How to Get rid of Distracting Elements while Writing/Editing Posts in WordPress

Many times, I have been distracted by extra clutter on the Add new page in my wordpress dashboard. In other words you can say that post editor page has too much metaboxes than the default one’s when you fully set up your blog or website.

There are some default ones you can see in the screen option drop down

  • 1# Title Box
  • Post Editor / Main Editor
  • Publish Box
  • Excerpt
  • Discussion
  • Slug
  • Author
  • Tags, Categories and Featured Image.

No. … WordPress is a publishing platform and empowers over xx% of website in the world. But not all know that they can get rid of extra clutter from the dashboard.

Do you also get slow scrolling in the post editor pages in WordPress?  I would really like to have the least number of elements on the post editing page because having more than required slow down the scrolling.

Let’s go ahead and solve this problem out.

#1 Remove the unnecessary boxes using the screen options

If you do not know what do i mean, simple scroll the top of your post editor page and look at the top right corner.

Hit that toggle button “screen options”

Now choose which boxes you want to see while writing/editing a blog post.

Note: You can not hide: Title box, main content box and publish options

You have control over rest of the elements out there on the page.

Add New Post screen options

Now the next step is to remove anything on the right side as well.

Choose 1 Column from the Layout option and no else element will be there on the right side.

#2 Collapse Left Menu

Yes, options really stimulate my curiosity and force me to checkout other settings rather than focusing on what I am doing (writing content.)

collapse menu

You will see something like this now.

collapsed menu

#3 Go Distraction Free

One more thing to do is here. Click this magical button.

one last thing to do

Now you have only one thing left to do.

#4 Extra Tips

  1. Turn off Internet on your laptop
  2. Put your phone on airplane mode
  3. Close other useless tabs that might attract your attention
  4. Complete all your tasks that are given to you by your mom

Over to you

This small write-up was brainstorming for you or not. I do not know. Hit me up with your comments if you have any question.

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