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Adplexity Coupons

Adplexity is a tool for competitive intelligence. In this article, I will let you know about the useful information and much more about Adplexity coupon code deals in this post. Suppose you have a business and want to keep an intelligent, relevant track of how your competitors are doing in the market. In that case, this tool offers you the promise of doing that correctly. Here you will have know more about discount on Adplexity. Read on to find your coupon codes.

This will allow your business to boost and touch new heights, will tell you about the loopholes and losses, at the same time, will dictate you what to do to stock up affiliate, and much more. Create your landing page and checkout page with this reliable e commerce native coupon code and other promo codes.

So, with the advent of the discount sale, you can avail yourself of the excellent service of Adplexity at much higher discounts. But before that, let’s understand how Adplexity is so special. Save the deal on your desktop and checkout page the best discount code today.

Specifications of Adplexity

Adplexity Coupons

Adplexity is a jam-packed tool with the most advanced features that will be next to impossible to mention all in this small writeup, but I will focus on the main specifications that make this tool one of a kind in the market. Some of the best features for your ad networks traffic source are:

  1. Accessibility from seventy countries: Adplexity lets you monitor the business trends in over 70 countries. This not only includes big, high-income countries but also developing countries with a minimal economy. With this specification, you can keep a balanced and rational watch on the competitors. Use the promo codes and get the best checkout page with Adplexity e commerce.
  2. All platform support: Adplexity integrates its tools supported by all major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android. Adplexity products are what you need to make this deal happen. Use the code 25 percent off for your adult lifetime affiliate tool and spy.
  3. Browse your mobile campaign: With Adplexity,  you can use the authentic 3G/LTE proxies in more than 30 countries. You can decode difficult websites to find campaigns going on in different countries. Moreover, you can keep track of your potential competitors.
  4. Over a hundred affiliated agencies: With just one click, you can track ads promoting associated offers from 100s of associated agencies.
  5. Page download: Within the limits of the user interface, you can download pages with just one click. Awesome. Right?
  6. Ads tracking: You can track ads over 100 of the adult websites being monitored. Be it on Adplexity Native, Adplexity Push, or Adplexity mobile.
  7. Lightening search speed facility: Whether it is an Ad or loading proxies, with Adplexity, you can search for anything with lightning speed. This allows your work to have an aesthetic feel and also saves a lot of your time and effort.
  8. Popups: You can track the Ads running on different websites with Adplexity’s popup specification. Exclusive Adplexity discounts on Adplexity products gives you the best affiliate deal. Create the best checkout page using coupon code on Adplexity mobile, Adplexity push, or Adplexity Native ad campaigns.
  9. Redirects: This lets you jump through pages and provides you accessibility to payment gateways.

Now, without further due, let’s get to the packages. Have a look at these amazing plans you can get with Adplexity. It’s your time to get the verified and tested exclusive Adplexity discount. Adplexity is one-stop solution for your spying tool and adult ad.

Adplexity Coupons

Adplexity Features:

  • One of the features in AdPlexity is ‘pop up redirects’. This feature helps you in tracking the campaigns and advertisements that are running as pop-under ads. Imagine how great your checkout page will look on an awesome landing page.
  • AdPlexity also helps you in the monitoring of ads that are running on the websites. This feature also helps to monitor the banner ads running on adult websites. Adplexity coupon is waiting for your Adplexity native, Adplexity Mobile, and Adpexility push ads.
  • AdPlexity provides its services to more than 70 countries around the world. The support is growing with many countries are added to the list.
  • There are almost 120 carriers present which is helpful in seeing the campaigns that are running on mobile devices and the traffic they are generating all around the world.
  • The device integration is very good with AdPlexity as this service supports almost every platform including Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and more.
  • An option such as ultra-fast search is also very useful in getting the results sorted by publishers, advertisers, etc. in few seconds.
  • An option to find out the best affiliate network offers is also present which helps you in finding out the sweetest deals from more than 100 affiliate networks.
  • A very handy option of downloading every landing page is also present on the user interface. This feature downloads the landing page and makes it a zip file. Get your coupon code and start your Adplexity ecommerce now.
  • The best part is it allows ads on mobile Adplexity which is a great deal on Adplexity. This feature makes traffic source coming to your profitable ad campaigns.

