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Smart business owners are moving their online properties from physical servers to cloud servers. Cloud servers at the moment are not only scalable but also cheaper than any other web hosting package. Top cloud infrastructure providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Digital Ocean has made it easier for people to host their websites/apps on the cloud.

However, managing a cloud service requires a level of understanding of code or SSH command line. Cloudways helps you deploy, manage, and maintain the performance of your cloud server.

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Cloudways for Bloggers?

For entry-level bloggers who are just starting out in this stream, Cloudways pricing can prove to be costly if they do not use any of the below discount coupon codes. However, Cloudways is like a boon for bloggers because bloggers want rankings on google. Google asks them for speed. Cloudways offers that blazing fast speed to bloggers who are hunting for a super-fast web hosting platform.

Cloudways Black Friday Coupon Codes


Cloudways is a cloud hosting service that provides users with many offers and discounts so that they can build their business with ease. Some of the coupon codes are listed here so that you can use them and enjoy this premium service at cheaper prices.

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You can easily get Cloudways $30 coupon when you sign up for the first time. All you need to do is to use a particular promo code and you’ll get the desired discount of $30.

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This coupon will get you $30 off on your next payment and have no restrictions on which payment you apply the coupon to. Cloudways offers you many services and at low prices and on top of it, add this discount. With this discount, you’ll end up paying virtually nothing for the next month’s payment. All you have to do is use the code ‘HA30’ at the payment time.

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Cloudways Cloud Hosting Credit of $30

If you want to get free hosting credit of $30, you just have to make an account on Cloudways and add your credit card to upgrade your account. By following this process, you will get free $30 credit for continuing the hosting services.

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By using the promo code “CWBLOGIDEA” you can get $20 credit to your new account automatically. If you want a free trial, you can also opt for that option and can have about 30 days of trial and use the platform.

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To get 10% off from the monthly bill, you can use a promo code and save yourself some money.

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Cloudways provides the users with cloud services and most users tend to gravitate towards its managed cloud hosting services. It is sort of an integration of many cloud networks and services, all present on one platform.

It is a website for PHP developers to use and customize some applications in their own style. This is possible as Cloudways offers amazing features for PHP development. 


Cloudways Pricing

  • Backups are done automatically and can be done manually with ease. To go back to a certain stage, you can opt for one-click recovery. Depending upon how much back you want to go in the process, the one-click recovery feature will do a mass undo job for you.
  • Cloudways also have the option to add CDN (Content Delivery Network) quite easily and at a moderate cost. The CDN is based on StackPath and adds more speed and reliability to the website. Integrating CDN is easy for your website with the help of guides, although it can get hard if you have a custom-built app.
  • The staging area is required on almost every programming based platform and Cloudways also have this option available. In Cloudways, you can have as many staging areas as you want, to test new features and demos. Command-line root access is not given to developers due to security concerns.
  • Cloudways provide the users with modern, sleek, and easy to use control panel. You can fire up an application in a minute after the server is up, and all you need to add is the application name, server selection to put the application, and the application type.
  • Cloudways also help you set up e-commerce stores online and have a single click installation method, which makes it quite simple to use for a first-timer developer. Cloud management is very convenient with options such as domain mapping and SSL certificate management. 

Performance & ease of use:

  • The customer support for Cloudways is good and reliable. You can connect to them in many different ways including submitting report tickets or live chat. Cloudways Bot is also present at every second of the day for your assistance.
  • Cloudways’ infrastructure is built on its own ThunderStack. It has PHP 7, MySQL, Nginx, etc. for caching. For those who require, two-factor authentication is also available.
  • Users can also obtain their own certificates and install them on their websites. There is no limit in taking as many third-party services as one wants from one account.
  • Cloudways offers a lot of tutorial videos and simplified solutions for many problems. The specific problems like frontend tutorials are also taught with detail.
  • The payment methods are simple and payment can be done by using various methods like PayPal and credit card. Also for extra earnings, one can join the affiliate program that is managed by Cloudways.
  • Price is not fixed and varies upon the services you use and the time till you use them. Generally, four pricing levels are available. The servers are charged per hour with a monthly billing system.
  • Having no access to root might bug some of the expert developers but for beginners and seasoned users this not that big an issue.

Now, as you can see Cloudways helps in more ways than you can imagine, and to have these services available to you, all you need is to use these discount offers.

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