EvaDav Review | The Best Advertising Network for Native/Push Ads

One would dare not refute the wise words of the founding father of the United States of America – Benjamin Franklin “time is money”.

Indeed, we all realize the relevance and role time management plays in our daily lives; personal or professional. In our dynamic and fast paced lives, it is imperative that information about products and services is not only projected in a rational way but, presented to the user in an eye catchy format, so that the swipe doesn’t happen at the blink of an eye.

Mobile phones are dominating a very major chunk of our everyday lives. It is extremely essential to access any media, medium or software for our affiliate marketing needs which is available and friendly both to the desktops and mobile devices. Native Advertising is an optimal option for all modern day advertisers. But, Push Notifications has its presence both on the PC and Mobile Phones, that makes it an optimal media for communication as well.

When I think about modern advertising, Push Notification ads comes first in my mind and next I think of Native ads. Ever since its evolvement, push ads are not only available to desktops but also on mobile devices. The huge potential audience makes it a very comprehensive advertising model. However, Native ads are not less effective than Push Ads.

evadav review

I recently happened to stumble upon evadav.com and was surprised to experience that this platform is designed in a manner that numerous concerns and limitations that I have experienced as an advertiser and publisher for a very long time were automatically addressed to. Being able to find solutions to multi-level issues of native advertising and push notifications was a blessing in disguise. I, decided it was essential that I share my experience with you all regarding client-oriented network.

EvaDav is one of the best affiliate network making the smartest use of push and native ads.

For Advertisers

As an advertiser, you will find everything in Evadav you are looking for

  1. No fake traffic
    I’ve lost a good sum while advertising in push ads because there is enough of fake traffic and bots who are subjected to waste my money. But EvaDav saves my money by avoiding fake traffic by their powerful algorithms.
  2. Huge inventory of Push and Native Ads
    When you start advertising your product/campaign in a target audience, you not only want it to be highly targeted but also enough to get sound conversions out of that. Evadav provides you the same by offering you good targeting options along with huge inventory.
  3. Real time bidding
    With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won,the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.
  4. DSP/SSP Integration
    Through the DSP and SSP integration, I (publisher) can monetize my own push subscribers and show them ads through Evadav only. I need not create a manual campaign in my push notification sending platform to monetize it.
    As an advertiser, you can reach the audience of such publishers right from Evadav dashboard and push your campaign.
  5. Minimum Deposit
    You can start advertising (and launching your campaigns) right away. All you need to do is- fill the sign up form and add funds to your account. The minimum deposit is $100.

For Publishers/Webmasters

Monetization is being done by every webmaster these days. But Evadav lets you add one more source of passive income to your website/blog.

evadav review | starting out as a publisher
  1. Get paid for CPM
    It is impossible to feel disappointed from the monetization because Evadav pays you for the number of impressions a campaign is getting from your website, not for the number of clicks on those ads.
  2. Global Traffic Accepted
    No such website exists that gets 100% traffic from a single geo. It is impossible to stay away from the maximum monetization of your website traffic.
  3. Weekly Payments
    Payments are automatic on Mondays in the morning. The minimum balance to pay is $25. It is also possible to withdraw manually, the minimum balance for the payment withdrawal is also $25. Manual payments are made by submitting an application through the technical department or through your personal manager.

Starting April 1st, EvaDav introduced a much optimized payment model so all our partners can earn a way more with their quality traffic. The more your subscribers click on push-notifications, the more profit you get.

Advertising Delights at Evadav

If you’ve ever put your hands into native/push advertising, launching your first campaign is not a tedious task for you. Since I’ve been advertising on propellerads and a few other pop advertising networks, creating a new campaign (as an advertiser) is no big thing. However, I am making sure that the campaigns do not violate any of the advertising terms to pass the moderation process.

Let me sum up all the options from the above shot for you:

  1. Firstly I will be putting the name and URL of my campaign.
  2. Frequency capping: It simply means the number of times a unique user would be shown my ad in 24 hours timespan.
  3. Now comes the creative artwork and the text copy of the campaign
  4. The targeting starts with the country selection and bids.
  5. After the bidding, I get to target device, ISP and the browser. (Operating system targeting is not available as of now)
  6. Finally, limiting your campaign to a set budget will make sure that I am not charged more than I planned.
  7. Happy Pushing!

The scenario isn’t very difficult for advertisers because it was literally easy, and here I am not exaggerating, a piece of cake for me to suggest one of my friends to advertise through EvaDav because their statistics were exactly on point when crosschecked.

To be honest, it still lacks the “proposed number of impression graph for the given bid in the targeted geo” which is a need of the hour.

It is always said, believe in what you see and not what you listen, in this case read. I would like to share the link to this tutorial which is a DIY for any publisher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0SeXYN2mCw

Landing Page Options and Statistics

Unlike various famous platforms like Google and Facebook one has the flexibility to talk about products and services related to gambling, dating and other money minting and in demand businesses. Apart from the fact that 100% brand safety is maintained by monitoring communication media’s through machine learning algorithms but manual assessment as well.

The target audience segmentation is done to ensure efficiency of the campaign and prevent fraud by cutting off BOT and providing only real users reach.

With an extremely competing Cost per Click nowadays, it is extremely important to have options for comparison which not only matches our offers best, increases our reach but, increases our ROI manifold.

The offer the DSP and SSP integration which helps one monetize their push subscribers and showcase ads through EvaDav only.

In this ever so dynamic and fast pace digital world, to be up to speed with the latest developments it is vital to identify mediums which helps in making our presence felt and expanding our reach; EvaDav is one such optimal media for everyone today.

Why I like EvaDav/ My EvaDav Review?

First impression is the last impression, because a clustered website with a rhetorical registration questionnaire is a big repulse. Evadav has a very easy and simple yet comprehensive registration format but it helps to ensure that all advertisers are authentic and verified.

Also, I was literally astonished on seeing the wide variety of landing pages with huge numbers with respect to traffic available to choose from. Another highlight in their modus operandi; CPM, CPA and RevShare along with worldwide tracker integration with Binon, BeMob, PeerClick and the likes. Hang on! There is a minimum payout clause! Check it out!

Despite being able to deliver an easy and interactive platform, they have a customer support operational 24*7*365. Also, to help you incentivize for your trust and brand loyalty the platform works on a transparent and simple referral program.

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