises which also provides a beautiful view to the audience. There are around 108 engravings of lord Natraj (The dancing Lord Shiva) in the temple.

Venue: Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
Date: February 13-17
Nearest Railhead: Chennai station

So do go for these very amazing cultural shows and enjoy the beauty of every culture.


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