Kinsta Coupon Codes – Black Friday Deals 2020

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Be it awesome themes and catchy designs or just the fact that it provides the freedom to operate your website, WordPress is the topmost priority of almost every website owner. When we talk about the WordPress website, what platform is better than Kinsta?

Kinsta is one platform that focuses on WordPress and has expertise in providing the best WordPress experience to its customers. However, if we look at the price, it is a bit expensive than most of the other platforms. Its cheapest plan costs about $30 per month and the most expensive one can be as much as $1500 a month and more. 

We can help you reduce this price as much as possible. Wondering how? Well, we have some awesome Kinsta coupon codes that will help you save a lot of money on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

What is Kinsta?

kinsta coupon codes

With a desire to change the status quo, Kinsta entered the market of hosting in 2013 with a focus on creating the best WordPress hosting for people worldwide. It is renowned for its excellent performance because, with years of experience, it has been able to offer fine-tuning to the servers. 

Kinsta has over 24 data centers that allow people from over 128 countries to operate their websites without any hassle. Besides, the team of the amazing WordPress community has built its business around the best CMS in the world. 

If you want to use its amazing features and start a WordPress website with their expertise, we can help you achieve the best at a minimal cost. So, let’s see what discounts we can get using amazing Kinsta Coupon codes. 

Kinsta Coupon Codes

  • 15% off on Kinsta (JUSTIN)

With this discount coupon, you can save as much as 15% of your total billing amount on Kinsta. Even though it is a small amount but no matter what the size is, saving even a dollar can bring a big change. So, use the coupon code ‘JUSTIN” and enjoy your offer. 

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  • 15% off on Kinsta (BLACKFRIDAYDEAL)

What if the previous coupon code does not work? In that case, we have another one that is perfect to be used this Black Friday. Use the coupon code ‘BLACKFRIDAYDEAL’ and save a portion of your hard-earned money. 

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  • 25% off on package (Save)

Want a little more, worry not because you can save about 20% of your money you might spend on Kinsta. The coupon to 25% discount works with the code ‘Save’. 

Active Discount

What features does Kinsta offer?

  • It has a remarkable support system not only because it offers 24/7 support but there are a variety of ways to connect with the team. What makes this feature best is its ability to answer your queries in 7 different languages. 
  • Kinsta makes sure that you have a website that loads in the blink of an eye and to support this feature, the company uses amazing technology such as Nginx, LXD, MariaDB, and PHP7.4. 
  • The team of Kinsta offers remarkable security to its users that not only prevents cyber attacks but also keeps track of any malicious intents the websites may encounter. 
  • If you care about having the best technology for your website then Kinsta is the platform you must go for. It uses next-generation infrastructure that helps the company provide you the latest framework version and keep you updated. 

kinsta coupon codes

  • To offer you fast and super-secure data, Kinsta works with Google Cloud Platform. All its 24 global data centers work in connection with each other and as a result, they obtain a premium-level network with no distance issue. 
  • Moving your site with Kinsta is not a big issue. It has a team of experts that take care of everything when it comes to migrating your site from one platform to another. 
  • As far as customer support is concerned, Kinsta has a team of brilliant WordPress experts who know how to handle critical issues of their clients. Irrespective of time and location, the support team of the company gives fast feedback and replies with 24/7 monitoring to solve all your issues. 
  • Taking the security of the website seriously, Kinsta provides a free SSL certificate and CDN with every plan. No matter how small or big the plan is, your site will remain secure from any theft. 
  • There is no need to think a hundred times before investing your money on Kinsta hosting because you can literally judge its performance. This can be done because of its 30-day money-back guarantee. Ask for your money back if you are not satisfied with its services.

What services does Kinsta provide?

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There is not much on Kinsta as the focus of the team is only on providing the world-class quality of Managed WordPress hosting. This is the reason why so many people are just in love with their expertise. However, there is a lot more you can expect in its incredible WordPress Hosting. 

  • Unlimited basic migration
  • Self-healing technology
  • Automatic + manual backups
  • Site cloning 
  • SSH access
  • White-labeled cache plugin

This list doesn’t stop here because there is a lot more than Kinsta offers. What more do we expect from a managed WordPress hosting website. 

Kinsta performance and ease-to-use

kinsta black friday

  • What makes Kinsta best in its efforts to check the performance of the website after every 2 minutes. This is especially to keep a track of the uptime which ensures that it is no less than 99.99%. This equals 720 checks every day. 
  • Another great thing is that the company performs full backups every day. For any additional backups, like every hour or every six hours, you might have to pay a little more. So, even if you lose anything, you can get everything back with just one click. 
  • You have all the Google hardware in your hands no matter where you go or what time you work at. It is because the company uses Google Cloud Platform that provides freedom. 
  • Sometimes there is a spike of traffic on the website that not every platform can handle. For Kinsta, it is just a piece of cake to handle everything with ease. 
  • For beginners, Kinsta is a great platform to start a website because it has a simplified management dashboard. This eases up the work for many newbies and it helps you understand the details of the site and the analytics of performance. 
  • There are various tools Kinsta provides that makes the work even easier for the amateurs. Some of these tools are phpMyAdmin, SFTP, logs, and backups.
  • Kinsta allows you to test your website with which you can easily test new versions, plugins, and codes. Share it with the company to get some feedback. 
  • There is a resource center on Kinsta where anyone can learn various things about operating the website. This resource center includes WordPress tutorials, information on updates, blog posts, free webinars, ebooks, and much more. 

Wrapping up

Kinsta has a wide range of prices that provide the opportunity to the customer to find the most suitable package for their WordPress website. You can save some more on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday by using these special Kinsta coupon codes. So, grab the offer and start your WordPress website ASAP.