Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder: Which One is The Best?

Everywhere you go, you hear about website builders. Now, what is that? Is it just about building a beautiful website? Well! it is way more than that. It is one of the most important things for your SEO.

Now, here we are with two of the best builders and we are going to compare them. So, Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder, let this comparison begin.

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divi builder vs beaver builder
divi builder vs beaver builder

Divi Builder

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divi builder vs beaver builder

Beaver Builder

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Screenshot of Divi Builder

Screenshot of Beaver Builder

Features of Divi Builder

Create Custom Headers and Footers for your website

By using the Custom Headers and Footers feature of Divi Builder the users can easily create custom headers and footers for any and every part of their website.

Create Custom Index Page Designs

With Divi Builder, the users can create custom Index page designs that can also incorporate custom category feeds and with this, the users get to have full control of their website’s category designs.

You can build a site-inclusive product template with the use of WooCommerce Modules

The users of WooCommerce modules can rather than designing their products one page at a time, can now build a site-wide product template, all thanks to Divi Builders WooCommerce Modules feature.

Users can Import and Export theme builder packs

With Divi Builder, its users can now export and import theme builder templates that incorporate headers, footers, and body layouts.

Exciting fonts and text styling

Make your website look awesome with good-looking fonts and text styling. You can make your own statement.

Features of Beaver Builder

It has Shortcode Support

Beaver Builder incorporates support for shortcodes which permits its users to execute various functions in areas they normally might not be able to.

You get User Access Controls

This feature of Beaver Builder permits its users to put a limit on what other users will have access to and will be able to change.

Custom Modules for experimenting

With this feature, the users can build their custom modules with extensively detailed settings.

Custom JavaScript

This feature of Beaver Builder makes it excessively simple to add custom JavaScript. It is possible to add JavaScript to a single page or an entire site, whatever the user wants.

More than just SEO

Beaver Builder has awesome tools for everyone. These are suitable for website landing page, Blogs, and so much more. No matter if you are a freelancer, agency, or whatnot, this works for everyone.

More about Divi Builder

Divi Builder vs Beaver BuilderDivi Builder is undoubtedly a few of the best website builders in the market. It’s easy to use, it allows you to customize things better, and has some amazing designs. Wondering why is it so great? Try it for free and see how great it turns out to you. Besides, it is serving around 767154 people to build their website.

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More about Beaver Builder

Divi Builder vs Beaver BuilderHere comes Beaver Builder, a recommended builder by WordPress. It has awesome software, remarkable support, and a pretty helpful community. Besides, its designs, ease to use, and impressive guidelines are what make it a popular builder. What else? Try out its Live Demo and see how it’s great for you.

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Divi Builder's Pricing

divi builder vs beaver builderDivi Builder provides its users with the option of two premium paid plans to choose from with includes the option of a lifetime plan. They also provide 30 days free trial offer. The two premium plans are –

  1. Yearly Access – $89 per year
  2. Lifetime Access – $ 249
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Beaver Builder's Pricing

divi builder vs beaver builderBeaver Builder offers three types of premium plans for its users to chose from. However, they do not offer a lifetime plan option. The three premium plan offers are –

  1. Standard (Unlimited Sites) – $99 per year
  2. Pro (Unlimited Sites) – $199 per year
  3. Agency (Unlimited Sites) – $399 per year
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Divi Builder's Support

Divi Builder provides excellent customer support. The customer support team can be contacted 24*7. The users can simply chat with the support team in case of an inquiry or anything else they need help with. Further Divi Builder provides support options such as ask the community which connects the user with Divi Builders user community. They have an extensive document database and blogs which can further be used to solve various issues that are being faced by the user. The users can also join the Divi Facebook group for assistance.

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Beaver Builder's Support

LiveCanvas provides a 24*7 support team to make sure that they resolve any and all problems that their users are facing. They also provide a detailed FAQ series to help resolve problems. They also provide documents that the users can read through to understand various aspects.

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Divi Builder vs Beaver Builder: the real competition between two of the best website page builders. Now, as you know what features, pricing, and support they are offering, you can better analyze which one is better than the other. So, all you need to do is know what you want and get your best fit.

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