InterServer Black Friday Amazing Deals of November 2020

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How have you been? Tech Freaks!!

Hope you are having an amazing time staying safe and working your daily jobs from home. This year, to a magnified extent, has been like a personified necessary evil. Hence, it is a rough time humanity is going through. However, at the same time, innovation is leading the charge to get things back to normal again. 

Nevertheless, we don’t know when the pandemic is going to end but the good news is, Black Friday is arrive with a bam. The most amazing offers are here and so is InterServer Black Friday Deals. 

interserver black friday

What is InterServer?

Its success story is no less than that of sheer dedication & sticking together, no matter what comes their way. It was a high-school duo of John Quaglieri & John Lavrik. With their savings bought a sole domain & a hosting distribution plan.

Both co-founders had a common vision of offering economically viable hosting & data services while preserving a great level of service to the users. Now, after more than 2 decades of establishment, InterServer is the proud owner & promoter of 2 data centers, one in LA, California, & the other in NJ.

Besides, since then, grown multiple folds. Besides, their commitment towards providing top-notch & highly economical solutions has not differed a bit.

Pricing & Plans

The InterServer Black Friday sale is one of the biggest of the festive season. Therefore, it becomes all that more important to keep an eye on the deals to grab on your preferred choice of plans & services. 

Undoubtedly, InterServer provides the best services when it comes to cloud hosting & privacy security. InterServer is an unsurpassable predator when it comes to building high-speed web pages. 

The Interserver Black Friday sale is going to showcase everything that you’d need. So, let’s take a look at the popular & most selling* hosting plans & their respective pricing based on the inherent info.

Discount on monthly payment

The monthly package of InterServer costs $5, $8, and $8 for standard, windows, and WordPress hosting respectively. Here is a chance for you to save up to 50% in this deal. 

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The six-months plan

For those who want to check the performance of InterServer, you can get the services for 6 months period. It starts at $24.50 and goes to $45.60 depending upon the type of hosting you choose. Save up to 50% and enjoy the best performance of this platform. 

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Annual plan discount

Next up we have the most recommended plan, the annual plan. This allows you to access your hosting plan for a year and will cost you around $54 to $86.40 as per the type you choose. Now, you can save up to 50% by simply clicking on this button below. 

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The 2-year plan

Start from $102 to $163, this plan allows you to have the best ever hosting for a period of two years. Don’t have enough budget? Worry not because here you can save about 50% on your billing amount. 

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Discount on the 3-year plan

People who are serious go for the plans that could last longer. If you purchase hosting for 3 whole years, it may cost you between $144 to $230.40. However, we have a way out in which you can save about half of the payment. Get up to 50% discount via this deal. 

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Moreover, you can get a month trial of everything for only a cent instead of going for a life plan directly. If you feel dissatisfied with the services provided, you can apply for reimbursement on your purchase within thirty days.

How to use Discount Coupons for getting InterServer Black Friday Deals?

InterServer Black Friday sale offers dedicated concessions & deals for its customers. To avail of extra benefits on your purchase, consider visiting multiple websites with numerous coupon codes that can be applied to grab the amazing offers procured by Interserver. So, save the codes to your system’s clipboard, you are going to need them later.

Now, simply follow the steps mentioned below to take full advantage of the deals:

Open InterServer Black Friday sale page.

  • Find the best suited hosting plan for your needs. Ensure that it comes with all the necessary features you are looking after.
  • Press the “Buy Now” button.
  • Thereafter, enter your already existent domain name or register for a new one there in case you don’t have one.
  • Fill up your personal & billing credentials afterward.
  • Preview your order before checking out. Paste the code from your clipboard in the promo code section & ensure its application.
  • Lastly, choose any of the provided payment methods & confirm your order.
  • Congratulations! You’ve perfectly claimed the InterServer Black Friday discount on your purchase. 

Why do we recommend the InterServer Black Friday sale?

interserver black friday

Following are the reasons you should go for InterServer web hosting services & the Black Friday Sale:

Individual & Organizational Services

The services offered at InterServer Black Friday sale are ideal for the requirements of any individual or a firm for that matter. The limitless SSD storage & bandwidth accompanied by the hottest e-mail services will assist your business boom from scratch in no time.

Affordable Domain Name

InterServer provides an inexpensive domain at a meager annual cost of $1.99. Their celebrated Price Lock Guarantee locks your products for a lifetime. This means future inflation in the price of the same plan won’t cost you any extra dollars. Additionally, you can continue to avail of the same at the older rate.

Coveted data centers with 24/7 Support

Interserver has its own best-in-class data centers through which it operates & rectifies issues. You can email, do a live chat, or direct phone calls on the toll-free number whenever you face a technical issue. They’ll be on it in no time.

Free of Cost Website migration

InterServer provides complete assistance to those wishing to change hosts even if the applicant has no technical knowledge themselves. Besides, unlike many other websites that charge up to $200 for relocation charges, InterServer does it for free.

Devoid Server Overloading

Some companies overload their servers with way too many users for optimizing profits while ignoring the inconsequential cramming & crashing with minimalistic traffic hikes. Whereas, Interservers claim to allow only fifty percent of their network capacity.

interserver black friday


Interserver is one of the “Best” in the business but its less popularity might make you get under the dilemma. However, it does offer very dependable & multiple hosting services to choose from. 

You can get all that and much more if you log in early for the Interserver Black Friday sales. Don’t forget to set your calendar right and make the best of this Black Friday Sale.

Frequently Asked Question

Q Is InterServer a good hosting platform?

It is for you if you want affordable services that provide everything needed to kick-start a business. The reasons mentioned above in the recommendation section does approve InterServer of being amongst the best.

Q Does InterServer Black Friday Deals abide any hidden costs?

No, there aren’t any hidden costs behind any of the deals offered. Everything single one of the deals is transparent. To validate, you can keep a check by following the prices of services you require a few days before the InterServer Black Friday sale 

Q Mention some of the best ways to get Interserver Black Friday deals?

For starters, keep eye on rates of services & products of your preference in advance. Once the sale takes off, choose the services to apply discount codes, and maximize your chances of a profitable purchase. 

Q Is there a limit to the number of websites that can be hosted from a sole InterServer account?

InterServer ensures limitless hosting services, i.e, you are free to host any number of websites. Moreover, InterServer won’t hinder the growth by applying restrictions on your account. However, you have to upgrade to a better plan to further optimize your website’s performance as it grows leaps and bounds. 

Q Do customers get a money-back guarantee on their purchase?

Yes, InterServer does provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with InterServer services, you can simply request a refund. The support team will get that done as soon as possible.

Q What are the discounts offered during InterServers Black Friday Deals?

During the upcoming Thanksgiving season, InterServer might be availing a lifetime discount of 50% on its standard hosting service.