Earn Money with PTC Sites without Investment of a single penny

Paid to click sites or PTC is the full form for PTC sites where users get to earn money by just viewing advertisement list on the website. The money paid by the website for viewing is real, and they are transferred to your bank account through a payment portal site.

This is a useful site for starters who are aspiring to make money from the online market, and at the beginning, they just need to follow some simple process. There are many reputed PTC site, where starters can easily make money without falling into a scam.

In the beginning, you will be rewarded with $0.001 while some Ad view task might also generate $0.01 but these trend changes after few months depending upon your tactics and activity.

make money with ptc sites without investments

However, you won’t have to pay any type of money for registering into a PTC site as they are entirely free and further it is zero capital investment start where you start from scratch. Every PTC site gives you the freedom to start work from the day of registration however the chances of earning more than $10 is quite low.

While dealing with PTC sites, it is recommended that you should always register in the reputed website so that you can bar yourself from getting scammed. When you work in a PTC site, most ad viewing time range stays between five to thirty seconds and in some PTC you have even play some game to earn money.

It has been that many users have stopped working with PTC site for low income but there many smart users who are making more than lakhs with some smart strategy. With some decent strategy, you can quickly earn more than twenty thousand a month from a PTC website.

How You Can Earn Money with PTC Site

Earning money from a PTC site is an easy task, but at the beginning, you will get very low-income scale. The real task occurs when you plan to increase this income scale to a decent level, and it totally depends upon you active time and strategy.

Earning money from PTC sites also depends upon your satisfaction, and if you really enjoy this ad clicking process, then you should really invest your time on them.

Your First Step for PTC Site:

First you have to find a reputed PTC website where you can stay assured they will provide you the money and won’t disclose all your identity and account information. You will find a lot of website from the internet which is highly reputed, and they don’t scam their users. In this article I am going to tell you about some of the highest paying PTC sites where you can earn money easily.

During registering yourself in a PTC account, you have to enter all your details along with email details and detail of the online payment account where the money will be deposited. You should link your bank account with this online payment system for money transfer to your actual account.

Working Hour:

There is no fixed working hour for PTC website, you just need to view all your ads reserved for your account in 24 hours deadline. Each ad viewing time takes around five to ten seconds, and some tasks take around five minutes, so you won’t have to invest more than two hours.

Using Referrals:

Referrals can work wonders when you are dealing with ads in a PTC sites, and these references refer to the users who are also working in the PTC sites. You act as a sponsor for them because they have joined the website through your referral thus boosting your daily income from the PTC site.

To boost up the activity, some site even organizes referral program where the user gets to earn 50 % from the income of their referral. They even reward users who are a sponsor to many employees who are working for a long period.

All the PTC sites provide direct referrals and rented referrals to its users after completion of some month. Direct referrals denote to new users who joined the site using your referral while rented referral indicates to the user who will be assigned to you as referrals by the site.

For rented referrals, you have to pay some money to the PTC site and the time limit mostly stays around 30 days. The time for rented referrals can be renewed by paying some extra amount to the site.

List of PTC Sites for Earning Money with top 10 ptc sites in the world

  • ClixSense

This is one of the best sites where people have earned more thousand dollars within a year, and this is evident because there is no referral limit on this site. You get to see more than ten ads per day which give you $0.01. This is a genuine website which rewards you real money through your PayPal account.

  • Neobux

This is another free membership PTC site where a member can view minimum four ads per day, and the minimum payout amount is $2. However, the referral number is limited to 30 on this website, so there is less earning good amount of money.

  • Buxp

Buxp allows its member to view more than 25 ads per day and rewards them with $0.005 per ads and $.003 for every reference click.  Like Neobux it doesn’t have any reference limit.

  • PaidVerts

PaidVerts is a reputed website where a member can join without paying any money and can view more than four ads per day. For every click, they will receive $0.01, and for referral click, they will receive 5%.

There are some sites where people around five hundred to fifteen hundred a day completing some task which doesn’t take more than two hours. The income is flexible in PTC site and with the proper strategy; it can generate a good amount of money.

This knowledge in this article is shared by Pritam Nagrale who is blogger from Mumbai. He is running a blog MoneyConnexion. He known the tactics to earn from PTC sites, as he earned a lot from PTC sites. One can get knowledge from him from his blog.

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