Free Phone Lookup Services [List]

It is quite common for any of us to have come across situations like being called from an unknown number, forgetting the user of the number, or might have spent hours in search of address locations of prank calls, tracking a lost device, a misunderstanding in billing your network service etc in your busy life on a day­to-day basis. It is for such encounters we have special services called reverse phone look up, which provides us with accurate information like the address, location, name of the registered user of the phone number provided to that search service. Landline numbers can be traced to more accurate location than mobile numbers due to the locality bound registration of numbers like the STD code which prefixes any normal landline number. Among major countries of the world, North America tops the list of predominant usage of such lookup services, owing to their efficient maintenance of white pages. As we have both paid and free services, we shall now look into the top 5 services which serve our purposes for free.

phone lookup is one of the most widely used free lookup services which has rolled out over 1,000,000 successful phone lookups till date. Reverse searches can be done for both cell phones and landlines; however, cell phones can be much more difficult to identify. When a match is found, it will provide with the first and last name of the owner and if the number was registered, the address of the owner along with a map of their location will also be provided. With general location and service provider it also gives you call complaints posted online. along with many other value added services, is another tech giant which provides with an online search as well as a mobile application search service. Whitepages has the largest database of contact information of Americans. Along with fields of name, address, location of caller it also provides us with the latest social media posts and local weather conditions of the caller as well. renders us with various other facilities other than just bringing to us the information about the caller but white pages as well as allows us to comment on phone numbers, claim a phone number listing and even update it. Covering various countries in the American continent and most of the European countries, it is well equipped with enormous amount of information.

Though yellow pages is commonly known for its use in finding business related contact numbers, it also provides the phone/contact number of an individual through a well furnished white pages directory. It includes the information of the user like the names, addresses, phone numbers, maps with driving directions etc. Further required search lists include email addresses, other phone numbers, detailed background information, public records, property info, and social network profiles.


It is the most preferably used service which is one of the best adaptable applications available across various platforms including mobiles, tablets and desktops alike for reverse phone lookup services all over the world. It helps us identify the caller by their name and photo. It’s more than just white pages and yellow pages because it consists of the data of service providers so that it can give good search results for any person in the world about another person situated far across any network could possibly reach.

All the above services hold good only in the western countries whereas when it comes to a developing country like India, tracking a person based on a number provided by another unauthorized user is not an easy task nor is totally acceptable. The phone lookup services in our country limit themselves to the information about the service provider and the locality from which the caller accesses his/her mobile network. This is due to the fact that India is a hugely populated country where most of the existing users do not provide with authentic information about their identity while registering for a mobile number. This makes it a tremendously tedious task to maintain a common phone directory.

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