Plans in Adplexity Verified and Tested Deals

Mobile Plan

Adplexity Coupons

Don’t have a laptop with you? Not a problem because Adplexity is a mobile-friendly variant that is no less smooth and convenient than the Desktop and other versions. No matter where you are, you are covered. What are you waiting for? Get your coupon code and start your Adplexity ecommerce today.

Comparing small and large competitors from across the world will be a child’s play. All thanks to the mobile version of Adplexity. So, if you are traveling or are not your home, there is no need to be anxious about your business. Leave everything to Adplexity and it will handle the rest at your convenience.

Desktop Plan

Adplexity Coupons

Desktop Variant of Adplexity comes with a lot of user-friendly compliance. If are something who is more comfortable with the desktop version, Adplexity has a wonderful desktop version made for your best fit. The desktop variant allows you to keep a short track of all your competitors worldwide. Hence, when the time is right, you can make your business better on the basis of the analysis Adplexity provides. Stay on the winning side and make your mark in the industry.

What’s more? If tracking unethical ads or multimedia is your job, then Adplexity will be your lifesaver. Your job without Adplexity will be incomplete. No matter what kind of web tracking you need in your business, Adplexity is the tool you will always need. So, hurry up and grab the offer.

Costs: You can avail of the Desktop plan of Adplexity at $199 a month. But, I will want to give you good news, i.e., if you buy from this Adplexity coupon code sale, you can save $50. Yes, you heard it right!!

A flat 25% discount. Therefore, make sure you purchase it during the Adplexity coupon sale so that you have to pay only 75% of the total cost. There are many other coupon code and discount code waiting for you.

Native Plan.

Adplexity Coupons

This plan, with amazing spy tools promo code, lets you master the tracking of native ads and businesses, and much more. It covers every device with powerful transmitters and lets you have complete control when it comes to keeping your competitors within your radar. With this plan, you can keep a track of the competitors and various ads in over thirty-two countries.

Worried about the most essential and traditional ad traffic sources? Adplexity can help you with that as it can control ads like Taboola MGID Ad, Blade Content Ad, etc.

Costs: You can avail of the Native plan of Adplexity at $249 a month. Wait, do you think that’s too much? We have a solution for you. You can save up to $70 this upcoming discount. Save as much as 25%. All you have to do is grab the deal with this coupon code and pay only $169 instead of $249. Your Adplexity coupon discount code is just at the corner for your amazing Adplexity ecommerce Landing pages.

Ecom Plan

Adplexity Coupons

This plan lets you keep a Falcon’s eye on the competitor in your business. So if you have a business and want to always stay in the booming zone, then all you need is knowledge of what your competitors are doing. This allows you to stock anything up or down based on the current market trends and your industry competitors. Therefore, Adplexity is a tool that will never disappoint you and will ensure that your business is always above that profit line.

With the help of Adplexity, you can get updates about tens and thousands of products from 100+ online shops. Eventually, it will help you assure the success or failure of your product in the market.

Costs: The Ecom plan would cost you around $199 a month but if you are looking for something reasonable, here is a chance to pay less than you might expect. With this lifetime discount coupon code, you can get the Ecom plan at just $149. Save 25% and pay less than the ordinary price to enjoy the excellent services of Adplexity.

Push Plan

Adplexity Coupons

Push plan is all about keeping the vigil of both desktop and mobile push campaigns in over 80 countries. So, whether the push campaign is on PropellerAds, MGId, LeoCashn, Datspush, or any other push campaign, Adplexity lets you keep a watch on all of the platforms.

Costs: Adplexity’s Push Plan costs $149 per month but when a discount is available, nothing can be better than that. Make the best out of this coupon code, save more than 15% on your Push Plan price, and pay only $129. Your coupon code is waiting for your deal on Adplexity. Create profitable campaigns with 25 off on Adplexity spy tool.

Carriers plan – Adplexity carriers

Adplexity Coupons

Carrier Plan is typically for those with data speed issues and is customized in a way to be able to address similar issues. It covers all the facilities of other basic plans.

