Top ways to earn more with Google AdSense

every blogger has keen desires to start a blog, get adsense approval and earn thousands per month with it. But I have seen a number of newbies working hard to get adsense approval and after getting approved in google adsense publisher program, they are not earning more than a single buck as a daily average. there are a lot of ways to make more money online with google adsense with your blog and this post is specially for those who are not getting the result they expect and deserve.

Google Pays more on Clicks

in comparison with just impressions, traffic that clicks your ad is the actual target of google adsense and thence it pays you mostly for clicks. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is comparatively very low in this case. So, all we would be trying to dig in this post will be – “How to get more clicks on your adsense ads to make more revenue?”

Cost per click is extremely high in some countries

One of the best way to earn huge is targeting audience of a country in which cost per click is higher than other. For a quick instance, UK and US clicks are very profitable and bidding on keywords in these countries is very high. this is why targeting a profitable country will be our first success mantra for earning more with adsense.

Find a profitable (high paying) keyword

bidding on some keywords is very high and those keywords will surely bring more money towards your pocket. Almost every tips and tricks blog has an article of “High paying Adsense keywords” and so on. So, I will tell you how to find a high paying keyword in this section.

  1. Open Google Keyword Planner
  2. Chose your targeted country
  3. Put your keyword idea whichever is running in your mind
  4. Uncheck synonyms
  5. And analyse the sheet
  6. Sort it to show you keywords from high to low bid
  7. Bingo!! now you must send me a box of chocolates for fetching below sheet for you
    profitable keyword research
  8. Its a treat. I hope you got this straight in your mind.

Automatic mobile ad switching

One more trick to get more fragerence out of the flower of adsense, you can enable automatic mobile optimized ads in your wordpress admin by downloading google adsense wordpress plugin.

This helps in getting more clicks on mobile devices and this way you fully utilize your traffic.


Use responsive ad units always

Using responsive ad units does everything fine for you. It automatically adjusts the device frame and does not break the user experience. So far as possible, I will be asking you to use responsive ad unit.

Final Words

I hope this helped you but can’t say without hearing anything from you. Please share your views on this.

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