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AdPlexity is a very handy tool to have in your toolkit. The thing is if you know anything about internet advertisements, then you know what AdPlexity is. Even though it is a super cool way to get the desired information in a matter of a couple of clicks, it can get a little expansive sometimes. But don’t you worry, here we have some great coupon codes and discount offers so that you can get started to earn the revenue that matches your potential.

All Adplexity Coupons and Deals (Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special)

25% Off – AdPlexity Desktop

25% off on Adplexity desktop tool. Use it to spy on the top desktop advertising campaigns worldwide.

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30% Off – AdPlexity Native

25% off on Adplexity native spy tool. Use it to spy on the top Native advertising campaigns worldwide. Check out the top native ad platforms to buy or sell native ads traffic.

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25% Off – AdPlexity Mobile

25% off on Adplexity mobile ads spy tool. Use it to spy on the top mobile advertising campaigns worldwide.

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25% Off – AdPlexity eCommerce

25% off on Adplexity ecommerce ads spy tool. Use it to spy on the top ecommerce advertising campaigns worldwide.

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Details of all the AdPlexity Coupons on Holiday Season and Black friday

25% Off – AdPlexity Desktop

By using a promo code you will get 25% off on various plans of AdPlexity Desktop. The offer can be availed by using the above link.

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30% Off – Coupon Codes

Most amount of discount going on an AdPlexity product is on AdPlexity Native. You can get as much as 30% off by using the coupon code “AFFNEXT_N”.

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25% Off – AdPlexity Mobile

To get about 25% discount on the AdPlexity Mobile, you need to have a coupon code and it will allow you to have the maximum discount possible. The coupon code is “AFFNEXT_M”.

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20% Off – AdPlexity Push

You will get 20% off by using a voucher code on AdPlexity Push. The voucher code is “AFFNEXT_P”.

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25% Off on E-commerce Plans

To get 25% off on the e-commerce version of AdPlexity, you need to use the coupon code “AFFNEXT_E”.

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What is AdPlexity?

AdPlexity is an ad spy tool with a lot of features and options to get the details of internet advertisements all over the world. AdPlexity is one of the leading contenders in the market in its segment. It is compatible with almost every device that you want to use and will let you see some advertisements and banners just as you enter the platform.

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Adplexity Features:

  • One of the features in AdPlexity is ‘pop up redirects’. This feature helps you in tracking the campaigns and advertisements that are running as pop-under ads.
  • AdPlexity also helps you in the monitoring of ads that are running on the websites. This feature also helps to monitor the banner ads running on adult websites.
  • AdPlexity provides its services to more than 70 countries around the world. The support is growing with many countries are added to the list.
  • There are almost 120 carriers present which is helpful in seeing the campaigns that are running on mobile devices and the traffic they are generating all around the world.
  • The device integration is very good with AdPlexity as this service supports almost every platform including Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and more.
  • An option such as ultra-fast search is also very useful in getting the results sorted by publishers, advertisers, etc. in few seconds.
  • An option to find out the best affiliate network offers is also present which helps you in finding out the sweetest deals from more than 100 affiliate networks.
  • A very handy option of downloading every landing page is also present on the user interface. This feature downloads the landing page and makes it a zip file.

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Adplexity Performance & ease of use:

  • You as a customer-first have the option of choosing the product type you want to use. You get a lot of choices when choosing a particular AdPlexity product. You can choose from desktop, mobile, e-commerce, native, and many more options from the list.
  • The process of getting started is quite simple as you just have to add a keyword and you will get results related to that keyword. The thing to note here is that there will be many filters present including ad type, device type, days running, etc. from which you can set the criteria of the search.
  • To make the searched results more appropriate you get more filters to choose from and the language in which the advertisement should be running. Also, to make it more specific, you can add affiliate networks, traffic sources, tracking tools and country, etc.
  • Now as the desired results will be shown, you can move your cursor over each advert and the details about the ad will emerge. You can even click on any ad preview to get more information and it will take you to a separate page.
  • You also get the feature of finding which offer or advertisement is being promoted on a particular URL or landing page and can also find about other ads being run by advertisers.
  • Customer service is available for every minute of the day and the response is good too. This service is assembled with the plans and no extra charges are applied while contacting them for any troubleshooting.
  • The pricing varies from product to product as well as plans to plan. All charges are pre-fixed and though they can feel a bit expensive than other similar services.

AdPlexity Products:

  • AdPlexity Desktop

As you know now, AdPlexity Desktop helps you in finding successful ad campaigns quickly and a simple user interface with different filters helps you in finding a particular advertisement.

  • AdPlexity Mobile

This product is used for checking the most profitable advertisement campaigns. Like, AdPlexity Desktop you get all the features and other options to work with.

  • AdPlexity Native

AdPlexity Native is for those who want to keep track of their competitors and be ahead in the game. This service will allow you to discover successful ads in more than 32 countries.

  • AdPlexity Push

To uncover the most successful ads on Push Traffic Sources, this product will come in very handy. Whether you want mobile or desktop data, this tool will help in with more than 82 countries serviceable.

  • AdPlexity E-commerce

This is a spy tool for finding the most successful and profitable e-commerce stores and websites on the internet. You can also uncover and see the most successful products by adjusting the filters.

  • AdPlexity Carriers

To have your campaigns running on mobiles and other portable devices at different locations in the world, all you need is AdPlexity Carrier. This service is available on more than 80 mobile carriers with 3G or LTE proxies.

Conclusion of Adplexity Coupons

AdPlexity is an excellent tool, a handy and useful plugin to have. And even though, sometimes the price can be overwhelming, you do get some discount and other offers to keep things in your budget.

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