Top Free Movie Download App for Android Mobile in HD

Who does not watch movies? Hardly a few out of many. The trend of movie started with black and white films and then moved to colorful one’s. I used to watch movies that were aired on the local TV channel in my childhood. Later one started going to to the theaters with my friends to watch movies. As the time passed, I had a fast internet connection to download movies from internet on my laptop. But now the scenario is totally changed. The internet has evolved hundred of FREE movie download mobile apps. Thousand of websites are claiming free full movie downloads for android phones but I often land on advertisements.

Waiting for my turn in long bank queues or standing in the metro, lying in bed or just trying to pass the time anyhow, I like watching movies on my smartphone. But when it is in HD, I love it.

You’re reading my article and this makes sure that you (somewhere inside any corner of your heart) like watching movies. Would you tell me your favorite movie name?

free movie download mobile

While I am talking about movies, I would not lose my sense and head towards some cool apps to download free mp4 movies for android phone. Better I say mobile. Whatever.


As the name suggests, it is a box (which is not small anyway) where you can find host of videos. Movies from bollywood, blockbusters of hollywood, episodes from TV serials and that too from any country, Everything.

ShowBox has enough entertainment that you won’t like turning off the screen of your phone. Let it be your favorite TV show or a latest movie from hollywood. You can download and watch it later or use your internet data to watch it anywhere anytime.

  • Download movies to mobile
  • Play the live stream or use internet connection to watch anything
  • Get the mp4 version of the movies or TV shows in your mobile

ShowBox is not found over the Google Play store. You need to download it from APKMirror and install it in your phone.


Hotstar started from a native android app to stream live videos like cricket. Shit. I guess that was cricket only. Whatever.

  • Download movies to phone android free (new)

But now the scenario is different. It started with features lacking offline access and in present you can download what you want to watch later. It is like my local set up box or local cabal provider.

Get Hotstar


This is pretty cool. I can watch movies on my TV, chromebook or laptop using the chromecast feature. Thanks to the technology.

I do not want to watch a TV show. I definitely go for a movie inside my Redmi Note 3. (Till I am single.)

Crackle FREE TV App


I started using Viewster as I thought I will see many FREE movie downloads for my android tablet to watch offline. But there was nothing more than Anime movies, TV shows and all that. Seriously.

However, I am listing it here because you may like these anime cartoon shows.

Download Viewster from Play Store


what happens every second

The would changes every second and YouTube is a network where over thousand million of videos are hosted. There is no end to entertainment on internet. All you need is the right place to hangout.