Namecheap Coupon Codes for Domains & Hosting Discount

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Namecheap, undoubtedly, is one of the best domain name providers and a very well-known web hosting company.  I have collected the best discount code on top of the cheapest web hosting and domain names on Namecheap.

namecheap discount codes

Deals on Namecheap are nothing new to us. The only thing changes from time to time is the link to the promotions and the discounted coupon codes.

I have collected all the updated (latest) promo codes for you to avail of the maximum discount and pay the least possible price.

Namecheap Coupon Codes

Namecheap is a perfect service if you want to start your website from scratch. It might seem a little daunting but with the help of EasyWP, you can get access to WordPress after you have chosen a domain name from Namecheap. To make your experience better, here are some of the coupon codes and discount offers that you can choose while signing up on Namecheap and save yourself money while making huge strides towards your dream website.

This offer can be accessed directly from the Namecheap’s website. When while making a new account, you want to see the latest deals, you can easily choose the one that suits you and get discount by using the coupon code ‘INSTANTDEALZ’.  You get SSL security with many other benefits.

Having an e-mail hosting service can do wonders for your business. It makes you look great in business websites and it can be an absolute necessity if you see the deals provided on Namecheap.

By using the coupon code ‘STARTER25EMAIL’, you can get as much as 25% discount on the basic plan of e-mail hosting.

When registering for a new domain name you can get new offers and discounts. You are sure to get some of the best deals as the Namecheap team changes the offers after regular intervals. All you need to do for getting the best discounts is use the promo code ‘KOOL1NGDOMAINS’.


What is Namecheap?

Namecheap started to make name due to cheap domain names and then of course for cloud computing. In the business for more than two decades, Namecheap has over 10 million domains that are active. 

Namecheap Features:

  • Namecheap comes with its EasyWP plugin which saves a lot of time and is easy to use. The caching technique is quite good in EasyWP and the loading time of website gets faster because of this.
  • Namecheap’s own EasyWP platform has many features including one click backups and SFTP Access. The backups can be done automatically and manually as per your requirement. SFTP provides that extra touch of security that does not comes with FTP.
  • Namecheap provides the users with cPanel which is industry standard among panels and provides general features like e-mail usage, easy interface, database and file management and backup.
  • SSL certificates are provided by different plans which start from as low as $8.88 per year. You can also compare different certificates and see which one is better for your site.
  • Content Delivery Networks or CDN are used for increasing the speed of website. To have these on your website, you need to use Cloudflare and then integrate it with your Namecheap account.
  • Some hidden limitations like EasyWP plans can only be implemented with Namecheap registered domains.

Ease of use

  • As a user you will get the website builder on all hosting plans. You get more than 200 templates to choose from as the site builder is template based.
  • Hosting uptime of a website on Namecheap is about 99.9%. This is acceptable uptime but certainly not the best if you look around at the competition. Although they do provide with some sort of refund as additional hosting days but having downtime of 8 hours per year on average can be damaging.
  • When looking at the specifications you feel that you have a chance of having high hosting speed. But still the speed does get inconsistent sometimes and leave more to be desired.
  • The whole process of signing up on WordPress through EasyWP is quite easy and you will find yourself escaping troubles of handling different services, by opting for Namecheap.
  • The server backs up data around three to seven days. On termination of the account, you can get it back after paying a $15 fee.
  • Customer support is good enough and you can be assisted through live chat and tickets. No phone support is provided and live chat as mostly the case starts with the bot.
  • There are two data centers by Namecheap located in United States in America and United Kingdom.

EasyWP (By Namecheap)

EasyWP by Namecheap is a popular choice among people who want their work to be effortless. Namecheap being a company in business for more than two decades have had its fair share of experience and with the help of that experience is what they managed to launch EasyWP. As the name suggests, it is a service specifically designed for people who are first timers in this WordPress website business.

  • Since, primarily being run by Namecheap, the Managed WordPress Hosting service provides with almost free domain name and migration.
  • Also, it has a money back guarantee claim which can be useful if you just want to see how cold the water is. If it’s too cold for your liking, the loss will be minimal.
  • They also provide other regular features like SSL certificate which they also provide with their cheapest plan and bi-weekly backups.
  • Other features such as providing 50 MySQL databases and 50 e-mail addresses along with a couple of websites in one cheap plan.
  • Having a poor uptime is definitely a problem with the original Namecheap and EasyWP does show some improvements in this regard but there is still scope for more.
  • Customer support is not as good as it should be and this is one area where it behind its competitors.

Now that you know all the features and performing standards of Namecheap and the WordPress service EasyWP that comes with it. You can enjoy all these benefits at lower prices thanks to the promotional discounts and offers listed above.