Costs: The ordinary price of a Carrier plan is $149 but you can save up to 15% and pay only $129 on this promo code sale. Get the best coupon Adplexity spy tool with this promo code. Coupon get you amazing discount deal.

Adult Plan

If you want to keep a track of ads and campaigns on hundreds of Adplexity adult platforms, then this plan is designed specifically for you. It lets you track the ads, pop-on, campaigns, and more on adult sites in real-time. Moreover, you can have the privilege of tracking in over 80 countries in a matter of one click

Costs: The adult plan is priced at $ 199, but during the coupon code sale, you can get it at only $ 149. Affiliate ad exchanges tool Adplexity made easy and cheap with this adult spy discount. Use Adplexity adult coupon and get the best discount now.

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Adplexity Performance & ease of use:

  • You as a customer-first have the option of choosing the product type you want to use. You get a lot of choices when choosing a particular AdPlexity product. You can choose from desktop, mobile, e-commerce, native, and many more options from the list.
  • The process of getting started is quite simple as you just have to add a keyword and you will get results related to that keyword. The thing to note here is that there will be many filters present including ad type, device type, days running, etc. from which you can set the criteria of the search spy tool.
  • To make the searched results more appropriate spy tool you get more filters to choose from and the language in which the advertisement should be running. Also, to make it more specific, you can add affiliate networks, traffic sources, tracking tools and country, etc.
  • Now as the desired results will be shown, you can move your cursor over each advert and the details about the ad will emerge. You can even click on any ad preview to get more information and it will take you to a separate page.
  • You also get the feature of finding which offer or advertisement is being promoted on a particular URL or landing page and can also find about other ads being run by advertisers.
  • Customer service is available every minute of the day and the response is good too. This service is assembled with the plans and no extra charges are applied while contacting them for any troubleshooting.
  • The pricing varies from product to product as well as plans to plan. All charges are pre-fixed and though they can feel a bit expensive than other similar services.

Get your coupon code and get a verified and tested deals now. This Adplexity coupon code is made for your ad campaigns and spy tools. Rock your Adplexity ecommerce ad campaigns and start your affiliate marketers today. Grab the disocunt on Adplexity now.

Conclusion :

In today’s world, you have to be familiar with what your competitors doing to succeed find success in the industry. Keeping track of Ads or campaigns is essential for some people as a means of their job. Besides, keeping track of adult platforms is also essential in the interest of both the State and community via landing pages. Adplexity spy tool is the finest solution for you because you can have all of this in a matter of seconds and that too at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the deal and make the best out of Adplexity tool services. Create profitable ad tool and Adplexity ecommerce with these amazing Adplexity coupon.


What is Adplexity? and Why should I prefer Adplexity coupon code?

Adplexity is a tool that lets you keep track of campaigns, ads, competitive businesses across 80 plus countries. Adplexity coupons make it a lot easier for your beginning.

Up to how much discount can I get in Adplexity Black Friday deals and coupon code?

Up to 25% coupon code. Be it 25 off coupon or 30 lifetime discount, this discount coupon code is your key to exclusive Adplexity ad networks.

Does Adplexity come in different variants with different plans?

Yes, Different plans are designed as per customer preferences.

How to Seal the deal from Adplexity Black Friday deals and coupon code?

Select the link given in the article, and you will be redirected directly to the page where you will get an option to avail of the discount and coupon code on the discount sale.

Why should I choose Adplexity, among other tools like it?

In comparison to others, Adplexity is pretty stronger, a lot stable, and a very reliable technical solution that works in more than 80 countries worldwide with blazing fast speed.

How do I Spy native ads?

With a $249 per user, per month price tag Adplexity is the most expensive native advertising spy tool on this list.

What are push ads?

Push ads are a type of native ad format. They resemble push notifications, making them non-intrusive and user-friendly for advertisers to reconnect with their audiences in an engaging way.

Is AdPlexity legit?

AdPlexity is the go-to ad spy tool for marketers to make smarter decisions. This powerful platform provides you with unlimited access to more than 75 countries and over 3,000 advertisers in order to help you better understand your market's needs.

What is a native ad campaign?

In social media feeds and as recommended content on a web page, native ads are paid advertisements that match the look and feel of their platform. They don't really look like traditional online advertising such as banner or display ads.

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