Dragon City Planning Guide: Top 5 tips for Beginners

It is one of the craziest game that hit the world of Facebook gaming.

The main idea of the game is to breed the dragons and fight with your enemies. Here you have to manage your empire so that you can focus on breeding and unlock new dragons.

For example, after hatching a dragon, you have to create a habitat for the dragon, harvest food and level it up.

You should build your own dragon and train them so that they can evolve into impressive beasts that going to defend you in battle.

Can you claim that you are the one who can have entitled himself as “Dragon Master?

Accept our challenge and prove yourself….

All about Dragon City

Dragon City


It was developed and published by Social Point as a Facebook game. It was released in May 2012 for Facebook, in April 2013 for iOS and in august 2014 for Android.

It is freely available on google play store with rating 4.5/5 and on iTunes also with rating 4.6/5.

What is Dragon City?

Dragon City is a simulation game which is a social game.

Here you have to create a city where your dragons can live. You have to keep them happy by providing them a place to sleep, food to mitigate their hunger, entertainment so that they can live happily and comfortably.

You have to find dragons, train them and master them so that they can fight for you. Interesting thing about this game is it is updated each week with more and more number of dragons added to it. On your part, you need to have a city that can attract the dragons.

Dragon city is a fun game that is very popular among kinds because of its youthful theme. It is a very well-polished game.

The only requirement is Android 4.0 or later version.

Dragon City Guide

Guide for Beginners

Through this guide, you get answer to some basic questions. It is an introductory guide for the beginners to know about the game quickly.

Here you get to know, how to collect dragons and make them stronger, how to get more gold and food, how to up your level, hidden dragon city cheats and finally how to breed dragons.

  • Currencies and Points in Dragon City

Currencies that you need are Gold, Food, Gem, EXP and dragons.

Gold: To earn gold, you can collect from dragon habitat, by winning battles and by questing.

Food: It can be earned through questing and from farm houses.

Gem: This is the real cash currency throughout the game.

EXP: Through EXP you can level up your game, can unlock more dragons and buildings also.

  • Breeding in Dragon City

It is the way of getting dragons in the game. After selecting dragons that you want to breed, you ultimately get offspring for the dragon based on their parents.

  • Battles in Dragon City

Two battle modes are available: Stadium fights and Combat world.

In both modes, you have to use your dragons in battle to get gold and other items. Similar to Pokémon, your dragon has 4 battle moves.

Dragons with high HP has low attacking power while dragons with low HP has higher attacking power.

  • Best Dragons in Dragon City

In the beginning, Earth Dragon would be the best dragon because it can generate gold revenues faster than any other dragons available in beginning.

In case of battle, you can use Legendary Ranked Dragons because they have no weakness and they are stronger than all other dragons.

  • Buildings in Dragon City

Buildings available in the game are:

  • Hatchery: This is what you get in the beginning of the game to hatch the dragon eggs. After upgrading your hatchery, you can increase the number of eggs to be hatched.
  • Habitat: It will host your dragon.
  • Farm: This is the building where you can generate food for your dragon.
  • Boost: This building can increase the speed of generating revenue in habitat.
  • Breeding: You need this building to breed your dragon. It includes breeding mountain and breeding tree.
  • Temples: It can raise the level cap like magic temple at level 20 can raise the level cap of dragons to 15. Cap at level 25 can raise it to 20.

Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

  • You have to know about the elemental dragons.

Here every dragon belongs to some elemental class. Various kinds of elements exist like:

Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, War, Pure and Legend.

  • You should know about other dragons also other than the elemental ones.

Apart from the elementary dragons, there are 4 other classes also:

  • Hybrid Dragons
  • Rare Hybrid
  • Legend
  • Exclusive
  • You should set low time for food if you have less number of golds.

It took time and gold currency to harvest food. Therefore if you have less gold then it would be better to take food that take less time to harvest.

  • The Habitat System

There are different kinds of habitats available which provides you different amounts of gold. You can place your dragons in any of these habitats.

  • You have to know about dragon transformations.

Various stages of dragons are:

  1. Egg: In this form dragon hasn’t hatched yet or see the world.
  2. Baby: This is the cutest stage. Here dragon is in the dark incest form and waiting to return to their habitat for feeding.
  3. Teen: They can help you to battle against other dragons and help you to become stronger.
  4. Adult: This is the final stage. After becoming adult, dragons can have stronger attacks and is able to win against any battle.