It is quiet hard to manage a big collection of tools but you can keep them without any hassle of mind with a framed suitcase or a box made of anything. And the task becomes out of control when you are always adding tools to your collection.


This situation is where you need the best custom stylish foam to carry keep and manage huge collection of tools or anything like that. Even weapons can be kept carefully in this kind of custom foam.

In most of the foam you will find it impossible to cut any part thereof without harming the shape and finish of the foam. But in shadowfoam, it is very easy to cut a part to create a place for a new tool.

More about shadow Foam.

Shadow Foam is the best quality customisable foam in the world. After years of perfecting the product, it now have something which is durable, easy to cut and looks amazing.

Shadowfoam has been supplying Shadow Foam on kickstarter website since perfecting the design. They currently cut and coat the foam to the customers specific required size. This has an increased cost and also delays shipping.

By offering standard size sheets, we will be able to produce tooling to support the foam. Making the coating process far quicker and subsequently cheaper