Astra Pro Black Friday Offers- Make Your Website Super Attractive

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Are you looking for a progressive eye-pleasing template for a personal website? and the amazing deals on it? Then do not worry as Astra Pro Black Friday Offers is back this 2020. Of course, content is king, but not only the content matters, it is the eye-appealing design that plays another important role in bringing people to your website. 

Are you in search of a theme that loads fast and have advanced features? Then that theme could be Astra. This theme is brilliantly crafted and brings with it some useful handy features. It is used worldwide and, recently, crossed the one million-plus download mark. 

astra pro black friday

What is Astra Theme?

Astra is a pleasant, simplistic theme that was built by Brainstorm Force. Its free plan is very popular with website owners. As aforementioned, this theme recently crossed the mark of 1 million-plus download. Also, the developing firm has been operating for the last 10 years and has an ample amount of experience. 

Astra is super functional and also lightweight at the same time making it a tough competition in the themes market. The theme adds so much functionality by using widgets and plugins that it becomes a little hard for competitors to stand. It is so fast that it can be loaded in under 0.5 seconds also. The resource pack used by the theme is also super light and half the size used by other resources. 

Another plus point is an aid for page builders Because there are far lesser themes in the markets that endorse the best new landing page designer, such as Elementor, Beaver, etc. The next big thing that makes it unique and adaptive is the ability to customize almost any part of the theme without coding knowledge. 

Besides, Astra falls in place of jQuery, which is used by most themes uses vanilla queries. This query helps it deliver the performance that Astra is known for. This theme can also be personalized by anybody who can use simple WordPress customization. With the support of plug-ins, users can insert various pre-built themes for Astra. Hence, it is completely open-source and its script can still be observed on GitHub.

What offers does Astra provide?

  • $280 OFF 

What about getting a generous discount of $280 on the Astra theme? This one is very exciting. However, it is only available on Agency Bundle. So, if you want to have Agency Bundle for your website, grab the best of this Black Friday.

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  • 40% OFF

This one is also available only on Agency Bundle. So, click on the button below and get a 40% discount on your Agency bundle now.

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  • 30% OFF

Here is a chance for you to get a 30% discount on its other purchases and upgrades. Click on the button and get the discount now.

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  • Astra Pro: 

This plan is the basic and most entry-level one for Astra Pro users. The capability of modifying the theme reaches a new level. Changes to typography, sticky Headers, custom layouts, Footer widgets, etc. can now be retrieved with the pack. 

This allows you to switch to premium support where you can have a discussion when you’re stuck. You get access to twenty plus built Astra themes also. If you want to understand the features of the theme, you can even get training modules. Besides, the pricing starts at USD 47 for lifetime access and USD 249 for annual access.

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  • Mini Agency Bundle: 

This brings all the pro features as offered by Astra, and the access to pre-built themes gets increased to fifty-five plus themes. Even, if you want to explore more about the theme, you have access to additional content. Exclusively with this bundle, you will have access to the WP Portfolio Plugin specifically built for you by Astra. 

You may also select one of the final add-on sets, either for elementary or for beaver. The price for this package is USD 499 for annual access and USD 169 for lifetime access. Furthermore, if you like this buy an Astra theme on Astra Pro Black Friday Sale Deals.

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  •  Agency Bundle: 

This is the most high-end package one can get for Astra Theme. In this too, all Astra functions are accessible with 55+ themes support. Additionally, like a mini agency package, you get access to the custom-built WordPress Folio Plugin. Solely with this bundle, users will get Extreme Add-ons for Beaver Creator, Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor, Convert Pro Plugin, Schema Pro Plugin that have the potential to take advantage of Astra Theme. 

So, you will have full access to 1199 USD priced free skill jet courses to boost your revenue-generating game. Also, this bundle gives you access to all potential plugins that’ll be introduced to the theme in the future. Therefore, the price for this package shall be maintained at USD 249 per lifetime and USD 699 per year.

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Prices are in line with rivals. Nonetheless, if you want to save cash, you should order one from this Astra Pro Black Friday Sale. Pricing can be found on their homepage and also, the page will also be revised as soon as the offers are announced.

How to Apply Coupon code?

  • It is easy to apply a coupon code while purchasing yourself an Astra Pro theme.
  • Turn to the sign-up page after you have chosen a bundle that fits your requirements. 
  • Then head on to the check-out page where you will find an empty box willing to take promo code.
  • Thereafter, insert the voucher code to get a substantial discount on the package.

How to Find an Astra Pro Black Friday Offers?   

Finding working discount codes for this Astra theme is easy. To buy Astra theme tools for your website at a discounted price, just follow the steps below.

  1.  Query in the search box for Astra pro coupon code.
  2.  Click on the blue button below and it will head you over to all the active deals and coupons.
  3. Head over to the official Astra site and apply the discount code you copied, before signing up. Coupons will be applied and you will get an Astra Pro Black Friday Sale.
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 Which plan should you select? 

Astra pro black friday

Simply purchase it with your requirements. Whether you’re a novice, we suggest that you first go for their Free theme, get acquainted with the features, and then you can upgrade once you’re familiar. But if you’re a specialist, you should upgrade your schedule to your tastes. 

However, if you don’t understand advanced features yet, we suggest that you go with a free theme. Buy this style at this Astra Pro Black Friday Offers and sales to save money. 


With fast loading speed and access to tutorial images, it’s easy to customize Astra as you want. The added flexibility not only seems smart but also the plugin support justifies Astra Pro pricing. So, if you want to purchase an Astra theme, purchase it from Astra Pro Black Friday Offers. Astra is simply a way ahead of the competition with its unique assistance and architecture. 

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Is there any return policy?

Astra has a fourteen-day return window for its customers, where they can seek a refund if a customer is not satisfied with Astra Pro. So, to request your refund, mail them at their customer support with a registered email and follow the procedure.

Can I cancel during my trial?

Astra is available with no trial options. The pricing of Astra pro is mentioned above. Astra opens a return window of fourteen days from the moment the theme is purchased. Therefore, if you’d like to cancel your subscription, you can do so by accessing the dashboard of your account.

 Are these some of the best deals for Astra pro?

We always update our page when a new higher saving Astra Pro Black Friday Offers is available, or the old one has expired. We make sure the deals we provide are genuine and fully working. To get the latest deals and coupons visit us regularly.

 Can I change plans?

Yes, Astra cares about its customers and will let them upgrade at any moment. If you feel you need their exclusive and trending features, you may take up the upgrade in your plan. To avail discount, buy this Astra pro theme at Astra Pro Black Friday Sale.

 Why should I shop on Astra Pro Black Friday Offers?

Everyone wants to save their hard-earned money. During this time, you’re going to get heavy discounts to save your money. This is a chance once a year, and you should not miss it. If you want to save money by spending less on Astra pro, then certainly this is the opportunity you wanted.

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