Free Presentation Templates to Impress Your Audience

Making your presentations stand out and be memorable for your audience can often be a tough task. After all, with hundreds of presentations available online and in many meetings and conferences, all those homogenous slides can tend to just be a blur. So the challenge for many presenters is to not just convey information, but also create unconventional presentations that leave a lasting impression on them.

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While there are many presentation templates available online, they can tend to be formulaic and some can even be so outdated. There’s not a lot of presentation options out there that have the perfect balance of compatibility to today’s PowerPoint features and your exact presentation needs.

Good thing there’s Free PowerPoint Presentation.

Open a World of Possibilities with Thousands of Presentation Templates

The site Free PowerPoint Templates (or also known as just FPPT), has been around for many years, making it one of the most trusted and most used portals for anyone looking for PowerPoint templates, designs, backgrounds, and other presentation resources. Today, it has over ten thousand PowerPoint templates available at no cost, so anyone in the market for a great start to their slides will not have a shortage of options here.

FPPT has the biggest collection of templates and designs specially and professionally made for PowerPoint. From business, school, community and personal use, you will always have something to perfectly match your presentation needs. Aside from templates, backgrounds, designs, and layouts, the portal also offers animations, effects, videos, graphics, charts, and many other resources to definitely make your own deck stand out.

Use Free Presentation Templates to Engage your Audience

PowerPoint, no matter its version, has a range of beautifully designed templates built into the application. These templates also have variants to help you choose the style, format, and color scheme that you want for your own slideshow. However, the problem with these built-in templates is that they’re most likely being used by other presenters as well. This said the slideshow you may have painstakingly created would still look much like any other slideshow your audience may have come across.

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Furthermore, using these common, built-in templates will give off a negative impression to your audience, like the free Brain Head PowerPoint template shown above in the screenshot. You may come off as lazy, unoriginal, and lacking the creativity to actually customize your presentation or built it from scratch. The problem with building from scratch, however, is that it’s time-consuming and labor-intensive —and time and energy is something you have to conserve so you can concentrate on more important or more pressing things. For a businessman, for example, they could use their time and energy growing their business than sitting on a desk for hours putting together slides.

So, while effective presentations can still help get the job done and make you advance in your career or business, you can still come out with great-looking, impressive slideshows without spending a lot of money, time, and effort. And this is with the help of FPPT.

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High-Quality and Versatile Free PowerPoint Templates

FPPT templates are created by the professional presentation and slide designers. The portal itself has been in the business, so to speak, for several years now, and has a team of presentation experts behind the templates, designs, and other resources on the site.

Therefore, if you are looking for unique, creative, and unconventional presentation templates, this is the perfect place for you. Whatever your theme or topic is, you can definitely find no lack of choices. You can be sure that you’d find a template that can best encapsulate your message and deliver it effectively to your audience. And best of all, these templates are fully customizable. You can change the format and personalize the layout of the slides to suit your needs. You can also find slide effects and other objects that you can add to your existing FPPT template to further add pizzazz to your presentation.

All the FPPT templates work well with the latest version of PowerPoint and have backward compatibility with earlier versions. This way, you can be sure that how you make your presentation is exactly how it will appear once you project it to your live audience or when you share it to your audience online.

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This said, your presentations will always come out looking great. It would seem like you spent more time on each slide than what you actually did because the templates by themselves look stunning. Simply add your brand or personal style, and you have the makings of a winning presentation.

Best of All-FPPT Templates are Free

What’s also great about these FPPT templates is the fact that each is free to download hence the name. The FPPT portal offers a very wide selection of free PowerPoint templates and you don’t even need to subscribe, pay a fee, or have limits on how much you can download. There is no obligation and you can download as many templates as you want to create your own library of stunning slideshows, which you can go to each time you need to whip out an impressive deck. Furthermore, you can combine these slides with other images and backgrounds for presentations from different resources including free stock photos resources and PowerPoint template sites.

To get started on your own presentation, simply go to and start searching for your perfect presentation template. You can do this by choosing your desired categories or choosing the color that you want for your slideshow. You can also go ahead and type in your keyword on the search bar. It’s that simple and you can easily have a unique, creative, and unconventional PowerPoint presentation to help wow your audience.