How to find your Music Match with Vampr App?

Music is not bound by language barriers. It heals everyone all and sundry. Today I would like to introduce you to an application which can unleash your potential and creativity if you are a music lover or musician. The name of the impressive application is Vampr. Vampr allows you to discover other musicians where you can then chat with them, collaborate and much more. The application has a clean and decent interface. It is really very easy to use.

If you are a singer-songwriter, have just moved to a new city and are looking for a guitarist to jam with – Vampr is for you.

Let’s talk about how you can start with Vampr.

Making The Profile

making profile

profile settings

The first thing to do upon opening the application is making a profile. You can upload up to three profile images. You can links to your YouTube videos (this is called your featured audition) where you can demonstrate your talent and hopefully attract other musicians to collaborate with. You can additionally add your best Soundcloud tracks too.

Adding your Search preferences

Once you have finished setting up your profile, the next step is to define who or what you are looking for.

You can find people near you who share similar tastes in music or instead search for something more specific (ie. a graphic designer from Manhattan). The app caters to over 50 roles in the music industry, both creative and professional roles.

Swiping Left and Right

swipe left right


The app lets you swipe through your search results (like Tinder) where you can swipe left on a profile to pass or swipe right to connect. Once you are connected you can send your new contact a message.

Visit Profiles Before you Connect

The User interface is easy to use. You bump into someone’s profile, swipe through their profile pictures, watch their audition video or listen to their voice.

What are they looking for?

swipe left right

In the discovery preferences page, you have the opportunity to add a ‘shoutout’. This is like a Facebook status, which sits on top of your main image as people are swiping through their results. You can use this space to describe what you are looking for to more quickly communicate to potential collaborators what it is that you seek.

Wrapping up – Connect, Collaborate, Create, Conquer

This app provides a solution to help you find your perfect musical match easily and locally. It is definitely not a dating app!

Vampr – Make your talent shine brighter.